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Classic Novels ‘Seasons Editions – Winter’ “The Seasons Editions” – Winter Today’s video provides a short review of Thomas Nelson’s new ‘seasons editions’ set of classics, featuring their first series focusing on Winter. This series includes a selection of classics chosen to reflect the season in which the main part of the story occurs, so Read more… | wordsworth collectors editions full spread

Wordsworth’s Collector’s Editions of Classic Children’s Novels

Newly released last month is another delightful collection of hardcover classic children’s novels. These British Wordsworth colletor’s editions are very affordable volumes (hence, glued bindings, so perhaps not a long-term investment). They come in attractive bright colours with matching coloured end papers, and feature embossed gold and coloured blocking to enhance Read more…

Boddington Classics Blog

Mr Boddington’s Penguin Classics

Introduction Mr Boddington’s Studio is a luxury stationer from Manhattan, where skilled artisans jacketed premium cotton stock in vintage-y, custom artwork to create this gorgeous series of classic fiction for Penguin. In addition to the beautiful covers, they have added a ribbon marker, deckle-edged pages and coloured endpapers.  These beautiful editions Read more…

Gorgeous editions of classic fiction – new illustrated bibliographies feature

I have started a new feature here, providing links to illustrated bibliographies of the most beautiful editions of classic fiction, science fiction & fantasy, and – of course – all of my favourite vintage illustrators. The links and illustrations of each of the books are provided in separate pages, so I will Read more…

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