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Over the years, I’ve been adding a lifetime of collecting knowledge to this site to help you on your own book collecting journey. To keep this work entertaining, I add new pages and guides as whimsy and caprice take me. That has made my site a bit of sprawling beast, so I hope this changelog will help regular visitors keep an eye out for what’s new! (Although because the upcoming special editions and upcoming preorder incentives pages are updated every week or two, I’m not including those pages in the list below.) Also, if you’re waiting on a particular guide you’d love me to add, please do drop me a note – I take requests ツ .


egerkrans sjora hestia header

🔗 July 24 - Eerie Viking Art of Johan Egerkrans

Updated list with revised anniversary edition of Vaesen.

dk ancient myths hestia header

🔗 July 24 - DK's Ancient Myths Series

Updated list with new title Myths of China (July 2024).

agatha christie special editions hestia header

🔗 July 24 - Agatha Christie Special Editions

Updated list with new upcoming title Capital Christie: Agatha Christie’s London Mysteries (May 2025)

2024 explosion of special editions hestia header

🔗 July 24 - The Explosion of Special Feature Books

New blog post on latest published trends for special editions

wordsworth collectors editions full spread smol

🔗 June 24 - Wordworth's Collector's Editions

Updated with new cover images for the upcoming George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984.

chiltern Hestia Header Image

🔗 June 24 - Chiltern Classics

Updated with new cover images for Macbeth and Anderson's Fairy Tales.

upcoming special editions 2024 hestia header sm

🔗 Jun 24 - Special Editions

Redesigned the special editions pages (now navigated by month).

caraval spectacular hestia header

🔗 Jun 24 - Spectacular (Caraval) Edition Round-up

Added images of the UK hidden cover designs, and details about the new "Return to Caraval" boxed set.

popup circus kubasta Hestia Header

🔗 Jun 24 - Pop-Up Collector's Guide

Added some individual and series book reviews to the Pop-Up Books Collector's Guide.

Articles Changelog

🔗 Jun 24 - Beehive Illuminated Editions

Updated list with upcoming title, Dante's Inferno (2024).

penguin clothbound Hestia Header Image 2

🔗 Jun 24 - Penguin Clothbound Classics

Added image for upcoming title The Phantom of the Opera (2025).

wool of bat hestia header

🔗 Jun 24 - Wool of Bat

Added new title and images for the upcoming volume Undying Tales.

Articles Changelog

🔗 Jun 24 - Collecting Beautiful Children's Books

Updated the guide to collecting Children's Lit with some new series.

arcturus classics 24 hestia header v2

🔗 Jun 24 - Arcturus Deluxe Children's Classics

Updated to include images of the stenciled edges.

natures folklore hestia header

🔗 May 24 - Nature's Folklore

Updated with illustrations for upcoming title Lore of the Deep.

penguin clothbound Hestia Header Image 2

🔗 May 24 - Penguin Clothbound Classics

Updated with new titles for 2025 (My Brilliant Career, Phantom of the Opera), and new cover images (Giovanni's Room).

BN collectible classics mix hestia header

🔗 May 24 - Barnes & Noble Collectibles

Updated with another new title for 2025 (Ghost Stories).

chiltern Hestia Header Image

🔗 May 24 - Chiltern Classics

Updated with new cover images (most of the October 2024 releases) and information about which titles are illustrated.

articles scrolls hestia header

May 24 - Articles Changelog

Site navigation update - this page you're on right now!

new popup paper stars hestia header

🔗 May 24 - Upcoming Pop-Up Books

Updated with new titles (Cinderella, XXL series and Monet).

folklore field guides hestia header

🔗 Apr 24 - Folklore Field Guides

Updated with a new title (Dragons!).

agatha christie special editions hestia header

🔗 Mar 24 - Agatha Christie Special Editions

Updated with new title (Last Seance) and more illustrator details.

arcturus mystic archives hestia header

🔗 Mar 24 - Arcturus Mystic Archives

★ New guide in Esoterica.

penguin vitae hestia header2

🔗 Mar 24 - Penguin Vitae

Updated with new title (Orlando).

heller letters hestia header

🔗 Mar 24 - Barbara Heller's Letters

Updated with new title (Anne of Green Gables).

vintage quarterbound classics hestia header

🔗 Mar 24 - Quarterbound Classics

Updated with new images (The Talented Mr Ripley).

chiltern Hestia Header Image

🔗 Feb 24 - Chiltern Classics

Updated with new titles (August 2024 releases).

puffin in bloom hestia header

🔗 Feb 24 - Puffin in Bloom

Updated with new titles (Jane Austen books).

Articles Changelog

🔗 Jan 24 - Penguin Deluxe Classics

Updated with new title (Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing).


special editions sprayed edges hestia header 2023

🔗 Dec 23 - Special Editions Books, 2023 Archives

Updated with new titles and video.

christmas 2023 best of list hestia header

🔗 Nov 23 - Most Beautiful Books of 2023

★ New 'best of' blog post and video.

puffin clothbound classics hestia header

🔗 Nov 23 - Puffin Clothbound Classics

Added new title (The Worst Witch).

meggendorfer prize winners 2023 hestia header v2

🔗 Oct 23 - Award-Winning Pop-Ups

Updated with a new title (The Complexities of Pop-Up,winner of the 2023 Prize).

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