This page is a just collection of links to books and other items I am thinking of buying now or in the next few months, including pre-orders and books I want to see in person before making my decision. You can use it for inspiration, to see what might be coming up soon in the reviews section, and/or a catalyst to me for more details about any of the items in the list!

✓18W Fast Charger:

✓Larger 18W Fast Charger:

Sennheiser Headphones:

Greek Myths (Menzies, AU):

Tierney Mythology (AU):

Norse Tales (AU):

Aesop’s Fables:

Return to Wonderland:

Tashi Anniversary:

King of Elthame:


Letters from Father Christmas:

Goddesses and Heroines:

Magic Torch Creatures:


DK Mythical Beasts:

Puffin Book of Dreams:

Once Upon a Tune:

Classic Nursery Rhymes:

Wild Winter Swan: |

Beneath the Moon:

Voodoo 3 (US):

Hoakes Island (US):

360 snow white (US):

Myth Atlas (US):

Buried a witch (US):

Alice in Wonderland – Once Upon a Story:

History Atlas:

Botanical Curses & Poisons:

Folk Magic:

Wicked Plants: |

Drunken Botanist:

Popol Vuh: (plus extra info:

Mary Englebrite Fairy Tales:

Fantastic Beasts Wonder of Nature: plus also see:

Quidditch through the ages:

Quidditch deluxe:

B&N to check:

Liar’s dictionary:

order pure moon:

magic misfits:


October 2020

dance with fate:

skunk and badger:

jane doe 2:

midnight guardians:

i ate sunshine: