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Overviews & Collections

wizard bookshelf 1 hestia header
Wizard's Library Tour

Magical Tomes

Ever wondered what a home-schooled wizard might have in their library? Take this bookshelf tour and find out...

Australian Fairies

Art of the Fairy

Ever wondered what a home-schooled wizard might have in their library? Take this bookshelf tour and find out...

mcbride legendary beasts hestia header2
Legendary Beasts

Andrew McBride

A quick tour through some glorious images of Legendary Beasts I found while researching vintage English magazines.

In print

pantheon PB spines hestia header
Pantheon Library

Fairy Tales & Folklore

An authoritative collection of world folk and fairy tale compilations by world-class scholars and anthropologists. First released 1957.

Chronicle World Folklore

Magic & Adventure

Delightful world folklore collections, each illustrated by different artists. First released 2016.

egerkrans sjora hestia header
Eerie Viking Art

Johan Egerkrans

Stunningly illustrated linen-bound books on Scandinavian spirits, Norse Gods, undead creatures and - of course - dragons. First released in English in 2017.

Enchanted Library Hestia Header Image sm
Enchanted Library

Magical Lifestyle Compendia

Legends, lore, literature and art of various magical creatures, also applied to fashion and beauty; and home, food, and entertaining. First released 2020.

folklore field guides hestia header
Folklore Field Guides

Foil-Embossed Cloth

Enchantingly illustrated natural histories of magical creatures with colourful sketches and precise notes detailing their secret lives. First released 2020.

dk ancient myths hestia header
DK Ancient Myths

Art Deco Illustrations

Ancient myths are brought to life with contemporary retellings and gorgeous illustrations. First released 2020.

kew garden folklore hestia header
Kew Gardens Folkore

Plant Magic

Explores the links between humans, plants and fungi through stories of wild places, otherworldly creatures and stories of magical mischief. First released 2020.

natures folklore hestia header
Nature's Folklore

Folk Art Illustrations

Folk art illustrated treasuries of natural folklore and wild wisdom from around the world. First released in 2021.

wool of bat hestia header
Wool of Bat

Reclaimed World Folklore

Focuses on the preservation and promotion of folklore and oral history from around the world, combining authentic stories with stunning contemporary artwork. First released in English in 2022.

Vintage series

harrap myths series hestia header
Harrap Myths

Illustrated Bindings

A vintage series of myth and legend in detailed and decorative period bindings. First released 1907.

gresham myths art nouveau hestia header
Gresham Myths

Art Nouveau Bindings

A comprehensive vintage series of myth and legend in literature and art featuring beautiful Art Nouveau bindings. First released 1912.

Hamish Hamilton

'A Book Of...'

A vintage collection of myths, legends and magical tales, edited by preeminent authors of the time. First released in the 1960s.

green johnstone purnell myths hestia header
Purnell Myths

Stunning illustrations

A beautiful vintage series written by Roger Green and illustrated by the Grahame Johnstone twins. First released 1963. One of my all time favourites.

22 april china myths hestia header
World Mythology

Vintage Series

Oversize mythology books with abundant full colour paintings from diverse artists. First released 1978.

Folio Society

Leatherbound Classics

Classic works on myths and legends, beautifully bound in rich jewel-toned leather by the Folio Society, and also illustrated. First released in 1996.

Element Encyclopedias Hestia Header Image sm
Element Encyclopedias

Secret Knowledge

Bumper guides to ancient histories and secret knowledge. First released 2001.

FS japanese tales hestia header 2
Japanese Tales

Folio Society

Quaint, comic and curious tales. A gorgeous edition released by the Folio Society in 2018.


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