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Rules for participating

Hello beautiful book-lovers! I'm very excited to open up this opportunity for us to connect through the forums. I have listed a few simple rules below for participants to follow to ensure this is a welcoming and respectful place to share.

  • Polite, professional conduct and communication is expected of all posters.
  • No abusive or slanderous language is allowed.
  • No spamming - the focus of this forum is books.
  • No sharing of offensive or inappropriate material.
  • Please don't share materials that belong to someone else, unless you have their permission.
  • Disagreements, negative opinions and different points of view are fine, but must not be personal or disparaging.
  • If you want to post about buying or selling books, please only post about this in the relevant forum.
  • Registered members can upload images, but there is a limit of 5 images per post (although you can make multiple posts if you want to share more).