There are several hundreds of different illustrated versions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Including them all in this list would be a daunting task, and to my mind maybe not so useful, as some are much more beautiful than others. The illustrated bibliography below therefore includes only those editions that really stand out in some special way. It is mainly focused on English language editions, but there are also a few foreign language editions because they are just too stunning to leave out. If you’d like to see inside the books, I also have a great youtube video that gives you an ‘illustrated tour’ of many of the Alice books on my own bookshelf, and there’s also a blog post with a little bit of the history.

I’d love to know which edition is your favourite (or, if you’re like me, which long list of editions are your favourites, because it’s too hard to narrow down to just one), so please share! And also if you think there is an amazing edition that should be included in the list, definitely do suggest it 🙂

The Best and Prettiest Alice Books...

Alices Adventures Underground Charles Dodgson Alice’s Adventures UndergroundCharles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)1985: Pavilion Books

2010: Folio Society/British Library (LE)

2015: Sterling (illustrated by Charles Santore)
Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) presented a hand-written copy of the story he wrote for Alice Liddell to her for Christmas in 1864.

Several facsimiles of the book area available – the most luxurious is the leather-bound Folio Society/British Library limited edition, which is accompanied by a companion booklet by Sally Brown.
Alice The Complete Alice Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland + Through the Looking-GlassJohn Tenniel1865 (original): Macmillan

1975: Franklin Library

2015 (The Complete Alice): Macmillan
If you are after a copy of Alice with Tenniel’s iconic illustrations, I highly recommend The Complete Alice, including both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, is really the ultimate edition of Lewis Carroll’s much-loved classic, from the original publisher, Macmillan. If you only want one classic edition of Alice in Wonderland, then this is the one I think you should get.

Packed full of amazing exclusive extra features from the Macmillan archive and a foreword by Philip Pullman, The Complete Alice also has a glorious die-cut cover with intricate embossed two foil detail, head and tail bands, red foiled edges and a ribbon marker – all making this a gift edition to treasure forever.
Alice Macmillan Alice Card Pack The Macmillan Alice Pack of CardsJohn Tenniel2015: MacmillanThis fabulous deck of fifty-two large size Alice in Wonderland-themed playing cards feature Tenniel’s iconic images from the original books. They are gorgeous and absolutely worth the money.
Alice The Nursery Alice The Nursery AliceJohn Tenniel & Emily Gertrude Thomson1890: Nursery Alice

2015 (facsimile): Macmillan
The Nursery Alice, originally published by Macmillan & Co. in 1890, was the very first colour edition of Alice. With a new, younger readership in mind, Carroll rewrote Alice, simplifying and abridging the original text, while Tenniel redrew, enlarged and coloured twenty of his iconic illustrations (with Alice here in a yellow dress), along with the delightful cover artwork by Emily Gertrude Thomson.
Alice by Newell Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Peter Newell1901: Harper USANewell was an American artist and writer, who was also known for his humorous drawings and poems from the 1880s and 90s. His soft pencil drawings were much friendlier than Tenniel’s edgy pen and ink.
Alice Little Folks Alice
Alice Little Folks Looking Glass
The “Little Folks” Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The “Little Folks” Through the Looking-Glass
John Tenniel1907: Macmillan

2015 (facsimile): Macmillan
The ‘Little Folks’ edition is a charming miniature edition of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale which was specially abridged for younger readers. I am typically not a huge fan of abridged texts, but this version was actually done by the author himself. Both volumes feature more than 30 brightly coloured illustrations by Sir John Tenniel, featuring Alice in a red dress. With luxurious red Wibalin binding and gold sprayed edges.
Alice by Rackham

Alice Flame Tree Studio Rackham
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Arthur Rackham1907: William Heinemann

2008 (facsimile, LE): Easton Press

2018: Flame Tree Studio
Rackham’s Alice is charming, and his images are beautiful yet also capture the mystery of the work. Many artists see his artwork for this edition as the pinnacle of Alice illustration.

Easton Press recently released a gorgeous facsimile edition in white leather, limited to 800 copies. But, more affordably, Flame Tree Studio has just released a nice edition featuring artwork by both John Tenniel and Arthur Rackham (b&w iamges only though).
Alice by Robinson Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Charles Robinson1907: Cassell

1981: Franklin LIbrary
Also look out for the nice Franklin Library edition.
Alice by Atwell original Alice in WonderlandMabel Lucie Atwell1910: Raphael Tuck

2017: Macmillan
Atwell is most famous for her trademark style of cuddly, chubby cheeked children and her version of Alice is very innocent and sweet.

Macmillan reprinted a beautiful gift edition in 2017.
Alice by Alice B Woodward cover Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Alice B Woodward1913: Bell

1985: HarperCollins
Alice B Woodward was an English illustrator, known both for her children’s literature as well as for her scientific illustrations. 16 colour illustrations in her version.
Alice by Alice B Woodward reprint cover
Alice by Margaret Tarrant cover Alice in Wonderland (OOP)Margaret W Tarrant1916: Ward Lock48 illustrations by the illustrator of the
Alice Songs from Alice cover Songs from Alice (OOP)Charles Folkard1921: Black

1978: Reprint
The poems from the Alice books set to music by Lucy E Broadwood, published by Black in 1921, reprinted 1978.
Alice by Hudson Alice in Wonderland (OOP)Gwynedd M Hudson1922: Hodder & Stoughton

1982: Reprint
Hudson was known as a poster artist, and her Alice is subdued and quite dark in tone.
Alice by Willy Pogany 1st ed coverAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Willy Pogany1929: Dutton

2009: Dover
Pogany was a Hungarian illustrator, heavily influenced by Asian art, and his illustrations have a distinctively 20’s feel, with Alice looking like a little flapper. Dover put out an inexpensive reprint in 2009.
Alice by Appleton The Children’s Alice (OOP)Honor C Appleton1936: Harrap

Adapted by F Lee, colour frontispiece and B&W illustrations by Appleton.
Alice by Rene ClokeAlice in Wonderland (OOP)Rene Cloke1943: GawthorneA very playful Alice drawn in classic 40’s illustration style. There have been multiple versions of this edition released and although it’s out of print at the moment, it is fairly easy to find second hand.
Alice by Mervyn Peake Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)

Through the Looking-Glass (OOP)
Mervyn Peake1946: Zephyr, Sweden

1654: Wingate, London

2001: Bloomsbury (reprint)
Peake was born and spent his childhood in China. He is most famous for his Gormenghast series, and his illustrations for Alice are stunning black and white drawings brilliantly capture the dangerous nature of Wonderland.
Alice by Adrienne Segur Alice au pays des merveilles (OOP)Adrienne Segur1949 (French): FlammarionSégur’s images are wonderfully delightful in any setting, but they are produced in an unusually large format for this 1949 edition that is absolutely sublime. *French language edition
Alice by WeisgardAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Leonard Weisgard1949: HarperOne of the earliest colour editions. mid-century graphic style.
Alice by Willy SchermeleAlice in Wonderland (OOP)Willy Schermelé1950: Juvenile ProductionsThis is an abridgement of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” for very young children. Wilhelmina Schermelé was a Dutch illustrator and author of children’s books including the “Winkie” series. Her wonderland has a very classic 50s fairyland feel to it.
Alice by Mary Blair Walt Disney’s Alice in WonderlandMary Blair1950: Disney

2016 (re-release): Disney Press
This edition is a whimsical retelling of the Alice story, illustrated with concept art for the original Disney movie by Mary Blair. It was re-released in 2016.
Alice Annotated Alice The Annotated AliceMartin Gardner1960: Norton

2018 (omnibus): WW Norton & Co
Lewis Carroll’s mathematical riddles and curious wordplay, ingeniously embedded throughout the Alice works, are delightfully decoded and presented in the margins of the text, along with original correspondence, amusing anecdotal detours, and fanciful illustrations by Salvador Dali, Beatrix Potter, Ralph Steadman, and a host of other famous artists.
Alice by Pauline BaynesAlice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (OOP)Pauline Baynes1960: BlackieAlice by the well known illustrator of Narnia and Middle Earth. Colour frontispiece and b&w internal illustrations.
Alice Through The Pillar Box Gerald KingAlice Through The Pillar-Box and what she found there, a philatelic fantasy (OOP)Gerald M King1965In 1965, Gerald M. King decided that since the G.P.O. was not celebrating the centennial anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland with a commemorative stamp, he would create his own set of fantasy stamp designs. This idea grew until it evolved into a book brimming with clever references to the story and showcasing Mr. King’s clear love of philately. In it Wonderland stamps and envelopes sent through the Wonderland post to and from various characters are paired with relevant quotes from the books and various notes about the fantasy artefacts and their origins.
Alice by Tove Jansson

Alice by Tove Jansson

Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandTove Jansson1966: Swedish edition

1977: Delacorte Press

2011: Tate Publishing
Swedish edition, 1966; first English-language edition published in 1977 by Delacorte Press, New York; first UK edition by Tate Publishing in 2011. Tove is the Swedish-speaking Finiish artist best known for her Moomin world. Her fantastical Alice is a delight and was recently published in English for the first time in 2011 by London’s Tate Museum.
Alice by Ralph Steadman

Alice by Ralph Steadman

Alice in WonderlandRalph Steadman1967: Dobson

1986: Jonathan Cape

2010: Firefly
Alice published by Dobson in 1967 & Looking-Glass published by MacGibbon & Kee in 1972, and reprinted by Jonathan Cape in 1986.
Steadman is best known for his ink-blot style drawings. His Alice is audacious and irreverent, and occasionally inappropriate, so it’s definitely a version for adults.
Alice by Janet Anne Grahame Johnstone Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone1968: World DistributorsThe Grahame Johnston twin’s version of Alice was published by World Distributors in 1968. These British sisters are best known for their delicate and detailed artwork and their Wonderland is a bright and playful place.

See the Grahame Johnstone twins’ illustrated bibliography for more of their work.
Alice by Salvadore DaliAlice’s Adventures in WonderlandSalvador Dalí1969 (Signed Limited Edition): Maecenas Press

2015: Princeton Press
In 1969, Spanish artist Salvador Dali was commissioned by New York’s Maecenas Press-Random House to illustrate a special edition of the Carroll classic, consisting of 12 heliogravures — one for each chapter of the book and an original signed etching in four colors as the frontispiece. His vibrantly coloured bizarre and surrealist style emphasizes the absurdities and dream-like qualities of Wonderland.
Alice by Kuniyoshi Kaneko Alice in WonderlandKuniyoshi Kaneko1974: OlivettiProfusely and dreamily illustrated in colour and black and white by Japanese artist Kaneko.
Alice by Moritz Kennel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Moritz Kennel1975: PhaidonKennel uses vibrant colours and strong shapes in the illustrations, giving them a strong 70’s vibe. He was also known as an illustrator of Little Golden Books (e.g. Old Macdonald Had A Farm).
Alice by Barry Moser Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)

Through the Looking-Glass (OOP)
Barry Moser1982: Pennyroyal PressAlice was published in a limited edition by Pennyroyal in 1982 & Looking-Glass the same year. American artist Barry Moser won an American Book Award for design and illustration for this edition of Alice, which contains incredible and intricate illustrations of Wonderland. There are a few versions available, but look out for the superior Pennyroyal Press edition if you can.
Alice in Puzzle LandAlice in Puzzle-LandRaymond M. Smullyan1984: Penguin

2011 (reprint): Dover
This book contains a range of puzzles dealing with word play and logic, mathematics and philosophy, all featuring Alice and the creatures of Wonderland.
Alice by Justin Todd Alice in Wonderland (OOP)Justin Todd1984: Gollancz. Justin is a British illustrator whose Wonderland is bright and beautiful and extremely detailed through his work in gouche with extremely fine brushes.
Alice by Anthony Browne Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Anthony Browne1985: MacRaeBrowne has a very different take on Wonderland, with his Alice in green and his Hatter wearing 6 hats. Anthony won the the Kurt Maschler Award for his interpretation.
Alice Through the Needles EyeAlice Through The Needle’s Eye: An Authorised SequelGilbert Adair1985: Macmillan

2012 (PB): Evertype
Alice is trying to thread a needle by the fire on a snowy afternoon, when she finds herself in an alphabetical land populated by Siamese-Twin Cats (joined at the tail), the Welsh Rabbit (with his toasted cheese), the Kangaroo, the spelling bees, the Italian Hairdresser who uses a small crocodile as a pair of scissors, Jack and Jill, and best of all, the Grampus.
Alice in Wonderland Marvel ComicsAlice in Wonderland (OOP)Marvel Comics1988: Marvel ComicsThis Marvel comic adaptation was published in the late 80s, and although the artist is uncredited I think it’s possibly John Ridgway
Alice by Peter WeeversAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Peter Weevers1989: HutchinsonWeever’s tale showcases a classic Alice presented in elegant watercolours.
Alice by Malcolm Ashman Alice in Wonderland (OOP)

Through the Looking-Glass (OOP)
Malcolm Ashman1989/1990: Dragon’s World/Belitha PressLooking-Glass published by Dragon’s World/Belitha Press in 1989 and Alice in 1990. Ashman works primarily with oil and watercolour, yet his illustrations suggest a surprisingly realistic and concrete interpretation of Wonderland.
Alice by Gavin OKeefe Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Gavin O’Keefe1990: Carrol Foundation, MelbourneThe black & white illustrations by Australian artist Gavin O’Keefe are charmingly creepy.
Alice by Greg Hildebrandt Alice in Wonderland (OOP)Greg Hildebrandt1990: Unicorn

2006: Running Press (omnibus)
Greg and his twin brother are famous for their science fiction and fantasy illustrations, and his Alice is very colourful and filled with childlike wonder. I have a version incorporated in an omnibus put out by Running Press in 2006, which is pretty good value.
Alice Alitji In Dreamland Alitji in Dreamland (OOP)Nancy Sheppard, illustrated by Donna Leslie1992: Simon & SchusterThis retelling is set in aboriginal Australia, the white rabbit becomes a white kangaroo and the red queen is a witch spirit.
Alice by Dagma Berkova Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Alice Through the Looking-Glass (OOP)Dagmar Berkova1992: Treasure PressDespite the hideous cover, this omnibus of the Alice books features some really lovely illustrations by Czech artist Dagmar Berkova.
Alice by Angel Dominguez Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Angel Dominguez1996: Workman Publishing

2015 (limited edition): Inky Press
limited edition signed by the artist. Standard edition published by Artisan.
Alice by Helen Oxenbury

Alice Helen Oxenbury boxed set
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice Through the Looking-Glass
Helen Oxenbury1999: Walker Books

2018: Walker Books (boxed set)
Oxenbury’s Alice was published by Walker in a signed limited edition in 1999 & Looking-Glass in 2005. Her Alice is a confident blonde child set in the modern era, and nearly every spread contains either a spot drawing or watercolour painting. Oxenbury won the Kate Greenaway Medal and the Kurt Maschler Award for Alice.

Also available in a boxed set of 22 small volumes for children.
Alice by Lisbeth Zwerger Alice in WonderlandLisbeth Zwerger1999: North-South Books

2016 (mini-book): North-South
Enchanting, soft watercolours feature a delightful Wonderland of whimsy.
Alice Pop Up by Robert SabudaAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland Pop-Up BookRobert Sabuda2003: Simon & Schuster

2003 (Limited Edition) Simon & Schuster
A most incredible pop-up book with 7 spreads that include breathtaking supersized popups along with extra popups contained in the mini story books.

The LE is signed and includes an additional pop-up and a turquoise slipcase.

Alice Pop-Up LE by Robert Sabuda

Alice by Michael Foreman Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandMichael Foreman2004: SterlingA sweet Alice by veteran children’s illustrator Michael Foreman.
Alice by Anne Bachelier Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass (OOP)Anne Bachelier2005: CFM GalleryAnne Bachelier’s Alice was published in a limited edition of 600 by the CFM Gallery in 2005. It has over a hundred gorgeous mystical illustrations, including giant fold-outs.
Alice by Alison Jay Alice in WonderlandAlison Jay2006: Dial Books for Young ReadersAlison is a London illustrator who works with oil on paper, often adding a crackle vasnish to give an aged appearance. Her Wonderland board book shows a colourful and friendly place.
Alice by Rodney MatthewsAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Rodney Matthews2008: TemplarAlice as seen through the eyes of top British fantasy illustrator Rodney Matthews. Lovely fantastical illustrations, set in an interplanetary Wonderland landscape, including six double-page artworks. Part of the Templar Collector’s Classics series.
Alice by Robert IngpenAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Through the Looking-Glass
Robert Ingpen2009: Walker BooksPublished by Walker Books 2009, Looking-Glass published by Templar 2015, new editions by Palazzo. Over 70 lush watercolours capture a stunning Wonderland.
Alice Looking Glass by John Vernon LordThrough the Looking-Glass (OOP)John Vernon Lord2009: Artist’s ChoicePublished in a limited edition by Artist’s Choice in 2009 and Looking-Glass in 2011. His bright and light filled illustrations cleverly capture the nonsensical aspects of Wonderland.
Alice by Oleg Lipchenko Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Oleg Lipchenko2009: Tundra BooksA large format edition lavishly illustrated by Ukrainian-Canadian artist Lipchenko with Wonderland laid out in stunning pencil/charcoal drawings.
Alice Wonderland by Kovak LiewWonderland (OOP)Tommy Kovac, ilustrated by Sonny Liew2011: Disney PressA new angle on Alice in Wonderland told from the point of view of Mary Ann, the White Rabbit’s housemaid. This is a collected edition of separately released comic books.
Alice by Camile Rose Garcia Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandCamille Rose Garcia2010: HarperCollinsCamille Rose Garcia is an American artist, and her Alice is created in a creepy cartoon style that highlights some of the darker elements of Wonderland.
Alice by Jenny Frison Alice in Wonderland (OOP)Jill Thompson & Jenny Frison2010A bind-up of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with Through the Looking Glass. A manga-like Jill Thompson cover, which is a little misleading, because the interior chapter illustrations are in a softer style by Jenny Frison
Alice by Zdenko BasicAlice in Wonderland (OOP)Zdenko Basic2010: Carlton BooksLewis Carroll’s classic story is retold by Harriet Castor. Lovely stylised illustrations by Zdenko, with pop-up playing cards and pull-tabs etc.

*Do not get the very inferior paperback version, which is missing all of the interactive elements.
Alice by Robert DunnAlice in Wonderland (OOP)Robert Dunn, adaptation by Ronne Randall2010: QED PublishingA simple version for children
Alice Through The Visual ArtsAlice in Wonderland Through the Visual ArtsGavin Delahunty2011: Tate PublishingExamines a wide range of the art that has been inspired by the Alice stories, including Lewis Carroll’s original illustrations, Tenniel’s iconic characterisations, Victorian games based on Alice, Surrealist paintings, sculpture, artist’s books, film, psychedelia, comics, photography and installation.
Alice by Emma Chichester Clark Alice in Wonderland

Through the Looking-Glass
Emma Chichester Clark2011: HarperCollinsAbridged text and sweet illustrations makes this a picture book for children, with a bright cover and bright but gentle watercolours inside.
Alice by Yayoi KusamaAlice’s Adventures in WonderlandYayoi Kusama2012: PenguinSince childhood, Kusama has had a rare condition that makes her see colorful spots on everything she looks at. Her vision, both literally and creatively, is thus naturally surreal, almost hallucinogenic.
Alice by Iassen Ghiuselev Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandIassen Ghiuselev2012: Simply ReadIassen’s Wonderland is a gorgeous Escher-like landscape/ The book is stunning, with an adorable “read me” bookmark. The twist is that every illustration is actually part of a single painting that you can see in its entirety under the dust jacket.
Alice by Maggie Taylor Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)Maggie Taylor2012: Jerry N UelsmannTaylor fuses European iconography, victorian portraiture and early photography with surrealism, digital technology and contemporary American art to create interesting photographic illustrations of Alice.
Alice Illustrating AliceIllustrating Alice (OOP)Marina Vaizey et al2013: Artist’s Choice Edition500 copies LE & standard edition
Alice by Rod EspinosaAlice in WonderlandRod Espinosa2013: Dark Horse BooksA comic adaptation that is aimed at children – although faithful to the story, much of the text has been cut.
Alice by Kriss Sisson Alice in WonderlandKriss Sisson2014: Seven SeasOmnibus edition with manga-influenced illustrations
Alice in ComiclandAlice in ComiclandHarvey Kurtzman et al2014: IDW PublishingSome of the greatest comic book artists ever to put pen to paper tumble down the rabbit hole for their own unique look at Lewis Carroll’s famous creation.
Alice by Fran Parreno Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Usborne Illustrated Originals)Fran Parreno2014Some charming illustrations of Alice, part of the Usborne Illustrated originals series of children’s classics.
Alice by Rebecca DautremerAlice in WonderlandRebecca Dautremer2015: HachetteFrench artist Rebecca Dautremer’s dreamlike illustrations bring vibrant new life to Carroll’s beloved characters.
Alice by Benjamin Lacombe Alice au pays des merveilles

Alice de L’Autre Cote Du Miroir
Benjamin Lacombe2015 (French): CernunnosLacombe’s absolutely magical baroque fantasy Wonderland is a world full of satirical references. The fantastic illustrations use gouache, oils and watercolours to create a graphic and surrealistic landscape. The book is available in French and German, but an English version has been promised.
Alice by Anna Bond Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Anna Bond2015: PenguinAlice realised in Anna Bond’s signature, whimsical style illustrations in full colour. (Annd is from the Rifle Paper Stationery company).
Alice by Inky ParrotAlice in Wonderland (OOP)Various2015: Inky Parrot PressA limited edition of Alice with a different artist for each chapter
Alice Mini ClassicAlice in Wonderland: Mini-ClassicMarina Peluso2015: Miles KellyA small (but complete with both stories) Alice book with illustrations by Martina Peluso
Alice by Andrea dAquino Alice in Wonderland: Classic ReimaginedAndrea d’Aquino2015: RockportGorgeous watercolour illustrations and clever additions like text printed on the page block make this edition a must-have. Part of the Rockport Reimagined Classics series.
Alice Panorama PopsAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Panorama PopsGrahame Baker-Smith2015: Walker BooksA small edition presented in a charming slipcase, the book unfolds to reveal ten of the most famous moments in this classic story, from Alice falling down the rabbit-hole to the Mad-Hatter’s tea party.
Alices Nightmare in Wonderland by Jonathan GreenAlice’s Nightmare in WonderlandJonathan Green, iIllustrated by Kev Crossley2015: Snowbooks

2015 (LE): Snowbooks
Several years after the events of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Alice finds herself back in Wonderland and called upon to save the world of playing cards and talking animals from the increasingly deranged Queen of Hearts. But all is not as it first appears in the fluctuating dream world and soon Alice is battling to save herself from the nightmare that is rapidly overtaking the realm.

A choose-your-own adventure style book.

A limited edition of 80 copies was released, surprisingly, a couple still remain and are cheaper than the paperback.
Alice Manga

Alice Manga

Disney Alice in Wonderland: Special Collector’s MangaJun Abe2016: TokyoPopTim Burton’s Alice in manga style
Alice by David Delamare Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (OOP)David Delamare2016: Wendy IceColour illustrations on every page
Alice by Kay Woodward Alice Through The Looking-GlassKay Woodward2016: Carlton BooksA children’s novelty edition with flaps and other paper engineering
Alices PuzzlesAlice’s Puzzles Through the Looking-GlassJason Ward2016: Carlton BooksA selection of 130 puzzles, readers will discover a host of vexing riddles, all related to the characters, language and locations uncovered in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass.
2016 CVS FS Alice in Wonderland cover 2Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Limited Edition (OOP)Charles van Sandwyk2016: Folio SocietyA limited edition of 1,000 copies. Probably one of the most stunning editions out there – see more of this Folio Society collection here….
Alice by Charles Santore Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandCharles Santore2017: SterlingComplete with three breathtaking gatefolds, poster, and keepsake envelope
Alice In SpaceAlice in Space : The Sideways Victorian World of Lewis CarrollGillian Beer2017: University of Chicago PressCarroll conceived his Alice books during the 1860s, a moment of intense intellectual upheaval, as new scientific, linguistic, educational, and mathematical ideas flourished around him, in Oxford, and far beyond. Alice in Space reveals the contexts within which the Alice books first lived, bringing back the zest to jokes lost over time and poignancy to hidden references.
wordsworth collectors editions alice in wonderland by lewis carrollAlice in Wonderland2018: Wordsworth ClassicsPart of the Wordsworth Collector’s Classics series. This edition comes with an introduction and notes by Michael Irwin, Professor of English Literature, University of Kent at Canterbury.
Alice Julia SardaAlice’s Adventures in WonderlandJúlia Sardà2019: Pan MacmillanAn elegant unabridged edition of Alice, with over 30 full colour illustrations from the illustrator of Beetle Boy and The Clockwork Sparrow.
Alice by MinaLimaAlice in Wonderland (Interactive Children’s Classic series)MinaLima (Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima)2019: Harper DesignAlice is illustrated by the award-winning design studio behind the graphics for the Harry Potter film franchise. Interactive features include: Alice with extendable legs and arms; the rabbit’s house which opens to reveal a giant Alice; the Cheshire cat with a pull tab that removes the cat and leaves the cat’s grin; a flamingo croquet club that swings to hit the hedgehog; and a removable map of the Looking Glass world.

Click here to see more of the MinaLima interactive children’s classics series…