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About the series

A small print run collection of classic literature – very popular with collectors and increasingly difficult to find now. Each book is bound in cloth and features unique wraparound artwork by different contemporary artists – working under the brief of designing a non-repeating narrative pattern. The books are largish hardbacks with Smyth-sewn pages; they use thick, acid-free paper and the top edges are colour-stained; and they include a bound-in ribbon bookmark. Internally, the books have illustrated endpapers (an inverted version of the cover design) and a decorative title page, and the text is elegantly typeset in Monotype Haarlemmer, and right-facing pages are joined to the overleaf by a catchword: an older practice wherein a hanging word at the bottom of the page provides the opening of the following page (intended to assist with reading flow). The books were issued with an obi-wrap (or belly band) detailing the benefits of the editions.

About the publisher

White’s Books was a London-based boutique publisher of deluxe hardcover editions of classic works of literature. It was established by designer David Pearson (previously a cover designer at Penguin Books, where he was responsible for the lovely typographic Great Ideas covers) and publisher Jonathan Jackson. The intent of their publications was to produce volumes with traditional, tactile finishes that would last the test of time. While the books indeed succeeded in achieving this worthy aim, unfortunately the publishing house did not.

Complete list of titles in the series

Emma – Jane Austen

June 1, 2010. 9780955881886.

The cover design is by textile designer Amy Gibson.

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Sherlock Holmes: His Greatest Cases – Arthur Conan Doyle

October 2, 2009. 9780955881879.

This edition combines ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ with Arthur Conan Doyle’s own favourite Sherlock Holmes stories, and an introduction by his acclaimed biographer Andrew Lycett. The cover design is by illustrator Michael Kirkham.

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Wuthering Heights – Emily Brontë

June 1, 2010. 9780955881855.

The cover illustration was commissioned from designer Celia Birtwell, a British textile designer renowned since the 60s for her fabrics which defined the look of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Paloma Picasso. This is her first book cover.

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Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

June 1, 2010. 9780955881862.

The cover was illustrated by Japanese illustrator Kazuko Nomoto whose clients include the New York Times and the Gap among others. She also works under the name Namoco.

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Sonnets and Poems – William Shakespeare

June 1, 2010. 9780955881831.

The cover design for this title is by the series coordinator David Pearson.

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The Christmas Books – Charles Dickens

September 2008. 9780955881824.

Cover design is by illustrator Joe McLaren.

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Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson

June 1, 2010. 9780955881817.

The cover illustration is by the artist Stanley Donwood, best known for his designs for the band Radiohead.

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Jane Eyre – Charlotte Brontë

October 2008. 9780955881800.

The cover illustration is by Petra Börner, an artist based in Nelson, New Zealand.

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