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Bantam Agatha Christie - Ephemera Collection

About this gallery

This is a “bonus” page for those who collect the Bantam Agatha Christie Mystery series. It’s a lot of fun to track down obscure details about this series, and collector/sleuth Jonathan W has been an absolute champion in this regard, photographing and sharing all sorts of documents from his own collection. If you arrived here by mistake and are interested in the history of the collection and a complete list of titles, please instead visit the primary Collecting the Bantam Agatha Christie Mystery Collection page.

But if you indeed have navigated your way here because you are a curious collector, then I hope you enjoy the gallery ephemera gallery below! Clicking on the images will enlarge them. And of course, do drop me a line if you have other ephemera to share…

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Here we have an example of a letter that accompanied one of the volumes in the series, in this case And Then There Were None, first mailed out in February 1983.

It reflects on the storied history of the name changes for this volume, and shares details about the manufacturing of the books in the series – the paper used is a 60-pound, acid-free stock made especially for Bantam by Miami Paper Company, and these early books were printed by Fairfield Graphics in Fairfield, Pennsylvania then shipped from Kingsport, Tennessee.

Another accompanying letter, this time for The ABC Murders, first mailed out in April 1983.

This one includes a list of frequently asked questions – note that it refers to “all 79 of her mysteries” – Come, Tell Me How You Live was not a mystery, and the Autobiography was not added until later.

Engagement Diary

Here we have an advertisement for the Agatha Christie 1990 Special Centennial Edition Engagement Diary, and the souvenir medallion.

Interestingly, it appears the diary was free for subscribers so long as they filled out the order form.

Centennial Medallion

The Centennial Diary brochure also mentions the Christie Centennial Medallion, inscribed with the words “Agatha Christie 100th Anniversary Celebration” which the brochure suggests would make a good paperweight.

The medallion is 2.5 inches in diameter and is pretty heavy, weighing nearly 7 ounces. The reverse side of the medallion is blank and flat. 
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