Welcome to my illustrated bibliography of all of the books in Frederick Muller’s Folk & Fairy Tales series (also known as the World Fairy Tales Collection). These books were published between the late 1950s to the early 1970s – mostly by Frederick Muller, but several were also published by Follett. The books contain some lovely tales from countries all around the world, and all the ones I have read have been of a high standard.

Different countries are covered by different authors, and the black and white (no colour) illustrations are by a variety of different illustrators, but all are quality.

If you’re looking to collect some or all the books in this series, they can easily be collected separately, because the dust jacket for each book is often illustrated in the style of the regional tales being told, so the books don’t always look like a series. There are also several books created towards the end of the series which contain representative tales from many countries if you are interested in reading a sampler of stories.

Complete List of Muller’s Folk & Fairy Tales Books, with images

Muller African Fairy Tales ArnottAfrican Fairy TalesKathleen ArnottShyam Varma1967: Frederick Muller
Muller Arabian Fairy TalesArabian Fairy TalesAmina ShahGeorge Buday1969: Frederick Muller
Muller Barbary Coast Fairy TalesFairy Tales from the Barbary CoastPeter LumShyam Varm1967: Frederick MullerAlgeria, Tunisia and Morocco
Muller Bohemia Fairy TalesFairy Tales from BohemiaMaurice and Pamela MichaelJohn Lathey1968: Follett

Muller Burmese Thai Fairy Tales
Burmese and Thai Fairy TalesEleanor BrockettHarry and Ilse Toothill1965: Frederick Muller

1967: Follett
Follett Burmese and Thai Fairy Tales Brockett
Muller Celtic Fairy Tales Celtic Fairy TalesJoseph Jacobs, ed Lucia TurnbullJohn D. Batten1964: Frederick Muller
Muller Danish Fairy TalesDanish Fairy TalesInge HackHarry & Ilse Toothill 1964: Frederick Muller

1964: Follett
Muller Follett Danish Fairy Tales
Muller English Fairy TalesEnglish Fairy TalesJoseph JacobsJohn D. Batten1959: Frederick Muller
Muller French Fairy Tales French Fairy TalesRoland GranttPatricia Morriss1958: Frederick Muller
Muller German Fairy TalesGerman Fairy TalesMaurice and Pamela MichaelHazel Cook1963: Frederick MullerA non-Grimm selection
Muller Great Britain Folk TalesThe Magic Bridle and other Fairy Tales from Great Britain and IrelandForbes StuartRichard O'Connor1974: Frederick Muller
Muller Greek Fairy Tales Greek Fairy TalesBarbara Ker WilsonHarry Toothill1966: Frederick Muller
Muller Heroes of KalevalaHeroes of KalevalaIrma KaplanBarbara Brown1973: Frederick Muller
Muller Indian Fairy TalesIndian Fairy TalesLucia TurbullHazel Cook1965: Frederick Muller
Muller Indonesian Fairy TalesIndonesian Fairy TalesAdele de LeeuwHarry Toothill1966: Frederick Muller
Muller Italian Fairy Tales Italian Fairy TalesPeter LumHarry and Ilse Toothill1963: Follett
Muller Japanese Fairy Tales PiggottJapanese Fairy TalesJuliet PiggotHarry Toothill (Follett); Genjiro Mita (Muller)1962: Follett

1972: Muller
Japanese Fairy Tales (Follett)
Muller Mexican Folk TalesMexican Folk TalesJuliet PiggotJohn Spenser1973: Frederick Muller
Muller North America Fairy Tales Folk Tales from North AmericaPeter LumJohn Spenser1973: Frederick MullerA collection of nine Eskimo tales, seven tales of the East Coast Indians, six tales of the Central Plains Indians and six tales of the West Coast Indians.
Muller Norwegian Fairy TalesNorwegian Fairy TalesGert StrindbergGert Strindberg1966: Frederick MullerFollett Norwegian Fairy Tales Strindberg
Muller Fairy Tales from the Pacific Islands ReedFairy Tales from the Pacific IslandsA. W. ReedStewart Irwin1969: Frederick Muller
Muller Persian Fairy Tales BrockettPersian Fairy TalesEleanor BrockettHarry Toothill1962: Frederick MullerFollett Persian Fairy Tales Brockett
Muller Polish Folk Tales Polish Fairy TalesZoë ZajdlerHazel Cook1966: Frederick Muller
Muller Portuguese Folk Tales Portuguese Fairy TalesMaurice and Pamela MichaelHarry and Ilse Toothill1967: Frederick Muller
Muller Russian Fairy Tales AlmedinganRussian Fairy TalesE. M. AlmedingenSimon Jeruchim1957: Frederick Muller
Muller Scottish Folk TalesScottish Folk TalesRuth RatcliffThomas R. Breheny1976: Frederick Muller
Muller Finland Fairy TalesThe Sea-King's Gift and Other Tales from FinlandZacharius Topelius, retold by Irma KaplanAnne Knight1973: Frederick Muller
Muller South American Fairy Tales MeehanSouth American Fairy TalesJohn MeehanJose Pradera 1970: Frederick Muller
Muller Spanish Fairy Tales MarksSpanish Fairy TalesJohn MarksHazel Cook1973: Frederick Muller
Muller Sweden Fairy TalesFairy Tales from SwedenIrma KaplanCarol Calder1957: Frederick Muller
Muller Switzerland Fairy TalesFairy Tales from SwitzerlandRoger DuvoisinRoger Duvoisin1960: Frederick MullerOriginally published as The Three Sneezes and Other Swiss Tales
Muller Turkish Folk TalesTurkish Fairy TalesEleanor BrockettHarry and Ilse Toothill1963: Frederick MullerMuller Turkish Fairy Tales Brockett
Muller Famous Fairy Tales of The WorldFamous Fairy Tales of the WorldJuliet PiggottMichael Godfrey1965: Frederick MullerA selection from the series
muller myth moonshineMyth and MoonshineJuliet PiggottSara Silcock1973: Frederick MullerA selection from the series
muller european talesOld European Fairy TalesIrma KaplanJames Hunt1969: Frederick MullerA selection from the series