Beautiful Children's Books

Links below to the illustrated bibliographies of stunning fairy tale collections, fascinating folk lore, and beautiful children’s book series.

Folio Society Rainbow Fairy Books

Written by Andrew Lang, illustrated by a range of contemporary illustrators.

A guide to the Folio Society's fantastic complete Fairy Book collection. Decoratively clothbound, with stunning original illustrations by contemporary artists.

Andrew Lang's Original Fairy Books

Fairy tales from around the world

The original rainbow fairy book set by Andrew Lang and his wife, with their glorious decorative bindings and illustrations by Henry J. Ford. Also includes a complete list of all the tales in each book.

Folio Society Classic Fairy Tales

Facsimiles of Golden Age Classics

Folio Society's collection of facsimiles children's books by the best illustrators of the Golden Age of Illustration.

Janet & Anne Graham Johnstone

Children's literature, folklore and fantasy artists

A collector's guide and complete illustrated bibliography of the illustration work by the wonderful Grahame Johnstone twins. Also includes a small gallery of their paintings, and a sampling of their work in the Finding Out magazine.

Junior Deluxe Editions

Fabulous 1950s artwork

A collector's guide and complete illustrated bibliography of the American children's classics series known as the Junior Deluxe Editions.

alice in wonderland series square logo
Alice in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures Illustrations

A collector's guide and illustrated bibliography of the wonderful variety of illustrated editions of Lewis Carrol's famous books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

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Interactive children's classics

A collector's guide and complete illustrated bibliography of the interactive children's classics by the renowned illustrators of the Harry Potter universe.

mary poppins children square logo
Mary Poppins

Spit, Spot, a Mary Poppins comparison

A review of the varied illustrated editions of Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers.

the princess bride children square logo
Alice in Wonderland

As you wish...

A history and collector's guide to the various editions of William Goldman's classic novel The Princess Bride.

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Best in Children's Books series

Famous 1950s artists

A collector's guide and complete illustrated bibliography of the American children's classics series known as the Best in Children's Book Club series (spoiler alert: not actually book club editions and amazing illustrations).

beedle the bard children square logo
Beedle the Bard

The many illustrated tales

A collector's guide to the illustrated editions of J. K. Rowling's Tales of Beedle the Bard.

australian fairies children square logo
Australian Fairies

The art of the Australian fairy

A review of those literary magical fairy beings of the sort that typically feature prominently in pan-European fairy tales but here are living in the Australian bush.

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Puffin Clothbound Classics

Glittering Classics

A review of Puffin's latest collector's editions of children's classics, bound in cloth with glittery gold highlights.

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Puffin Hardback Classics

A Pastel Rainbow

A review of the 22 children's books in the Puffin hardback children's classics series.

V&A Children's Classics

Stunning Morris Designs A review of the children's classics series produced by the Victoria & Albert Museum using William Morris designs on the bindings.

Coming soon...

Ruth Manning Sanders

The complete illustrated bibliography of works by wonderful fairy tale teller Ruth Manning Sanders, including her brilliant fairy tale and folklore series 'A book of...' illustrated by Robin Jacques.

Anne of Green Gables