Beautiful Classic Sets to Decorate your Shelves

Penguin Clothbound Classics

Printed designs and linen bindings

Beautiful repeating patterns by Coralie Bickford-Smith feature on this classic Penguin series. First released 2008.

penguin leatherbound hestia header v2
Penguin 'Leatherbound' Classics

Bright foiled and textured cover designs

Shiny patterns by Coralie Bickford-Smith catch the light on these faux leather bound classic novels. First released 2015.

Beehive's Illuminated Editions

Slipcased contemporary designs

Oversized limited editions matching the greatest graphic artists in the world with classic works of fiction, prose and poetry from centuries past. First released 2019.

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Chiltern Classics

Small textured volumes

Beautiful editions of the classics with decorative textured covers inspired by the classic Victorian 'peacock' design. First released 2018.

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Seasons Editions

Laser-cut limited editions

Seasonally thematic collections of classic fiction with laser-cut dust jackets and other features. First released 2019.

MinaLima's Interactive Classics

Interactive children's classics

A collector's guide and complete illustrated bibliography of the interactive children's classics by the renowned illustrators of the Harry Potter universe. First released 2015.

Sterling Signature Shakespeare

Stunning die-cut illustrations

Selected Shakespeare plays with stunning die-cut illustrations. First released 2012.

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Mr Boddington's Classics

Classic Penguin novels

Vintage collection of classic authors with pretty covers. First released 2013.

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Rockport's Reimagined Classics

Contemporary illustrations for classic novels

A library of stunning collector’s editions of unabridged classic novels illustrated by contemporary artists from around the world. First released 2014.

Penguin's Foiled Fitzgeralds

Elegant metallic covers & matching bookmarks

A list of all the books in the series, including the original editions, signature classics, children's series, pocket books, and more. First released 1992.

Peter Owen's Cased Classics

Eye-catching International Classics

Gift editions of international classics, featuring artwork from contemporary British artists printed paper-over-board beneath elegant die-cut jackets. First released 2017.

Penguin Deluxe Classics

Quality Penguin Paperbacks

World classics, with wraparound cover art on French flaps and deckled page edges. First released 1997.

BN collectible classics mix hestia header
Barnes & Noble Collectibles

Brightly decorative leatherbound classics

Luxurious art-deco designs by the brilliant Coralie Bickford-Smith for Penguin to mark the anniversary of Fitzgerald’s death. First released 2010.

penguin vitae hestia header2
Penguin Vitae

"Penguins of one's life"

Diverse authors, foiled hardback covers and pretty endpapers. First released 2020.

In progress...

White's Fine Editions
Penguin Drop Caps
Pan Macmillan Paperbacks
Splinter Classics
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