Spectacular – Caraval Series: Special Editions Roundup

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Spectacular (Caraval): Special Editions Roundup

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I recently received a request from a reader (hi Jessica!) to put together a collector’s guide to the editions of Spectacular – the upcoming holiday themed novella in Stephanie Garber’s Caraval series. I do have details of covers and hidden design of the previous books in the series as well if any one needs them – just let me know in the comments!

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Collector’s Notes & FAQ

Why the hype?

Spectacular is an illustrated novella in Stephanie Garber’s Caraval series. Caraval is a popular series of fantasy novels that Publisher’s Weekly described as having “intriguing characters, an imaginative setting, and evocative writing” which combine to “create a spellbinding tale of love, loss, sacrifice, and hope”. Personally, I love the books – the world is enchanting, nothing is quite like it seems, and the themes of sisterhood, love and sacrifice resonate deeply with me as a reader.

This series is well known for its special collector’s editions. From the very first book in the series back in 2017, the UK publisher (Hodderscape) released a variety of ‘hidden’ design case stamps (i.e. foiled on the boards under the dust jacket) which were available only for the first print run of each book in the series. 

These types of special features may be common now, but back when Caraval was released it was really quite unusual. Other very limited hidden designs were released by book shops like Goldsboro Books, Tesco and Waterstones, and then book clubs like FairyLoot created additional designs, and the US publisher (Flatiron) released some special editions through Barnes & Noble in the US and Indigo in Canada as well. 

In addition to special editions of the novella itself, to celebrate its release, the US publisher is bringing out a special boxed set of all the titles in the series in a holiday repackage with exclusive white covers and sprayed page edges. The UK publisher has also teased that there are plans to bring back the Caraval series hardbacks, which is good news for collectors who missed out the first time around.

What’s it about? What will it look like?

According to the publisher, Spectacular is “a new gorgeously illustrated holiday novella from Stephanie Garber set in the magical world of Caraval. Full of clockwork boys, poisoned candy, impish snow globes, merriment, and—if Tella gets her way—love.”

The book is illustrated (yay!) by artist Rosie Thorns. All editions will have the same 60+ illustrations inside, including US and UK editions. Special editions will feature different covers, ‘hidden’ designs stamped on the boards under the dust jacket, sprayed page edge designs and other bonus content as elaborated below.

What are the Spectacular hidden covers?

There are several different ‘hidden cover’ designs being printed in foil on the front boards (under the dust jacket) of the standard UK editions, including a Gumdrop Palace, Mr Garland’s Toychest, a candy cane house, and a toy soldier’s palace.

How do I ensure I will get one of the UK hidden covers?

The UK ‘hidden covers’ will be printed on all the first printings only, so you should preorder a copy (or liaise with your local UK Indie!) to make sure you get a first printing. They may also be available for a while afterwards, but they tend to sell out quickly…

What are the other books in the series? Do I need to have read them?

This is a companion novella for the Caraval series, which includes three books: CaravalLegendary, and Finale. The story takes place after the events of Finale, so yes, I would recommend having read the series beforehand if you can. There is also a spin-off series set in the same world which includes Once Upon a Broken Heart, The Ballad of Never After, and A Curse for True Love.

Are all the editions the same size?

No, editions from different countries are usually different sizes, so if you want to mix and match you’ll have to be comfortable with different heights in your shelf. Where possible, I’ve included dimensions to help you decide what you want.

Is this a complete list of Spectacular special editions?

It should be pretty close to complete for the first round of English editions – but if you’re aware of any other special editions I should include here (particularly upcoming foreign special editions and where to find them), please drop a comment at the bottom of the post, or let me know via the contact page.

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links for which I may be compensated (this does not affect my reviews nor cost you any money). I deeply appreciate your support of my site hosting costs if you use these links, but warmly encourage you to buy from your local Indie bookshop if you have the opportunity.

Spectacular Novella

Standard Editions

US/Canada Standard Edition Hardback

Flatiron Books, 240p, 9781250893406. 15.5 x 23.5 x 2.5cm. RRP 20.99 USD. Released October 22, 2024.

Special features: None announced.

→  Find it at Amazon | B&N Blackwells

UK Standard Edition Hardback

Hodderscape, 264p, 9781399721523. Released October 22, 2024. RRP GBP£16.99.

Special features: All UK first edition first printings will feature one of four ‘hidden cover’ designs foiled onto the boards under the dust jacket.

→  Preorder from Amazon | Waterstones | Blackwellsfor first printings

Australian Standard Edition Paperback

Hodderscape, 192p, 9781399721516. Released Oct 22, 2024. 

Special features: All Australian first edition first printings will feature one ‘hidden cover’ design printed in ink on the inside of the front cover. This will be limited to trade paperbacks sold in Australia and New Zealand only, export trade paperbacks sold in other parts of the world will not include hidden covers.

→ Preorder from Amazon Australia for first printing (other retailer links to be added as they come available).

Special Editions

US/Canada Special Edition Hardback

Flatiron Books, 240p, 9781250368690. 15.5 x 23.5 x 2.5cm. RRP 20.99 USD. Released October 22, 2024.

Special features: alternative cover design, decorative endpapers, exclusive ‘hidden cover’ case stamp. Cover design TBC.

➤ Find it at Barnes & Noble | Indigo

Waterstones Special Edition

Hodder & Stoughton, 264p, 9781399737661. Released October 22, 2024. RRP GBP£16.99.

Special features: UK edition with exclusive colourway (standard cover in a different cover), exclusive endpapers, and bonus content.

➤ Find it at Waterstones

Find signed special edition at Waterstones

Goldsboro Special Edition

Hodder & Stoughton, 264p, 9781399721523

Special features: UK edition, signed by the author, with special features tbc. It will first be offered to customers who previously bought one of the Caraval hardbacks from Goldsboro so general sale will be extremely limited. Cover TBC.

→ Check availability at Goldsboro (direct link to come when available)

FairyLoot Special Edition

Hodder & Stoughton, 264p.

Special features: UK edition with special features tbc. Likely to include a hidden cover design, sprayed page edges and more. Some copies will be signed. Cover TBC.

→ Check availability at FairyLoot (direct link to come when available)

Boxed sets

Return to Caraval Boxed Set

Hodderscape, 9781399741941. Published November 7, 2024.

Special features: UK editions with black dustjackets and hidden foiled covers. Titles will also be available individually, but if buying as part of the boxed set they will have red stained page edges. If buying Spectacular as part of this set, it will have the red stained page edges, and all hidden covers will be the Mr Garland’s Toy Shop design.

→  Find it at Amazon | Waterstones | Blackwells

Caraval Holiday Collection

Flatiron books, 9781250368881. Published November 12, 2024.

Special features: US editions repacked with exclusive white covers and stained page edges.

→  Find it at Amazon | B&N | Blackwells


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