What happened to the NYRB Children’s Classics?

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New York Review Children's Collection - what happened to the bindings?

The New York Review Children’s Collection includes a host of delightful classics from yesteryear, made to last through generations of children. 

At least, they used to be durable, with their distinctive quarter cloth bindings. But after 20 years of iconic style, new printings no longer have these classic red cloth spines. So if you love this classic look, then now’s the time to snap up the older editions while you can! 

The publisher does maintain an excellent site for in-print publications, but all of the out of print books are not on the list, so I have created a collector’s guide with all the details for titles going back to 2003 when they were first released.

ps – do any of their titles bring back fond memories for you? My favourite of the collection is the Carbonel series by Barbara Sleigh – a couple of ordinary kids get involved with magical enchantments, wicked witches, mystical creatures and the king of the cats, what’s not to love??

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Visit the collector's guide


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