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2021 Meggendorfer Pop-Up Book Prize Finalists


Every two years, the Movable Book Society honors the very best in paper engineering through its Meggendorfer Awards program. The 2021 awards unusually covered a three-year period due to the pandemic, and this season we see the awards starting to reflect an increasingly international flavour in the short-listed titles. The winner of this year’s top prize was the 3 metre-long Chinese architectural title Opening the Forbidden City, crowdfunded by paper engineer Wang Wei. The other seven finalists provided strong pop culture representation with two massive blockbuster 3D dioramas from Insight editions for the Harry Potter and Star Wars franchises (both engineered by the amazing Matthew Reinhart) and one for the card game HearthStone (engineered by last season’s winner Simon Arizpe). Two children’s nature titles feature, with French offering Six Little Birds (Bernard Duisit) and the summery seaside Shells (Yoojin Kim, the fifth title in the delightful 4 Seasons series), alongside a Christmassy entrant with a retelling of Hoffman’s classic The Nutcracker (Yevgeniya Yeretskaya). The final shortlisted title is an unusual non-fiction entrant from private press Poposition Press, Dimensional Cannabis, which features six spreads, each of which has been designed by a different master of paper craft.

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Winner of the 2021 Meggendorfer Award

wang forbidden city popup 2020

2021 Prize - Opening the Forbidden City (Chinese: 打开故宫)

Designed by Chinese paper designer Wang Wei, this pop-up guide to China’s Forbidden City contains 7 pages which show all the buildings on the central axis of the Forbidden City, and extends to over 3 metres long when fully unfolded. It was crowdfunded via Chinese Kickstarter platform Modian, with an initial print run of 15,000 copies.

Paper engineer: Wang Wei
Publisher: Publishing House of Electronics Industry
Publication date: May 2020

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ISBN: 9787121383021

List of 2021 Finalists

The HearthStone Pop-Up Book

Paper engineer: Simon Arizpe
Publisher: Insight Editions
Publication date: Nov 2018

Paper engineering by Simon Arizpe, illustrated by Mike Sass, text by Rick Barba. 

A celebration of Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed collectible HearthStone card game with spectacular central popup spreads on every page, accompanied by booklets of mini-pops. 

Find it at Amazon | Blackwells | Waterstones

Six Little Birds (French: Sittelles Belles Belles)

Paper engineer: Bernard Duisit
Publisher: Little Gestalten (Eng) / Helium1 (Fr)
Publication date: May 2019 (Eng) / April 2019 (Fr)

Paper engineering by Bernard Duisit, illustrated by Olivia Cosneau. 

A charming rhyming story that tells the story of six little birds after they’ve learned to fly, with sturdy pop-ups that can withstand the careful ministrations of curious young fingers.

Find it at Amazon | Blackwells

Shells: A Pop-Up Book of Wonder

Paper engineer: Yoojin Kim
Publisher: Jumping Jack Press
Publication date: September 2018

Paper engineering by Yoojin Kim, illustrated by Lindsay Dale-Scott, text by Janet Lawler. 

A fun look at summertime by the beach, with bright interactive pop-ups alongside short snippets of educational text. Part of the 4 Seasons of Pop-Up series.

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Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy

Paper engineer: Matthew Reinhart
Publisher: Insight Editions (US) / Transworld (UK)
Publication date: October 2019

Paper engineering by Matthew Reinhart, illustrated by Kevin M. Wilson. 

An incredible homage to the Star Wars saga, with large scale dynamic pop-up scenes taken from all 11 movies.

Find US edition at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Blackwells

Find UK edition at Amazon | Blackwells | Waterstones

➤ A signed, limited edition was also released with in a slipcase with a signed, removable pop-up poster (500 copies). Find the LE at Amazon | AbeBooks

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alley and Beyond

Paper engineer: Matthew Reinhart
Publisher: Insight Editions (US) / Transworld (UK)
Publication date: October 2020

Paper engineering by Matthew Reinhart, illustrated by Kevin M. Wilson. 

A gorgeously intricate exploration of the wizarding wonders of magical shops in Diagon Alley, the Knight Bus, and more. The book even opens up into a huge 3D diorama.

Find US edition at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Blackwells

➤ Find UK edition at Amazon | Blackwells | Waterstones

E.T.A. Hoffman’s ‘The Nutcracker’: An Enchanting Pop-Up Adaptation

Paper engineer: Yevgeniya Yeretskaya
Publisher: Jumping Jack Press
Publication date: September 2018

Paper engineering by Yevgeniya Yeretskaya, illustrated by Neiko Ng, E.T.A. Hoffman’s original tale retold by Jessica Southwick. 

A pop-up adaptation of the classic holiday tale with seven spreads to take readers along on a fabulous magical journey with Marie and her beloved Christmas gift.

Find it at Amazon | Blackwells | Waterstones

Dimensional Cannabis: The Pop-Up Book of Marijuana

Paper engineer: Various 
Publisher: Poposition Press
Publication date: January 2019

Designed by Kevin Steele, paper engineering (one spread each) by Ray Marshall, David A. Carter, Simon Arizpe, Isabel Uria, Roger Culbertson, Kevin Steele, directed by Roston Meyer. 

A detailed exploration of various aspects of cannabis culture.

Find it at Amazon | Poposition Press

➤ A limited slipcased collector’s edition and wood cased connoisseur edition were also released for this title.

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