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Charles van Sandwyk: A Guide for Collectors

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Who is Charles van Sandwyk?

CVS Fairy sketchCharles van Sandwyk is one of my absolute favourite artists, and I have prepared the annotated bibliography and list of Charles van Sandwyk publications below as a guide for collectors. 

Charles is a painter, a writer and an illustrator. He is most well-known among collectors for his limited runs of beautiful hand-made books featuring poetry or anecdotes and whimsical philosophy accompanied by delicate and entertaining artworks in pen and ink, watercolours, and etchings. ‘The Fairy Press’ and CVS Fine Arts are his own private press publishing houses, and usually produce handmade works of top quality.

After I started adding in some sample pages from the books (you can click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the images, and some books also have links to video reviews and more in-depth dedicated posts), the page started getting too slow to load, so I have had to split it into two parts. This is the first part, covering publications from 1983 to 2009. For publications from 2010 to the present, please visit page 2 of the collector’s guide.

How much do the books cost?

I haven’t included price guides below because they vary wildly, but there are limitation numbers and links to Abes or eBay for most books which can give you an idea of current prices.

If you are interested in “dipping your toe in” as a collector, Charles’ Folio Society books are very high quality and readily available. The cheapest volumes are often second-hand copies of the mass produced edition of Parade to Paradise, and Charles’ art cards are beautiful and framable. However, some items were produced in such low numbers that they only appear for sale once every ten years if that, and in other cases all the copies were donated to libraries, so I have only provided links where I have seen the books on the market. (However, feel free to comment below and I can let you know what sort of prices I have seen a work sell for in recent years if there is something in particular that interests you.) 

Where can I find his work?

Works in print are typically available to the retail market via various art galleries and book specialists across Canada, the US and the UK, including particularly Attic BooksAquila Books and  Sotherans. Charles posts some of his work on his Instagram account and temporarily sold work directly to the public via Etsy , but now you will find some artworks available via his website and his physical shop in Vancouver (check for updates via their Facebook page). The Charles van Sandwyk Facebook Collectors Forum Group is a new space for collectors to share notes. But to find older publications, your best bet is to browse through Abes listings or check out what’s available on eBay.

What's in this collector's guide?

This guide includes a complete annotated list of Charles van Sandwyk publications, and I have also prepared separate pages with collector’s notes on ephemera, as well as an online gallery featuring selected artworks and a collection of framed cards. This page includes publications from the 1980s to the 2000s, and page 2 of the collector’s guide includes publications from 2010 to present day.

References used in preparing this bibliography have included assistance from private collections (particular thanks to John and Florian for generously sharing their wealth of knowledge and photographs of rare pieces), the University of British Columbia Library,  the Bruce Peel Special Collections at the University of AlbertaSimon Fraser University Special Collections, the Heavenly Monkey and Folio Society publishers’ websites, the Joyce Williams Antique Prints and Maps Gallery, and of course Charles’ own CVS Fine Arts website and Instagram account. Please note that all artwork is copyrighted by the artist and reproduced here for cataloguing purposes (and, let’s face it, some minor drooling). 

This collector’s guide was last updated in September 2022.

Charles van Sandwyk - The Annotated Bibliography

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I very deeply appreciate your support of my site hosting costs if you use them, but warmly encourage you to buy from your local Indie bookshop (or from Charles directly!) if you have the opportunity.


1983 CVS Little People coverHere follows a collection of little people common to the natural forest by Charles van Sandwyk

Published by the artist, North Vancouver, 1983

A collection of four sketched portraits featuring “little people” in sepia. Printed from a copperplate etching on a single strip of Somerset paper, folded accordion style and affixed to marbled paper covers.
6pp, 1.25″ x 1″. 

Issued in three bindings: marbled paper (tied with a green paper loop), green suede (tied with a suede cord), and tan leather. The suede-bound edition was limited to 50 signed and numbered copies. Marbled paper-bound copies are signed but not numbered.

► Very scarce. Check availability on Abes | eBay

CVS 1984 Kids Guide to Vancouver coversKids’ Guide to Vancouver by Janet Lee and Rae Schidlo, illustrated by Charles van Sandwyk

Published by the authors, 3 editions: 1983 / 1984 / 1985

Three 1984, 1985 and 1986 guidebooks to Vancouver (each guide published at the end of the year preceding that of the title), very early work by the artist. 122p, 21cm.

► A copy of this work is available in Library and Archives Canada [scarce]

1987 CVS Neighbourly Birds Lettered Edition

A Selection of Neighbourly Birds of the New World (Canada) (Limited Edition) by Charles Noel van Sandwyk
Typography by Denise Carson Wilde. Bound by Rasmussen Hand Bindery.

Published by the artist, North Vancouver, 1987.

A collection of nine etchings of humorous bird character studies. Features Cloister and Hadriano capitals, printed in three colours on Somerset 100 percent rag using a Vandercook proofing press at Winter Lily Press. Includes marbled endpapers and silk tissue interleaving between the etchings. 

From the prospectus: “A whimsical account of West Coast birdlife, narrated in a light, witty style with illustrations reminiscent of those found in old children’s books, and early hand coloured publications. ‘This is conceived in the style of a children’s book, though it is intended just as much for grown-ups who enjoy remembering what it was like to be children’“.

The etchings were printed from the original intaglio plates on a nineteenth century Kelton & Son press and hand coloured. 36pp, 25cm.  Limited edition of 126 copies, including 100 signed and numbered copies, plus 26 lettered author’s editions. Twenty of the lettered editions were bound in wine-coloured linen with matching slipcase and marbled endpapers, and nine were bound in brown leather with gilt rules on the spine and front board around the inlaid etching. 

► Scarce. Check availability of Neighbourly Birds on Abes | eBay

1988 CVS The Gargoyle cover

The Gargoyle: a study by Charles van Sandwyk

Published by the artist, 1988

A hand lettered book about gargoyles.

Issued in slipcase. 1 sheet folded into 11 pages, 89 mm.

► A copy of this work is available in Library and Archives Canada.


1990 CVS Parrots of the Cannibal Islands 3Parrots of the Cannibal Islands Five Endemic Species of Psittaciformes Found in the Fiji Islands by Charles van Sandwyk

Published by the artist, North Vancouver, 1990. 

A portfolio of eleven hand-coloured bird etchings, including observational notes on the five indigenous species of parrots found in the Fiji Islands, printed from the original intaglio plates, then hand-coloured by the artist. Accompanied by letterpress observations. 16 leaves, 29cm. 

From the prospectus: “The folio is reminiscent of days when explorers and ships’ illustrators produced publications of their discoveries. Beasts and plants were often endowed with characteristics not entirely natural, but infused with the personalities of the artists themselves. Parrots of the Cannibal Islands is inspired by this wondrous time in history … Each etching pictures an exquisitely detailed parrot with an allegorical symbol portraying its delicate balance with nature”

Officially released in a limited edition of 60 signed copies; however, about half of the copies were not bound or sold.

► Very scarce. Look for a copy of Parrots of the Cannibal Islands at Abes | eBay

1991 CVS Strange Birds

Strange Birds: A Book of Nonsense by Charles van Sandwyk

Published by the artist, North Vancouver, 1991.

Pen and ink drawings of exotic birds in art and poetry. 

Featuring French flaps, hand-sewn pages, black and white pen & ink drawings. Released in tan and maroon paper wraps. 20pp, 16cm, printed offset. 1000 copies (300 of which were in the maroon wraps). 

More info: See also the CvS Feathered Friends post and video

► Uncommon. Look for a copy of Strange Birds on Abes | eBay

1991 CVS The Affairs of the HeartThe Affairs of the Heart According to Birds by Charles van Sandwyk

Published by the artist, 1992.

A story of bird courtships. A single leaf, folded into 10p.

Bound in red linen with an inset image and marbled endpapers. Limited edition of 20 copies.  

► Very scarce. Look for a copy of LE Affairs of the Heart at Abes | eBay

1992 CVS The Parade to Paradise trade

The Parade to Paradise: An Illustrated Fable (trade edition) by Charles van Sandwyk

Summerwild (Raincoast), Vancouver, 1992.

A flock of exotic birds share their frustrations with life and set out to make a better existence, only to discover they already live in Paradise. Text and watercolour illustrations, including one double-page spread. 

In kindness and love, and above all compassion, We have found Paradise, in our own Bird-like fashion.”

The original drawings and paintings for this book were purchased by the National Library of Canada (Ottawa).

A dark green illustrated dust jacket over burgundy cloth boards. 48pp, 26cm. 5500 copies. ISBN: 0969280785

► Look for a copy of Parade to Paradise (trade ed) via Abes | eBay

1992 CVS The Parade to Paradise LE

The Parade to Paradise (Collector’s Edition) by Charles van Sandwyk

Summerwild (Raincoast), 1992

Collector’s edition of Parade to Paradise. Green linen case-bound in a paper wrap, marbled endpapers, with a hand-etched vignette of eggs in a nest on the limitation page.

Issued in a limited numbered edition of 250 copies. 125 limited edition prints (10″ x 14″) of images on pages 9, 11, 13, 17, 19 and 23 were also released. ISBN: 0969609728

► Very scarce. Look for a copy of Parade to Paradise (collector’s ed) at Abes | eBay

1992 CVS Parade to Paradise LE limitation

1993 CVS How to See Fairies

How to See Fairies (Fairy Press) by Charles van Sandwyk

The Fairy Press, Vancouver, 1993/1995/1999

A story of fairies told in verse. Featuring text, pen & ink drawings and seven watercolour illustrations, with French flaps and hand-sewn pages. Three printings of 1000 copies each printing (first printing identified by burgundy card wrap, no writing under the Fairy Press logo; second printing in white card wrap with staples; third printing has burgundy card wrap with six lines of text under the Fairy Press logo). The first edition was released with a separately laid-in bookmark “To increase your brain-power and imagination“.

This original edition was followed by a later omnibus trade edition published by Smithmark of the same name in 1999, and also included in a different omnibus Folio Society edition in 2018. 16pp, 18cm, printed offset.

More info: See inside various editions of How to See Fairies in this post and video here… 

► Look for a copy of How to See Fairies (Fairy Press ed) at Abes | eBay

1993 CVS Five Bookplates

Five Bookplates by Charles van Sandwyk

Printed by the author, 1993.

Five bookplates contained in a decorative envelope. The prints include a bee on a blue egg, a bird eating a bee next to a pineapple, a beetle with a nest strapped to its back, an owl in front of a clock, and a mouse in front of a seed pod. 70mm x 60mm. 12 sets issued.

1994 CVS Wee FolkWee Folk Drawn From Life by Charles van Sandwyk. Bound by Judith Johnson.

Published by the artist, North Vancouver, 1994.

A collection of illustrations of six ‘wee folk’ observed by the artist, covered in twelve plus one etchings. This book won the Juror’s Choice award at the Seattle Book Fair, 1994.

Both text and illustrations consist of intaglio prints, using burnt umber or moss green ink on “lana royale” paper. Each printed leaf is accompanied by a silk guardsheet with a spiderweb design by the artist. The title vignette on front cover also features onlaid copper leaf. 12 leaves, 19cm. Limited edition of 40 signed and numbered copies.

► Very scarce. Look for a copy of Wee Folk at Abes | eBay

1994 CVS Bird Bee Band

Van Sandwyk’s Bird & Bee Band by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 1994.

A single-sheet accordion-fold
reproduction of an original watercolour painting featuring a winged musical menagerie.

Released in blue and green wraps with colour reproductions inlaid to the cover and first leaf. A rare maroon variant with a different cover was also issued. 7pp, 11cm x 13cm. 1200 copies.

► Uncommon. Look for a copy of Bird & Bee Band at Abes | eBay

1995 CVS Dream Island

Sketches from the Dream Island of Birds (limited edition) by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 1995.

Subtitled the “sketchbook of a dream“. Calligraphic text and 16 watercolour reproductions along with pen & ink illustrations. Quarter-bound in black leatherette with a gilt title stamped onto burgundy cloth-bound boards. 28p, 23cm x 26cm.

Accompanied by a separately laid-in bookmark “Time flew past…

Limited edition of 200 numbered copies, each with an original signed etching of ‘Follow Your Dreams’ tipped-in.

► Very scarce. Look for a copy of Sketches from the Dream Island of Birds (limited ed) at Abes | eBay

CVS JP postcards set from sketches dream island of birdsSketches from the Dream Island of Birds postcard set by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 1995.

A set of postcards featuring the images from Sketches from the Dream Island of Birds.

1995 CVS a selection of neighbourly birds 1 cover

A Selection of Neighbourly Birds of the New World (Canada) [anniversary edition] by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 1995.

The anniversary edition of the 1987 original. A collection of illustrations about different birds seen in Canada: robin, wren, warbler, crow, heron and pelican, based on the earlier edition but with ten new colour illustrations (only the cover inlay appeared in the original)

Accompanied by a separately laid in bookmark “Let your imagination soar…

Text offset from original letterpress, bound in purple card wrap with a dark green dust jacket featuring decorative gilt stamping and an inlaid image of a bird’s nest with three eggs. 24pp, 17cm. 2000 copies. ISBN: 0968012809

► Look for a copy of Neighbourly Birds at Abes | eBay

1996 CVS Sketches from a tropic isle parrotSketches from a Tropic Isle (Fiji) by Charles van Sandwyk

Published by the artist, Tavewa Island, 1997.

A collection of Fijian sketches, drawn and annotated by the artist in the Fiji Islands in 1996. Calligraphic text and watercolour illustrations.

Accompanied by a separately laid-in bookmark “A book and a fire, a heart to inspire…”.

Some editions have different images on the front cover, including a lizard, parrot, palm tree or turtle. 28pp, 18cm, printed offset. 1500 copies.

The Rasmussen Bindery bound a few copies in leather, embossed in gold using a die designed by the artist. Limited edition prints (100 copies) were made for four of the illustrations.

► Look for a copy of Sketches from a Tropic Isle at Abes | eBay

1997 CVS Sketches from a Tropic Isle LE cover

Sketches from a Tropic Isle (Limited Edition) by Charles van Sandwyk

Publication: published by the artist, 1997.

A limited edition of Sketches from a Tropic Isle, with a hand-drawn tan-coloured calligraphic ‘manuscript’ cover. 28pp, 18cm, “only a small number” produced.

Released with a 13.5″ X 20″ illustrated map of Tavewa (dream) island.

► Very scarce. Look for a copy of Sketches from a Tropic Isle (manuscript cover edition) at Abes | eBay

CVS Postcards from a Tropic IslePostcards from a Tropic Isle by Charles van Sandwyk

Published by the artist, 1997.

Printed set of watercolour postcards issued in a paper folder to accompany Sketches from a Tropic Isle. Produced with different cover images to match the original book.

► Look for a copy of Postcards from a Tropic Isle at Abes | eBay

1997 CVS Pocket Guide

Van Sandwyk’s Pocket Guide to the Little People by Charles van Sandwyk

The Fairy Press, North Vancouver, 1997.

A collection of fairy folk illustrations and lore, including what equipment is needed to search for fairies, tips on how to spot them and a list of some of their favourite foods. Calligraphic text and pen & ink as well as watercolour illustrations. 24p, 18cm, printed offset. 2000 copies.

❦ More info: see inside Pocket Guide to the Little People in this post and video here…

► Uncommon. Look for a copy of Pocket Guide to the Little People at Abes | eBay

1998 CVS Vogel Paradies

Als die Vögel das Paradies Suchten by Charles van Sandwyk

Middelhauve, München, 1998.

German language edition of Parade to Paradise.

This edition lacks the decorative colour initial letters in the text. Case bound in colour illustrated paper over boards.

ISBN: 3787695435.

► Look for a copy of Als die Vögel at Abes | eBay

1999 CVS How to see fairies boxset

How to See Fairies (Stationery Box Set) by Charles van Sandwyk

Smithmark (Raincoast), 1999.

A boxed ‘treasure chest’  containing a hardcover omnibus edition of How to See Fairies and The Pocket Guide to the Little People as well as a blank journal titled ‘The Fairy Journal’ (“to record your own fairy sightings“), three note cards, a bookmark and a mini-poster titled ‘Autumn Leaves’.

In the omnibus edition, How to See Fairies lacks the first two full-page b&w illustrations of the original but includes a new watercolour; Pocket Guide is reproduced in its entirety but in a different order from the original. 

The American edition of the Smithmark book is missing Charles’ name on the front cover, the last page of the book, and most controversially his signature has been cropped out of many of the illustrations; however the Canadian edition includes all three of these things.

ISBN of omnibus edition hardback book: 0765109522. 25K copies.

More info: See inside various editions of How to See Fairies in this post and video here…  

► Look for a copy of the How to See Fairies Boxed Set on Abes | eBay

1999 CVS Animal Wisdom

Animal Wisdom by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 1999. Reprinted 2002/2006/2010.

A collection of ‘translated’ Rabbit poetry and language for humans. Calligraphic text accompanies watercolour and pen & ink illustrations.

First printing identified by blue wraps. 25p, 18cm, printed offset. 2000 copies each printing. 

More info: See also the matching calendar in the CvS Ephemera list…

► Look for a copy of Animal Wisdom at Abes | eBay


2000 CVS An Interim Biography

Charles van Sandwyk: An Interim Bibliography 1983 to 2000 by Charles van Sandwyk and Robin Milroy

Heavenly Monkey and CVS Fine Arts, Vancouver, 2000.

The first book published by the Heavenly Monkey studio. It provides descriptions of the artist’s limited and trade edition books issued during the first 18 years of his career. Includes an introduction by the artist, two new copper plate engravings, and a tipped in facsimile of his miniature book “Wee Folk”. 

Set by hand in 12-pt Bembo and printed damp with the HM handpress on mould-made paper. Sewn as a single signature with a printed French paper wrap slipcase. 18pp, 23cm, edition of 54 copies, signed and numbered by the artist. 

50 numbered and signed copies in the original cream card covers; 2 out-of-series artist’s proofs sewn into a paper wrapper with a marbled-paper cover, housed in a custom slipcased of blue paper-covered board with marbled endpapers; 2 out-of-series publisher’s proofs printed on damp Barcham Green paper and bound in full limp vellum by Richard Smart of the Old English Bindery with gold initials on the spine, housed in a slipcase. 

► Very scarce. Look for a copy of Interim Bibliography at Abes | eBay

2000 CVS Gnome King cover harp
2000 CVS Gnome Kings Treasure Song
The Gnome King’s Treasure Song by Charles van Sandwyk

The Fairy Press, North Vancouver, 2000.

The delightful story of the Gnome King. Calligraphic text and watercolour illustrations.

Issued with different cover art on the paper wraps including gnome with harp and gnome with staff. 16pp, 18cm, printed offset. 2000 copies.

More info: see inside The Gnome King in this post and video here…

► Look for a copy of The Gnome King’s Treasure Song at Abes | eBay

2001 CVS Three Bees cover

You Who For This Day Prepare or ‘Three Bees’ by Charles van Sandwyk

Published by the artist, North Vancouver, 2001.

Includes three hand-coloured copperplate etchings of bees and calligraphic text by the artist. 16pp, 20cm.

Limited edition of 15 copies, with 10 copies bound in full leather by Richard Smart of the Old English Bindery in Vancouver.

2001 CVS Minutiae Book spineMinutiae or “The Smaller Particulars” by Charles van Sandwyk

The Fairy Press, 2001.

A miniature accordion book of imaginary insect images in different poses, “being the smaller particulars of an etymologist’s nightmare“. 

Calligraphic title and 10 insect scenes made up from two long narrow etchings printed on Somerset paper, bound together accordian-style in thin boards with a drawing and a touch of gold leaf. Some copies also hand tinted in watercolour. 

10p, limited edition of 50 copies stated “but only five or six were made, as it was hard to colour and bind. The remainder of the edition remains unmade, and likely I will only put one or two together in the future“.

► Look for a copy of Minutiae at Abes | eBay

2001 CVS The Fairies Christmas alt

The Fairies’ Christmas by Charles van Sandwyk. Typography by Robert R. Reid.

The Fairy Press and Heavenly Monkey, North Vancouver, 2001.

A story of the fairies’ Christmas, issued by Heavenly Monkey as their Christmas 2001 book. A delightful fairy tales in which a little boy and his grandfather are visited by a host of fairy folk for Christmas.

Featuring green French flaps, hand-sewn pages, four tipped-in illustrations, story printed on caramel pages. 8pp, 18cm, printed letter press with engravings. 1000 copies. Green and plum covers, and the tipped-in etchings were produced on cream, gold and fern paper. Letterpress printing with engravings by David Clifford at Black Stone Press.

A special edition of 50 copies was also published “for family, friends and patrons“, including a frontispiece drawing signed by the artist, with the story printed on white pages and a darker green or plum card cover over red card wraps.

► Scarce. Find a copy of The Fairies’ Christmas at Abes | eBay

2002 CVS Painter Mouse and the Meaning of Mice

The Painter Mouse presents the Meaning of Mice ‘translated for humans’ by Charles van Sandwyk

The Fairy Press, North Vancouver, 2002.

A short story by ‘Painter Mouse’, about his family and finding his place in the world. Calligraphic text & watercolour illustrations.

Pages consist of a continuous strip of paper printed on one side, folded accordion-style. Issued in two states with the cover featuring a pasted down title and illustration of either the Painter Mouse, or Mice and Cheese.

11pp, 13cm, printed offset. 2000 copies.

► Find a copy of The Meaning of Mice on Abes | eBay

Mr Rabbit’s Christmas Wish (artist’s proof edition) by Charles van Sandwyk

Produced by the artist, 2002

An elegant artist’s proof manuscript of the later 2004 publication of Mr Rabbit’s Christmas Wish. Green cloth wrappers with laid-in etching. Contains seven etchings (including front title and title page, a few of which have hand-coloured highlights). 

Most etchings were reproduced in the following standard edition, but notably this edition also includes an etching of a mouse drinking a glass of brandy on a piece of cheese which was replaced with a different image for the final version. Only 6 copies were made, and 4 were released.

► Very scarce. Find a copy of Christmas Wish (AP Ed) on Abes | eBay

A Christmas Secret by Rollin Milroy, illustrated by Charles van Sandwyk

Heavenly Monkey, 2002.

A miniature book released to celebrate Christmas for Heavenly Monkey, created by a single sheet of folded handmade paper in cream card boards. Features two drawings plus decorations. 

A few dozen copies for family, friends and patrons” were printed. 6pp. 

► Find a copy of Christmas Secret on Abes | eBay

The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, illustrated by Charles van Sandwyk, introduction by Joan Aitken.

The Folio Society, London, 2003 (plus multiple later printings).

This was the first volume produced in a collection of Andrew Lang’s fairy tales, part of the “Rainbow Fairy Books” series produced by the Folio Society, each volume featuring with new illustration commissions from contemporary illustrators. 

Charles’ contribution to the series was The Blue Fairy Book, bound in blue buckram, blocked with a design by the artist. Included decorative end papers, with top pages sprayed blue. Typeset in Founder’s Caslon, printed on Caxton Wove paper. 16 coloured illustrations plus a frontispiece, and black & white decorations throughout the text. Issued in a blue slipcase. 371p. First printing of 1000 copies, reprinted multiple times following.

More info: See the Folio Society Fairy Book collection article and video here…

► Find a copy of The Blue Fairy Book at Abes | eBay

Affairs of the Heart according to peaceable creatures by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 2003/2007.

A romantic set of poems told by the animals. 

Bound in metallic paper with French flaps (hand sewn), some pages have deckled edges, with calligraphic text & 14 tipped-in watercolour illustrations. 

28pp, 22cm x 26cm, printed offset. 2000 copies printed, both years.

► Find a copy of Affairs of the Heart on Abes | eBay

A Christmas Book by Charles van Sandwyk

Heavenly Monkey, North Vancouver, 2003.

A short Christmas story about the Heavenly Monkey receiving a book for Christmas, featuring three b&w illustrations by CvS. This was released as a seasonal publication by Heavenly Monkey

Produced as a limited edition for friends and family of the press. 8p, limited edition of 100 numbered copies (the first 15 being artist’s copies).

From the colophon: “This book is for all of the colleagues, friends, patrons and family who helped make this such a productive and enjoyable year at the studio. Printed in the days leading to the Christmas rush, using Garamont type cast by the highly-talented Jim Rimmer, dampened Lana Laid paper and a Washington Hand press.”

► Find a copy of A Christmas Book at Abes | eBay

Drawings by Charles van Sandwyk done for Heavenly Monkey Annuals 2001-2003 by Charles van Sandwyk

Heavenly Monkey, North Vancouver, 2004.

Charles contributed various drawings for the Heavenly Monkey Annuals between 2001 to 2003. This collection of his artwork was printed for the artist’s birthday as a limited anniversary edition (Charles was born on 12 May, 1966). It features prints of CvS drawings used by Heavenly Press in its annuals, The Fairies’ Christmas (2001), A Christmas Secret (2002), and A Christmas Book (2003). The cover illustration is the same as that used on the Interim Bibliography

8pp, 18cm, printed on Lana, a limited edition of 20 signed and numbered copies.

► Very scarce. Find a copy of Drawings on Abes | eBay

2014 Affairs of the Heart Deluxe
Affairs of the Heart according to peaceable creatures (deluxe edition) by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 2004.

A deluxe edition of Affairs of the Heart. Bound in maroon silk, with an original etching of ‘A Literary Hedgehog’ tipped-in and five additional pages of original sketches of animals added to the end of the book.

Printed on Chanson Miteintes and Arches watercolour paper, with colour plates on Lustro cream. 38pp, 22cm x 26cm, limited edition of 200 signed and numbered copies.

► Find a copy of Affairs of the Heart (deluxe ed) at Abes | eBay

CVS Rabbits Christmas Wish
Mr Rabbit’s Christmas Wish by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 2004/2007.

A sweet list of things Mr Rabbit is hoping for Christmas.

Green wrappers with a decorative foiled border and tipped-in rabbit illustration on the cover, with hand-stitched binding. Calligraphic text & eight tipped-in watercolour plates along with five pen & ink illustrations. 

16pp, printed offset (2000 copies, both years). The first edition cover is metallic green, while the 2007 edition is a non-metallic darker green with bright red and gold highlights.

► Find a copy of Christmas Wish at Abes | eBay

The Mouse & The Lizard – A Tale of Two Bookplates. Etchings by Charles van Sandwyk. Designed by Robin Milroy. Calligraphy by Martin Jackson. 

Heavenly Monkey, North Vancouver, 2005.

In the early ’90s an American collector commissioned two etchings from Charles to be used as bookplates. The collector asked Heavenly Monkey to assemble an archive of drawings and various state prints and proofs of the commission into a publication, along with a preface by the artist. Since the type would be set anyway, and van Sandwyk had a handful of extra copies of the etchings, the commission’s chronicle was published in an edition of 12 copies, each with seven original etchings (one hand-coloured) tipped in, and reproductions of two original sketches. Copies 1-6 were issued by the publisher, copies 7-12 were issued by the artist, and the hors commerce unique collector’s copy contained 15 etchings and two drawings.

The text was set by hand in 18-pt Perpetua, and printed on Arches Cover with the HM handpress. Nine of the 12 copies were bound by Claudia Cohen in full limp vellum, with a traycase. Of the remaining three copies, two were sewn on purple vellum slips, and laced into a limp case made from Reg Lissel’s faux vellum paper. The third was bound in a different wrap, which the artist embellished in watercolour. 21pp, 10in x 10in. An edition of 13 copies.

2005 CVS The Painter Mouse and the Countryside CD
The Painter Mouse and the Countryside CD. Narrated by Charles van Sandwyk, musical accompaniment by Chris Ludwig, directed by Frank Ludwig.

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 2005.

An audio CD housed in an illustrated slipcover.

Written and narrated by Charles van Sandwyk with the editorial talents of Karlyn Kinney, Rollin Milroy, and Michael Sims. Directed by Frank Ludwig with musical accompaniment by Chris Ludwig.

CVS JP Literary Companions Lion
Charles van Sandwyk’s Literary Companions by Charles van Sandwyk

Intelligent Ink, 2005.

Two bookmarks, six bookplates and an explanatory card in an envelope. Envelopes feature different images, including a ‘literary lion’ and ‘archer mouse’. 19cm x 14cm.

► Find a copy of Literary Companions at Abes | eBay

Sketches from the Dream Island of Birds (trade edition) by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts 2005/2008.

From the front cover: “I am the sketchbook belonging to Charles van Sandwyk. I travelled through a dream – and returned with many tales to tell…

Released with metallic brown and blue paper wraps. Features French flaps, hand-sewn pages, calligraphic text and 18 tipped-in watercolour illustrations (one a fold-out). 28 pp, 26cm x 22cm. Offset printed, 2000 copies.

In 2006 the Gold Award was presented by The International Gallery of Superb Printing to Contact Printing, in Recognition of Excellence for superb craftsmanship in the production of this trade edition.

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2005 CVS Wind in the Willows FS
The Wind in the Willows (FS Standard edition) by Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by Charles van Sandwyk

The Folio Society, London, 2005 (plus multiple later printings)

The classic adventures of four anthropomorphic animals in pastoral England. 

Full green cloth blocked with a design by the artist, printed paper label on cover, and decorative endpapers. Features 33 coloured illustrations and black & white drawings. Released in an illustrated slip case. Typeset in Founder’s Caslon. 251p, 25cm. The edition was later revised for a limited edition in 2008. 

Note that a special illustrator’s edition of 150 signed and numbered Illustrated copies was also released in 2005 in this same binding that included an additional etching.

This volume won the Grand Prix Award at the Printing World Awards. 

More info: Flip through the Folio Society Wind in the Willows (video)

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2006 CVS How to See Fairies Limited Edition cover
How to See Fairies (Special Edition) by Charles van Sandwyk. Hand-bound by Augusto Pecorelli.

The Fairy Press, North Vancouver, 2006.

A special hardcover edition of the earlier How to See Fairies book. 

Olive green cloth covered boards with a tipped-in title image on front cover, and brown card endpapers. Includes two original etchings, seven watercolour illustrations and nine pen & ink drawings (including the Fairy Press logo) with an afterword by the author. 

The edition states a limitation of 65 copies, however only 25 were printed “due to a problem with the binder“. 24p, 18cm. Accompanied by an illustrated bookmark. 

► Very scarce, Find a copy of How to See Fairies (limited) on Abes | eBay

2006 CVS FS Hans Christan Andersen Complete Tales
Hans Christian Andersen: The Complete Tales Folio Society Edition. Translated by Jean Hersholt, preface by Brian Alderson, with illustrations by numerous artists.

The Folio Society, London, 2006.

A complete collection of Hans Andersen’s tales (156 stories, not just the fairy tales), with each tale illustrated by a different artist.

Charles illustrated the tale ‘Which Was the Happiest?‘ that appears in Volume 2.

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Twenty-One Years, Twenty-One Prints, and Suites by Charles van Sandwyk. Bound by Claudia Cohen.

Published by the artist, 2007.

A collection of over 60 sepia etchings pulled in 2006 by CVS with Waisiki Doughty, and an essay by the artist. Released in a limited edition of 10 copies, each being named for a writer or artist who had a particular influence on Charles’ life, as well as 3 hors commerce copies. 33cm. 

Bound in elaborately tooled leather with coloured inlays and gilt tooling (including six different beetle designs by the artist). Issued in a clothbound clamshell box, with 56 leaves, frontispiece (etching), title page (calligraphy type reproduced from zinc and filled in gold by the artist, and a small etching), along with tipped in essays and etchings. Limited edition of 13 copies. 

► Very scarce. Find a copy of Twenty-One Years on Abes | eBay

CVS Simple Line Title
The Simple Line by Charles van Sandwyk. Bound by Claudia Cohen.

Heavenly Monkey Editions & CVS Fine Arts, Vancouver, 2007.

This essay about the Charles’ approach to etching was originally written as the introduction to the Twenty-one Years, Twenty-one Prints collection.

Impressed by the essay’s insight to his work and art, Heavenly Monkey (HM) proposed over-printing it and issuing it as a companion volume at the same time with slightly reduced page dimenstions. The essay features five tipped-in prints of Charles’ earliest etchings (including: “Egyptian Dhow”), plus a new one created for this project representing “the Spirit of Etching.” The title page features a new drawing pochoir of an antelope, coloured by the artist. The text was set in 18-point Centaur and printed in two colours on Somerset paper.

The text was set in 18-point Centaur and printed at HM in two colours on 250g Arches Cover paper. 10p, 9in x 13in. Limited edition of 50 copies, signed and numbered by the artist. All copies were cased by Claudia Cohen in cloth over boards, with printed spine label. Numbers 1-25 were issued through HM, and cased in natural linen; numbers 26-50 were issued by the artist, and cased in a dark red buckram.

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The Wild Gentle Ones: A Turtle Island Odyssey by Jerome “Twin Rainbow” Irwin, Volumes I and II

The Wild Gentle Press, 2005 and 2006

The book examines how and why human consequences, historically, have negatively impacted upon all native human and non-human species.

The cover designs feature still life photographs by CVS.

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Mr Rabbit’s Symphony of Nature by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 2008.

Mr Rabbit cannot sing, so he becomes a conductor and arranges the wonderful sounds of nature into a stirring symphony

Green card cover featuring French flaps, hand-sewn pages, calligraphic text and 11 tipped-in watercolour illustrations. Included a folded “frolicking frogs” bookmark. 

24p, 17cm x 22cm, printed offset. 2000 copies.

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Bonus: Watch Charles read from Symphony of Nature (YouTube)

After Glow by Charles van Sandwyk

The Fairy Press 2008

An Autumn poem about elfin revellers.

Calligraphic text & six watercolour illustrations. Two hand-sewn, doubled folded sheets with deckled edge, gilded title mounted on front page, bound with hand-dyed rainbow ribbon, including ribboned bookmark with a poem printed in sparkling gilt on a red tag.

If visions of Fairyland dance in your head, then tie this old tag to a post on your bed. Your dreams will be rich and your heart will feel light as you wake up refreshed from the cool autumn night.”

Issued in paper wraps with red or grey-green background to the title. 8p, 18cm x 19cm, printed offset. 2000 copies.

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The Wind in the Willows (Limited Centenary Edition) by Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by Charles van Sandwyk

The Folio Society, London, 2008.

A centenary celebration expanded limited edition of the earlier volume, the first of a small collection of “cherished tales” produced in this format by the Folio Society.

Hand-bound in quarter vellum, blocked on the spine in 22-carat gold, with vellum tips and paper sides blocked in three shades of metallic foil. Each copy contains a limitation spread with a signed tipped-in etching, hand-printed under the artist’s supervision. New illustrations were created for this edition (adding to those in the standard edition), with this edition containing 16 tipped-in colour plates, with gold edges and borders. Forty new pen-and-ink drawings have been added, including chapter heads and tails, and charming hand-drawn captions. New endpapers showing an architectural plan of Toad Hall have been printed by letterpress. The calligraphy has been printed letterpress by the Logan Press. 

Gilded top edge, 280 pages. Book size: 13″ x 9¾”. Presented in a cloth-bound solander box with gilt lettered title label. Limited to 1000 signed, numbered copies and 30 additional hors commerce  numbered in roman numerals. The 30 Artist’s Copies are numbered with Roman numerals. Several copies also include a full-page original drawing by the artist.

A very amusing 4p illustrated letter ‘from Toad’ by CvS was released by the Folio Society as part of its prospectus and advertising campaign – see the ephemera page for more details.

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Bonus: Flip through of The Wind in the Willows and other Folio Society limited editions of ‘cherished tales (YouTube).

The Philosopher’s Cupboard by Charles van Sandwyk. Bound by Waisiki Doughty and CVS

Savuti Press, 2009

Thoughts on how our forebears live within us.” 

Trade edition: Marbled cover and two full-page letterpress engravings. Featuring hand-sewn pages. 

18p, 25cm. Printed offset. Trade edition limited to 2000 copies.

Limited edition: Gilded cover and letterpress engravings on hand-made Italian paper (Nideggen mould-made, St Armand hand-made and Firenze Manani paper). 

Featuring hand-sewn pages and an additional original etching of ‘Three Generations” signed by the artist. 

18p, 25cm. Limited to 199 numbered copies.

Find a copy of The Philosopher’s Cupboard on Abes | eBay

Canadian Content by Charles van Sandwyk

CVS Fine Arts, North Vancouver, 2009.

About the book: A poem about Canada, “sending love to the natural landscapes and animals of Canada.

An introduction by Waisiki Doughty is presented in the form of a folded typescript letter, tipped onto the verso of the upper wrapper. The main text is a poem inspired by Canada, and the illustrations are of various Canadian animals, including bears, beavers, and a cougar.

Featuring French flaps, hand-sewn pages, calligraphic text & watercolour illustrations, including a two-page centre spread. Issued in two states, with either beaver lodge or bear art on the cover. 24p, 18cm x 26cm, printed offset. 2500 copies.

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Bonus: Watch Charles read Canadian Content (YouTube)…

The Fairy Market by Charles van Sandwyk

The Fairy Press, 2009

About the book: A visit to a fairy market, dedicated to the “the everlasting memory of Arthur Rackham“.

Featuring French flaps, hand-sewn pages, 7 tipped-in illustrations and 6 tipped-in watercolour plates. 

12 p, 21cm x 26cm, printed offset. 2000 copies. 

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Also, see inside The Fairy Market in this post and video here…

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