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Beehive Illuminated Editions

Beehive Books The Beehive Books ‘Illuminated Editions’ series is an ongoing series of classic literary masterworks. Each volume is beautifully designed by Maëlle Doliveux, filled with stunning illustrations, and presented in a slipcase. The books are oversized (9″x12″) cloth-bound hardcovers with sewn signatures. The slipcases are textured, being elaborately debossed Read more…

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The Enchanted Library – Carolyn Turgeon & Faerie Magazine

Faerie Magazine’s Enchanted Library series The ‘Enchanted Library’ series is produced by Carolyn Turgeon, editor of Faerie Magazine. It includes a collection of exquisitely illustrated and beautifully designed so-called ‘lifestyle’ compendia, that incorporate the legends, lore, literature and art of various magical creatures, as well as fashion and beauty; and Read more…

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