What is this site about?

Beautiful Books is a video and website essay series about the most beautiful books in the world.

Why are you running this site?

I have been collecting books for several decades. I want to share my love and knowledge with you, dear reader, to encourage and support you in building your own beautiful libraries in any way I can.

Who are you?

I consider myself a ‘book lover’ rather than a collector, because a true collector keeps their books pristine and beautiful and invests with an eye for reselling, whereas although I hoard my treasures like a dragon, I also fondle them and evangelise their merits to anyone brave enough to enter my orbit. I’ve lived and worked in many countries around the world, so my taste is eclectic and culturally diverse. I currently live in Australia (where book postage = nightmare), which means I look at many different editions from around the world before deciding which one is the best. My personal tastes have a bias towards illustrated fiction, fantasy, children’s/middle grade/YA literature, and clever paper engineering.

How can I participate?

Well, first of all – warmest thanks to you for even bothering to read this post! It’s very nice of you to want to know more about the person behind the page! I’d love to know more about you too, so please feel free to

  • Comment on any of the posts that interest you – I’ll read every one.
  • Contact me let to let me know what books you love, or if you don’t love them, why – I really am interested in your opinion even if it’s different to mine. Also let me know if there’s anything you’d like to learn more about – my library is vast, and I love talking about books, so the odds are good that I will be able to fulfil your request.
  • Follow the links to the books from my blog posts – some of them (e.g. Book Depository and Abes) are affiliate links which in theory means I get a couple of cents if you buy through the links and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. I promise to always only put the best links, so if there’s a signed copy or a special edition available somewhere that I don’t get a commission, don’t worry, I’ll still send you there instead! Your happiness and the quality of your library is definitely my top focus.
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