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Mr Boddington’s Studio is a luxury stationer from Manhattan, where skilled artisans jacketed premium cotton stock in vintage-y, custom artwork to create this gorgeous series of classic fiction for Penguin. In addition to the beautiful covers, they have added a ribbon marker, deckle-edged pages and coloured endpapers. 

These beautiful editions were sold exclusively at Anthropologie until they went out of print for less than $20. However, they are currently difficult to find for a decent price, so my best advice is to keep regularly checking second hand options until a copy you can afford pops up.

(Interesting note: there was a printing error on Jane Eyre, and Emily Brontë is credited as the author instead of Charlotte Brontë on the boards underneath the dust jacket!)

Books in the series

Alice in Wonderland

→ Check availability @ Abes
Lewis Carroll2013: Penguin Classics


Boddington Alice Back

Jane Eyre

→ Check availability @ Abes
Charlotte Brontë2013: Penguin Classics

Little Women

→ Check availability @ Abes
Louisa May Alcott2013: Penguin Classics

Pride and Prejudice

→ Check availability @ Abes
Jane Austen2013: Penguin Classics

Sense and Sensibility

→ Check availability @ Abes
Jane Austen2013: Penguin Classics

Wuthering Heights

→ Check availability @ Abes
Emily Brontë2013: Penguin Classics



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