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Kew Garden's Magical Folklore

Introduction & Series Review

The Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew Gardens in London house one of the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world, alongside elements that highlight significant periods of the art of gardens. This delightful foray into magical folklore explores the links between humans, plants and fungi through stories of wild places, otherworldly creatures and stories of supernatural mischief, all accompanied by beautiful vintage illustrations, many sourced from the archives at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

List of books

Witch's Forest: Trees in magic, folkore and traditional remedies - Sandra Lawrence
kew lawrence witchs forest

Welbeck Publishing. 9781802795370. Sep 2023. 

“Known throughout the world as dark and wild places where witches make mischief and eerie creatures dwell, forests are also places of sanctuary for the ancient magic and the most enchanting species of trees. Witch’s Forest is a captivating journey through the magical woodland and its stories, from birch broomsticks and the sacred olive, to alder doorways and the Tree of Life.”

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The Magic of Mushrooms: Fungi in folklore, superstition and traditional medicine - Sandra Lawrence

Welbeck Publishing. 9781787399068. Aug 2022. 

“At the centre of countless superstitions, folkloric tales and magical beliefs, as well as appearing in recipes and medicines both traditional and modern, mushrooms have incredible powers. Featuring images of over 100 fascinating species, The Magic of Mushrooms shows that from saving lives to expanding the mind, the potential of these fascinating organisms should not be underestimated.”

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Witch's Garden: Plants in folklore, magic and traditional medicine - Sandra Lawrence

Welbeck Publishing. 9781787394360. Oct 2020. 

Describes over 50 of the world’s most powerful, harmful, legendary and storied plants – from the screaming mandrake to calming St John’s Wort, to predicting the weather with seaweed, the creation of salves for broken hearts, sore heads, protection from evil spirits and to even induce immortality. The Witch’s Garden tells the story of our folkloric fascination with these magical specimens, documenting the beliefs and rituals surrounding the natural world.”

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