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For those of us who live far from Brandywine Cottage and the local Vancouver galleries that feature the beautiful artwork of Charles van Sandwyk, I’m experimenting with creating an online gallery for Charles’ works. I remain indebted to private collectors (particularly John P) who have generously shared precious items from their collections for the denizens of the Internets to enjoy. 

If you click on any of the images in the gallery below, you will be able to access further information and embiggen it for your enjoyment. Of necessity, the photos are of a low enough quality to ensure the pages load with reasonable speed – they cannot do the originals justice and if you have the funds, I recommend seeking out some of Charles’ artworks as an investment for yourself. 

The artworks are split across several ‘rooms’, which are linked below. So please pour a snifter of brandy, pull up a comfortable chair, hark back to the golden age of illustration, and enjoy a tour through this virtual gallery of one of the finest artists of our time. 

CvS Room 2 Square Logo

CvS Gallery Room 2

CvS Room 3 Square Logo

CvS Gallery Room 3

CvS Room 4 Square Logo

CvS Gallery Room 4

cvs bibliography square logo

CvS Bibliography

cvs ephemera square logo

CvS Ephemera

cvs cards square logo

CvS Framed Card Gallery


Marion Knell · 3 February 2021 at 3:08 am

Thank you for putting this page together, I have absolutely fallen in love with all the Charles van Sandwyk works, and have invested in all of the folio editions available and two of the books from the Charles Van Sandwyk Fine Arts press (Affairs of the Heart & Tree Whispers) with some helpful direction from this page. I hope to collect or see more in the future. They make my heart sing.

    Daisy · 3 February 2021 at 9:02 am

    Oh, wonderful! Yes, his artwork makes my heart sing too 💕

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