A searchable, sortable list of all the stories, authors and illustrators in the Best of Children’s Books series. Enjoy!

Abraham LincolnIngri and Edgar Parin D'AulaireIngri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire1:1-39
Adventures of PinocchioCarlo Collodi, abridged by Alfred Van Der MarckRoberta MacDonald32:1-53
Aesop's FablesMary MacNab editorTony Palazzo2:1-36
Aladdin and the Wonderful LampAndrew LangAldren Watson5:1-36
Alfred the Saxon KingSmith BurnhamFeodor Rojankovsky32:74-83
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves- no author listed -Feodor Rojankovsky23:1-37
Amazing Animals of Australia- no author listed -illustrated with photos35:156-160
America's Glorious Past- no author listed -Edward Shenton and Alice Smith35:1-35
America's Lake and River Fish- no author listed -illustrated with photos12:117-124
America's Wonderful National ParksGladys SchwarczLeonard Weisgard34:22-45
American Folk Rhymes and Chants- no author listed -Adrienne Adams20:58-63
Andrew Jackson, Pioneer HeroSmith BurnhamRay Houlihan33:71-84
Androcles and the Lion- no author listed -Don Freeman11:77-84
Andy and PollyRhea WellsPhyllis Rowand13:95-106
Angus and the CatMarjorie FlackMarjorie Flack1:125-134
Angus and the DucksMarjorie FlackMarjorie Flack and Leonard Kessler18:65-76
Animal Children- no author listed -illustrated with photos1:117-124
Animal Crackers and Other PoemsChristopher MorleyBarbara Cooney21:45-57
Animal TracksRobert S. LemmonEdward Shenton24:125-146
Animals of Africa- no author listed -illustrated with photos10:117-124
Apples' New HouseJean McDevittNinon11:125-155
Away Goes Jonathan WheelerMarjorie FlackRichard Scarry20:96-101
AzorMaude CrowleyRobert MacLean22:125-150
Babar the KingJean de BrunhoffJean de Brunhoff20:1-44
Baby BearHamilton WilliamsonFeodor Rojankovsky9:37-44
Baby’s Mother Goose- no author listed -Ruth Ives42:77-84
Baker's DaughterMargery Williams BiancoLawrence Beall Smith26:144-155
Barbara FrietchieJohn Greenleaf WhittierRuth Ives25:37-43
Be a MagicianSue and Bill SevernSusan Perls18:125-146
Beauty and the BeastHamilton Wright MabieColleen Browning18:4-36
Beezus and her ImaginationBeverly ClearyMircea Vasiliu35:134-155
Bell of Atri retoldJames BaldwinMario Micossi37:146-155
Benjamin FranklinJames BaldwinTom O'Sullivan3:125-156
Best BirthdayQuail HawkinsDon Freeman16:125-155
Best Loved Singing Games- no author listed -Polly Jackson2:85-100
Betsy, Tacy, and Tib Are TenMaud Hart LovelaceNinon32:54-73
Big BrotherLaura BannonRichard Scarry25:102-116
Big Red BusLeonard and Ethel KesslerLeonard and Ethel Kessler38:46-58
Billy and the BearLaura BannonPhoebe Erickson13:45-76
Birds Build Their HomesSabra Mallett KimballAddison Webb5:117-140
Birds of the South Pacific- no author listed -illustrated with photos9:117-124
Black Beauty and GingerAnna SewellPhoebe Erickson39:1-36
Bluebonnets for LucindaFrances Clark SayersPolly Jackson19:45-62
Bob and the RailroadSanford TouseyRay Houlihan21:85-116
Books of Nah-weeGrace and Carl MoonPaul Lantz9:125-155
Boston BellsElizabeth CoatsworthManning de V. Lee24:45-76
Bottles, Bottle Tops, and Soda PopMary EltingPaul Galdone20:64-75
Boy King ArthurMary MacLeodHenry C. Pitz9:1-36
Bremen Town MusiciansJakob and Wilhelm GrimmEdy Legrand37:77-84
Buffalo BillWilliam Frederick Buffalo Bill CodyRay Houlihan42:1-36
Butterflies and Moths of North America- no author listed -illustrated with photos17:117-124
Calico PieEdward LearEdward Lear38:112-116
Capital ShipCharles Edward CarrylRobin Jacques34:76-84
Card Games Are FunAlfred SheinwoldAndy Warhol27:96-116
Cat that Walked by HimselfRudyard KiplingPaul Galdone24:1-18
Chi-wee's White BootsGrace MoonDoris Rosenthal33:125-140
Chicken-Little- no author listed -Leonard Weisgard3:77-84
Chief Dooley's Busy DayHarry and Kay MaceRichard Scarry36:125-139
Child's Garden of VersesRobert Louis StevensonRuth Ives1:45-60
Child's World in ABCMary Warner EatonCharlotte Steiner6:85-108
Childhood Poems- no author listed -Barbara Cooney37:19-34
Chinky, the Banker PonySanford TouseyRobert MacLean32:125-155
Chips, the Story of a Cocker SpanielConnie Moran and Diana ThornePhoebe Erickson31:67-76
Christmas CarolCharles DickensEverett Shinn4:1-64
Christmas Every DayWilliam Dean HowellsElizabeth Enright28:46-62
Christmas in the Big WoodsLaura Ingalls WilderGarth Williams28:1-33
CinderellaCharles PerraultSusanne Suba8:60-76
City Boy, Country BoyMiriam SchleinLeonard Kessler18:106-116
Clara Barton, Angel of the BattlefieldSmith BurnhamPolly Jackson27:84-95
Connemara DonkeyEleanor FarjeonHildegarde Woodward38:85-111
Copley FamilyJohn S. Copleyillustrated with photos24:77
Cornelia's JewelsJames BaldwinDon Freeman31:125-129
Cow Who Fell in the CanalPhyllis KrasilovskyPeter Spier39:76-85
Crossing the RubiconJames BaldwinRay Houlihan38:150-155
Crunch CrunchLeonard and Ethel KesslerLeonard and Ethel Kessler30:125-139
Dangerous Day for Mrs. DoodlepunkDorothy DodworthJill Elgin34:125-140
Daniel BooneSmith BurnhamEdward Shenton5:105-116
Daniel in the Lions' DenFulton Oursler and April Oursler ArmstrongAldren A. Watson17:125-155
David and GoliathApril Oursler ArmstrongJules Gotlieb4:85-99
Dick and the Canal BoatSanford TouseyEdward Shenton8:125-156
Dick Whittington and His Catames BaldwinPeter Spier6:141-156
Dime's Worth for FreeMarion HollandRichard Scarry33:141-155
Discovering the Unknown World33:28-35
Doctor Raggedy AndyJohnny GruelleJohnny Gruelle7:77-84
Dog Friends- no author listed -illustrated with photos3:117-124
Doll in the Grass- no author listed -Lawrence Beall Smith42:37-44
DrakesbillJames BaldwinPaul Galdone17:85-99
Dutch Boy and the DikeSara Cone BryantPeter Spier22:77-84
Edison and Marconi: Wizards of InventionSmith BurnhamPeter Spier42:85-102
Elephant HerdMiriam SchleinFeodor Rojankovsky28:85-99
Elephant's ChildRudyard KiplingHenry C. Pitz6:45-59
Eletelephony and other VersesLaura E. RichardsIrene Haas25:134-143
Emperor's New ClothesHans Christian AndersenRoberta MacDonald11:62-76
Endless TaleJames BaldwinAdrienne Adams42:71-76
Erminka and the Red Topped BootsMargery ClarkMaud and Miska Petersham42:117-124
Everybody Lends Jerry Muskrat a HandThornton BurgessHerman B. Vestal8:77-84
Experimenting with ElectricityVictor C. Smith, Barbara Henderson, and W.R. TeetersEarl Thollander25:144-155
Exploring Caves- no author listed -illustrated with photos21:117-124
Factory KittyHelen HokePolly Jackson23:125-148
FairiesWilliam AllinghamNinon36:77-84
Fairy and the DollRose FylemanPhyllis Rowand23:149-155
Farmyard Song- no author listed -Feodor Rojankovsky40:136-142
Favorite Mother Goose Rhymes- no author listed -Adrienne Adams33:36-43
Feeding the Birds this WinterRobert S. LemmonAlexandroff26:84-103
Fern and Wilbur (from Charlotte's Web)E. B. WhiteGarth Williams10a:125-149
First Prayers and Graces- no author listed -Ruth Ives22:71-76
Fisherman and his WifeJakob and Wilhelm GrimmRobin Jacques36:45-60
Fishes of the Shallow Sea- no author listed -illustrated with photos8:117-124
Five Favorite Fables- no author listed -Feodor Rojankovsky18:77-84
Flipper to the RescueRichard Harwickillustrated with photos19a:1-36
Follow the SunsetHerman and Nina SchneiderAldren Watson32:84-101
Fountain of YouthJames BaldwinAldren A. Watson40:117-124
Frederick BarbarossaJames BaldwinRuth Ives34:66-75
Frog He Would A-Wooing Go- no author listed -Adrienne Adams30:77-84
Funny Art GamesPaul CastleAbner Graboff32:102-116
Funny Words and RiddlesAlice SalaffAndy Warhol5:97-104
Galileo and the LampsJames BaldwinWilliam Plummer22:151-155
Gallant TailorJakob and Wilhelm GrimmColleen Browning7:60-76
George WashingtonIngri and Edgar Parin D'AulaireIngri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire18:37-64
GeorgieRobert BrightRobert Bright26:61-76
Giddy-ap, Giddy-ap!Charlotte SteinerCharlotte Steiner8:45-59
Gingerbread Boy- no author listed -Feodor Rojankovsky11:37-44
Gingham Dog and the Calico CatEugene FieldIdellete Bordigoni22:37-40
Go Fly a KiteHarry Edward NealHarvey Weiss31:101-116
God that Lived in the KitchenFrances CarpenterJeanyee Wong24:19-37
Goldilocks and the Three Bears- no author listed -Feodor Rojankovsky2:77-84
Gregorio and the White LlamaLaura BannonBobri30:45-71
Gulliver in LilliputJonathan SwiftLawrence Beall Smith8:1-36
Hansel and GretelJakob and Wilhelm GrimmBarbara Cooney1:61-76
Harvey and Higgins IncorporatedAlice DalglieshRichard Scarry37:66-76
Hawaiian Islands- no author listed -illustrated with photos25:156-160
Heart of the BandHarriet E. HuntingtonPolly Jackson34:141-155
Heidi Goes to the PastureJohanna SpyriRobin Jacques and Ninon41:37-66
Henry and Ribsy Go FishingBeverly ClearyRobert MacLean42:125-155
Henry Huggins and RibsBeverly ClearyRichard Scarry26:124-143
HiawathaHenry Wadsworth LongfellowEdward Shenton7:1-36
Homemade Holiday Gifts and GreetingsTina LeeLuciana Roselli28:63-76
Homemade OrchestraJoseph LeemingAndy Warhol7:109-116
Horatius at the Bridge retoldJames BaldwinHenry C. Pitz15:108-116
Horse for a PrinceJames BaldwinDon Freeman26:77-83
House that Jack Built- no author listed -Leonard Weisgard8:37-44
Houses Old and NewMaud and Miska PetershamMaud and Miska Petersham2:37-44
How Morse Sent Letters by LightningSmith BurnhamRay Houlihan19:125-134
How the Camel Got His HumpRudyard KiplingFeodor Rojankovsky41:77-84
How the Rhinoceros Got His SkinRudyard KiplingNicolas1:40-44
How the Whale Got His ThroatRudyard KiplingDon Freeman15:36-44
How to Send Secret MessagesSam and Beryl EpsteinPeter Spier38:125-149
Hunt for Unburied TreasureHal BurtonPeter Spier19:135-155
Hunters from the Sky- no author listed -illustrated with photos41:117-124
I Want To Be an Animal DoctorCarla GreenePaul Galdone19:108-116
In Cactus Land- no author listed -illustrated with photos22:156-160
Injun SummerJohn T. McCutcheonPhoebe Erickson38:77-84
Insect Friends and Enemies- no author listed -illustrated with photos11:117-124
Jack and the Beanstalk editedJoseph JacobsHenry C. Pitz2:45-64
Jason and the Golden FleeceCharles KingsleyRobin Jacques30:1-44
Jerry and the Pony ExpressSanford TouseyWalter Seaton2:125-156
John Paul JonesSmith BurnhamHerman B. Vestal4:145-156
Johnny PenguinMarguerite and Dorothy BryanSeong Moy16:85-101
Joyful Poems- no author listed -Aldren A. Watson9:45-66
JumbliesEdward LearEzra Jack Keats17:100-105
Just-for-Fun PartiesFlorence HamsherBarbara Corrigan15:85-107
Keeping Our Wildlife Safe- no author listed -illustrated with photos18:117-124
Kiki DancesCharlotte SteinerCharlotte Steiner37:85-97
Kiki Goes to CampCharlotte SteinerCharlotte Steiner23:105-116
Kiki Is an ActressCharlotte SteinerCharlotte Steiner42:56-70
Kiki Loves MusicCharlotte SteinerCharlotte Steiner3:105-116
Kiki SkatesCharlotte SteinerCharlotte Steiner29:63-76
King of the Golden RiverJohn Ruskin, retold by Sara ConeRobin Jacques37:1-18
KintuElizabeth EnrightBobri23:44-76
Lad and other Sunnybank DogsAlbert Payson TerhunePhoebe Erickson25:44-91
Lad Who Went to the North WindPeter Christen Askjornsen and Jorgen Engebretsen MoeElizabeth Skilton39:149-155
Land of StorybooksRobert Louis StevensonRuth Ives18:1-3
Lassie Come-HomeEric KnightPhoebe Erickson10:1-36
Legend of the Inchcape RockJames BaldwinRichard M. Powers20:117-124
Let's Go to Arabia- no author listed -illustrated with photos38:156-160
Let's Go to Argentina- no author listed -illustrated with photos41:156-160
Let's Go to Belgium- no author listed -illustrated with photos39:156-160
Let's Go to Chile- no author listed -illustrated with photos37:156-160
Let's Go to Colombia- no author listed -illustrated with photos29:156-160
Let's Go to Five Little Countries- no author listed -illustrated with photos34:156-160
Let's Go to Germany- no author listed -illustrated with photos42:156-160
Let's Go to Greece- no author listed -illustrated with photos36:156-160
Let's Go to Iceland and Greenland- no author listed -illustrated with photos31:156-160
Let's Go to Indonesia- no author listed -illustrated with photos28:156-160
Let's Go To Israel- no author listed -illustrated with photos18:156-160
Let's Go to Pakistan- no author listed -illustrated with photos32:156-160
Let's Go to Peru- no author listed -illustrated with photos33:156-160
Let's Go to Portugal- no author listed -illustrated with photos26:156-160
Let's Go to ScandinaviaGladys Schwarczillustrated with photos40:76-85
Let's Go to the South Sea Islands- no author listed -illustrated with photos30:156-160
Let's Go To Turkey- no author listed -illustrated with photos27:156-160
Let's Look at RussiaGladys SchwarczEarl Thollander35:116-125
Let's Visit Alaska- no author listed -illustrated with photos13:156-160
Let's Visit Austria- no author listed -illustrated with photos16:156-160
Let's Visit Bermuda- no author listed -illustrated with photos21:156-160
Let's Visit Brazil- no author listed -illustrated with photos12:156-160
Let's Visit Canada- no author listed -illustrated with photos19:156-160
Let's Visit Ceylon- no author listed -illustrated with photos11:156-160
Let's Visit Ecuador- no author listed -illustrated with photos23:156-160
Let's Visit France- no author listed -illustrated with photos8:157-160
Let's Visit India- no author listed -illustrated with photos15:156-160
Let's Visit Ireland- no author listed -illustrated with photos24:156-160
Let's Visit Japan- no author listed -illustrated with photos7:157-160
Let's Visit Puerto Rico- no author listed -illustrated with photos17:156-160
Let's Visit Scotland- no author listed -illustrated with photos14:156-160
Let's Visit South Africa- no author listed -illustrated with photos9:156-160
Let's Visit Spain- no author listed -illustrated with photos10:156-160
Let's Visit Thailand- no author listed -illustrated with photos22:117-124
Let's Visit the Belgian Congo- no author listed -illustrated with photos18X:156-160
Let's Visit Yugoslavia- no author listed -illustrated with photos20:156-160
Lewis and Clark: Explorers of the Far WestSmith BurnhamEdward Shenton31:1-27
Life Along the Amazon- no author listed -illustrated with photos16:117-124
Life in the Arctic- no author listed -illustrated with photos6:117-124
Life in the Everglades- no author listed -illustrated with photos7:117-124
Life on a FarmRobert S. LemmonGarry MacKenzie13:116-140
Lightning: A Cowboy's ColtBill and Bernard MartinEdward Shenton17:28-53
Lion CubHamilton WilliamsonFeodor Rojankovsky21:38-44
Little DaylightGeorge MacDonald, retold by Sara Cone BryantRobin Jacques29:44-62
Little Eddie, Junk CollectorCarolyn HaywoodRobert MacLean39:125-135
Little FellowMarguerite HenryPhoebe Erickson34:46-65
Little Folk's PartyFlorence HamsherLuciana Roselli3:97-104
Little Heroine of ConcordLouisa May AlcottRuth Ives11:14-36
Little Known Mammals- no author listed -illustrated with photos5:77-84
Little Red Hen- no author listed -Andy Warhol15:77-84
Little Red Riding Hood- no author listed -Richard Scarry7:37-44
Little TuppenJames BaldwinLeonard Kessler28:117-124
Little Two EyesWilhelm and Jakob GrimmRobin Jacques20:102-116
Lollypops and Automobiles and How They Are MadeMary EltingLeonard Kessler2:101-115
Lost in the Apple CaveCarolyn Sherwin BaileyNinon39:63-75
Lovely TimeAudrey ChalmersPolly Jackson36:101-116
Magic FishboneCharles DickensRobin Jacques17:1-27
Magic Porridge Pot- no author listed -Andy Warhol21:77-84
Magic ShopMaurice DolbierFritz Eichenberg28:125-155
Magic Skipping RopeRose FylemanHarvey Weiss30:72-76
Man in the Manhole and the Fix-it MenJuniper SageEarl Thollander39:136-148
Man Who Didn't Wash His DishesPhyllis KrasilovskyPeter Spier12:67-76
Marco Polo's TravelsRoger DuvoisinVladimir Bobri33:1-27
Marjorie's AlmanacThomas Bailey AldrichLeonard Weisgard29:37-43
Master of All MastersJoseph JacobsAdrienne Adams40:112-116
Me and the BearsRobert BrightRobert Bright4:65-76
Michael Who Missed his TrainDorothy and Marguerite BryanGrace Paull27:45-58
Middle BearEleanor EstesPhyllis Rowand31:45-66
Mike Fink: An American Tall TaleMichael GorhamRichard Bennett23:85-104
Milly and Her DogsLena BarksdaleTheresa Sherman21:69-76
Miss Ant, Miss Grasshopper, and Mr. CricketRachel FieldPaul Galdone13:141-155
Mop TopDon Freeman41:85-92
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes- no author listed -Marguerite de Angeli39:37-44
Mother Goose Rhymes- no author listed -Leonard Weisgard1:77-84
Mouse with Bobbed WhiskersRose FylemanPaul Galdone34:117-124
Mr. A and Mr. P.Margery Williams BiancoGrace Paull19:63-74
Mr. Apple Names the ChildrenJean McDevittNinon2:65-76
Mr. MailmanJene BarrLeonard Kessler24:147-155
Mr. Murdle's Large HeartMargery Williams BiancoIrene Haas40:125-135
Mrs. Goose and her FriendsMiriam Clark PotterPaul Galdone37:98-116
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Won't-pick-up-toys CureBetty MacDonaldBurmah Burris36:61-76
Mushrooms and their Cousins- no author listed -illustrated with photos25:117-124
My Pet, PeepeloEllis CredleLloyd Goff15:125-155
Napoleon, the Corsican BoySmith BurnhamRichard Moss8:104-116
Nature in Motion- no author listed -illustrated with photos14:117-124
Nature's Hiding Secrets- no author listed -illustrated with photos4:117-124
Nature's Home Builders- no author listed -illustrated with photos33:117-124
Night Before ChristmasClement C. MooreJoseph Giordano4:77-84
NightingaleHans Christian AndersenColleen Browning39:45-62
No, No, Taffy!Jean McDevittJanina Domanska14:125-155
Noah's ArkTony PalazzoTony Palazzo36:1-36
North America's Wonderful Wildlife- no author listed -illustrated with photos29:117-124
Nutcracker and the Mouse-kingE.T.A. HoffmanLawrence Beall Smith28:34-45
Obedient Jack- no author listed -Feodor Rojankovsky38:117-124
Old Mother Goose Rhymes- no author listed -Marguerite de Angeli13:37-44
Old Mother Hubbard- no author listed -Adrienne Adams17:77-84
Old WhirlwindElizabeth CoatsworthManning de V. Lee34:85-116
Old Woman and Her Pig- no author listed -Feodor Rojankovsky14:77-84
Oldest, the Youngest, and the One in the MiddleLillian GardnerDagmar Wilson15:45-63
One Horse FarmDahlov IpcarDahlov Ipcar41:93-106
Our Nation's CapitalGladys Schwarczillustrated with photos20:76-84
Our Neighbors in Spaceilly LeyChesley Bonestell2:116-124
Our Vanishing Wildlife- no author listed -illustrated with photos15:117-124
Owl and the Pussy-Cat and Other Nonsense VersesEdward LearPaul Galdone3:69-76
Pancakes for BreakfastduplicateGrace Paull1:135-156
Pandora- no author listed -Colleen Browning35:77-84
Paul Bunyan: Hero of the Lumber WoodsWallace WadsworthRichard Bennett29:1-36
Paul Revere's RideHenry Wadsworth LongfellowLawrence Beall Smith11:1-13
Peanuts Are Not Nuts and Other Surprising FactsRobert L. Ripley10:85-91
Peary, Hero of the Great White NorthSmith BurnhamPaul Lantz20:45-57
Pedlar of SwaffhamJoseph JacobsColleen Browning24:38-44
Pege, Squire, and KnightEva March TappanVladimir Bobri40:86-102
Penny and the White HorseMarjory Collison and Margery BiancoJanina Domanska10:45-56
Pet of the MetDon and Lydia FreemanDon and Lydia Freeman35:44-60
Pete the Parakeet Finds a FriendIrma Simonton BlackHarvey Weiss20:125-155
Peter Rabbit's PrankThornton W. BurgessLeonard Weisgard32:117-124
Peterkin FamilyLucretia P. HaleLawrence Beall Smith16:1-43
Pets Around the World- no author listed -illustrated with photos39:117-124
Philadelphia: Cradle of LibertyGladys SchwarczRemy Charlip23:77-84
Picnic BasketMargery ClarkMaud and Miska Petersham31:77-84
Pied Piper of Hamelin TownSara Cone BryantLawrence Beall Smith3:1-18
Pioneer Cities of AmericaElla Gates JonesDon Sibley38:36-45
Plants to Have Fun WithMillicent E. SelsamSuzan Noguchi Swain40:103-111
Plink, Plink!Leonard and Ethel KesslerLeonard and Ethel Kessler12:101-116
Pocahontas- no author listed -Vladimir Bobri36:37-44
Poems Around the Year- no author listed -Polly Jackson14:62-76
Poems of the CityRachel FieldHarvey Weiss6:60-76
Poppy Seed CakesMargery ClarkMaud and Miska Petersham10:77-84
Post Captain: Sir Peter BombazooCharles Edward CarrylRobin Jacques19:38-44
Prehistoric Animals of North America- no author listed -illustrated with photos40:156-160
Princess and the PeaHans Christian AndersenKate Seredy9:77-84
Princess on the Glass Hill- no author listed -Lawrence Beall Smith27:59-77
Puppet PlayTina LeeManning Lee1:101-108
Puss in BootsCharles PerraultBarbara Cooney15:64-76
Pysen Goes to BluevikenEdith UnnerstadRichard Scarry29:125-155
Quiet Mother and the Noisy Little BoyCharlotte ZolotowVladimir Bobri20:85-95
Rabbits as PetsMargery Williams BiancoPhoebe Erickson21:125-141
Raggedy Andy Meets Raggedy AnnJohnny GruelleJohnny Gruelle18:85-105
Raggedy ManJames Whitcomb RileyPhoebe Erickson24:78-84
RapunzelJakob and Wilhelm GrimmLawrence Beall Smith21:58-68
Rhymes to Learn- no author listed -Harvey Weiss10:107-116
Rip Van WinkleWashington IrvingLeonard Weisgard19:1-37
Robert E. LeeSmith BurnhamRay Houlihan14:37-49
Robert Fulton and the SteamboatSmith BurnhamEdward Shenton13:107-115
Robi and Hanni in the Swiss AlpsEmma BrockPolly Jackson7:125-156
Robin HoodMary MacNabH. B. Vestal41:1-36
Robinson CrusoeDaniel DefoeEdward Shenton27:1-44
Rock-a-by LadyEugene FieldIdellete Bordigoni22:41-44
Roger and the FoxLavinia R. DavisTheresa Sherman40:52-66
Rosa-Too-LittleSue FeltNinon17:106-116
Rufus Moffat's First Day of SchoolEleanor EstesPhyllis Rowand19:85-107
RumpelstiltskinJakob and Wilhelm GrimmFritz,Kredel10:57-64
Saddler's HorseMargery Williams BiancoGrace Paull6:125-140
Salt-water 'Zoos'- no author listed -illustrated with photos31:117-124
Science Quizzes and ExperimentsJane ShermanPeter Spier30:140-155
Shawneen and the GanderRichard BennettRichard Bennett33:44-70
Shells of Land and Sea- no author listed -illustrated with photos19:117-124
Shire ColtJan and Zhenya GayPhoebe Erickson7:45-59
Shoemaker and the ElvesJakob and Wilhelm GrimmFritz Kredel6:77-84
Simple Sewing: A Doll and Her ClothesTina LeeLuciana Roselli35:106-115
Sing for Christmas- no author listed -Ruth Ives16:70-76
Singh Rajah and the Cunning Little JackalsMary FrereEdy Legrand31:37-44
Sir Francis DrakeSmith BurnhamRay Houlihan26:38-53
Sir Launcelot, Knight of the Round TableMary MacLeodHenry C. Pitz22:1-36
Sleeping BeautyJakob and Wilhelm GrimmColleen Browning13:85-94
Snipp Snapp Snurr and the Buttered BreadMaj LindmanBarbara Cooney25:125-133
Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Red ShoesMaj LindmanVirginia Parsons5:141-156
Snow White and Rose RedJakob and Wilhelm GrimmIdellete Bordigoni34:1-21
Snow White and the Seven DwarfsJakob and Wilhelm GrimmSusanne Suba4:125-144
Some Adventures of a BrownieDinah Maria MulockRobin Jacques14:1-36
Some Favorite Game Birds of Land and Water- no author listed -illustrated with photos37:117-124
Songs of NatureAlfred TennysonPolly Jackson42:45-55
Sophocles the HyenaJim MoranAndy Warhol33:85-104
Sounds We HearBeatrice Davis Hurley and Gerald S. CraigEzra Jack Keats10:92-106
Squash for the FairGrace PaullPolly Jackson22:45-55
Star-spangled BannerFrancis Scott KeyPhoebe Erickson35:36-43
Steadfast Tin SoldierHans Christian AndersenIdellete Bordigoni37:35-44
Story Book of ShipsMaud and Miska PetershamPeter Spier17:54-76
Story Book of WheelsMaud and Miska PetershamMaud and Miska Petersham8:85-103
Story of Chan YucDorothy RhoadsBobri27:125-155
Story of Early AmericaDonald Culross PeattieLeonard Weisgard6:1-36
Story of GoldMaud and Miska PetershamMaud and Miska Petersham1:85-100
Story of the First MenDonald Culross PeattieFeodor Rojankovsky7:85-108
Story of William TellJames BaldwinLawrence Beall Smith10:37-44
Straw, the Coal, and the BeanJakob and Wilhelm GrimmIdelette Bordigoni27:78-83
Streamlined Wonder WorldDavis ColeRichard M. Powers29:104-116
Sugar Plum TreeEugene FieldAdrienne Adams5:73-76
Sun Keeps Us WarmKatherine Clarke, W.R. Teeters, and Victor C. SmithGeorge Giusti12:85-100
Sword of DamoclesJames BaldwinLeonard Weisgard24:117-124
TattercoatsJoseph JacobsColleen Browning31:28-36
Ted and Nina Have a Happy Rainy DayMarguerite De AngeliRuth Ives38:59-76
Tell Me about PeopleEllen Wales WalpoleTheresa Sherman36:140-155
Tell Me About the SkyEllen Wales WalpoleJack Wolfgang Beck22:85-105
Tell Me the Time PleaseLillian J. BragdonLeonard Kessler29:85-103
Tell Me WhyEllen Wales WalpoleJudith Shahn14:99-116
Ten Little Indians- no author listed -Leonard Kessler13:77-84
Terrible Mr. TwitmeyerLilian Moore and Leone AdelsonPaul Galdone30:85-116
Theodore Roosevelt: Rough Rider President- no author listed -Ray Houlihan10a:149-155
They Sailed on the MayflowerMichael GorhamFritz Kredel15:1-35
This Amazing Planet: EarthJane ShermanGeorge Giusti18:147-155
This is Australia- no author listed -illustrated with photos1:157-160
This Is England- no author listed -illustrated with photos5:157-160
This Is Holland- no author listed -illustrated with photos2:157-160
This Is Italy- no author listed -illustrated with photos6:157-160
This Is Mexico- no author listed -illustrated with photos3:157-160
This Is Switzerland- no author listed -illustrated with photos4:157-160
Thomas Jefferson: Father of DemocracySmith BurnhamHenry Pitz41:125-133
Three Billy Goats Gruff- no author listed -Feodor Rojankovsky29:77-84
Three KingsHenry Wadsworth LongfellowRuth Ives28:77-84
Three Little Kittens- no author listed -Leonard Weisgard12:77-84
Three Little PigsJoseph JacobsRichard Scarry10:65-76
Three SeedsHester HawkesHildegarde Woodward31:130-155
Three Sillies- no author listed -Roberta MacDonald24:85-95
ThumbelinaHans Christian AndersenRoberta MacDonald16:44-69
Tim Tadpole and the Great BullfrogduplicateMarjorie Flack11:45-61
Timothy TitusBlanche ElliottNinon26:54-60
Tinder BoxHans Christian AndersenElizabeth Skilton35:61-76
Toads and DiamondsCharles PerraultAldren Watson30:117-124
Tom, the Piper's Son- no author listed -Roberta MacDonald23:38-43
Toys You Can MakeTina LeeManning Lee16:102-116
Traveling the Underground RailroadMichael GorhamPolly Jackson10:125-155
Travels of BabarJean de BrunhoffJean de Brunhoff5:37-68
Tricks to Fool Your FriendsRobert NorthLeonard Kessler41:146-155
Trip to the Pond- no author listed -illustrated with photos36:117-124
Trucks Are FunMary EltingNinon5:85-96
True Book of DinosaursMary Lou ClarkGarry MacKenzie14:85-98
True Book of HealthOlive V. HaynesHarvey Weiss41:134-145
True Book of IndiansTeri MartiniLorence T. Bjorklund28:100-116
True Book of Little EskimosDonalda McKillop CopelandEdward Shenton42:103-116
True Book of Policemen and FiremenIrene MinerHarvey Weiss11:85-99
True Book of SpaceIlla PodendorfRichard Scarry39:86-101
True Book of the CircusMabel HarmerPaul Galdone9:102-116
True Book of Tools for BuildingJerome LeavittHarvey Weiss21:142-155
True Book of Toys at WorkJohn LewellenHarvey Weiss37:125-145
Twelve Days of Christmas- no author listed -Leonard Weisgard16:77-84
Twenty Ways to Play TagBernard S. Mason and Elmer D. MitchellColleen Browning11:100-116
Ugly DucklingHans Christian AndersenBarbara Cooney3:19-36
Ulysses and the Wooden Horse of TroyJames BaldwinAldren Watson13:1-36
Ulysses S. Grant: The General Who Hated WarSmith BurnhamEdward Shenton40:143-155
Unc' Billy PossumThornton BurgessFeodor Rojankovsky26:117-123
Val Rides the Oregon TrailSanford TouseyEdward Shenton12:125-155
Valiant ChatteemakerMary FrereNicolas22:56-70
Velveteen RabbitMargery WilliamsMaurice Sendak35:85-105
Very Little GirlPhyllis KrasilovskyNinon6:37-44
Vickie and the Mixed-up TwinsCarolyn HaywoodIrene Haas24:96-116
Wait for WilliamMarjorie FlackLeonard Weisgard14:50-61
Walrus and the CarpenterLewis CarrollAldren A. Watson41:67-76
War Whoop of the Wily IroquoisMartha KellerRobert MacLean26:104-116
Water, from Reservoir to YouHerman and Nina SchneiderJack Wolfgang Beck33:105-116
We Live in AirSara E. Baldwin and Gerald S. CraigJoseph Cleary3:85-96
Weapons in Nature23:117-124
Wee Brigit O'TooleRichard and Ruth HolbergPolly Jackson39:102-116
What a Magnet Can DoSara E. Baldwin and Gerald S. CraigEzra Jack Keats1:109-116
What Eddie Brought HomeCarolyn HaywoodEzra Jack Keats9:67-76
What the Good-Man Does Is Always RightHans Christian AndersenMaurice Sendak41:107-116
When the Root Children Wake UpHelen Dean FishAldren A. Watson19:75-84
Whistle for the TrainGolden MacDonaldLeonard Weisgard25:92-101
Why Men Hunt Rocks- no author listed -illustrated with photos27:117-124
Wild SwansHans Christian AndersenColleen Browning26:1-37
Willie Goes to the HospitalPauline VinsonPauline Vinson22:106-116
Windy Wash Day and Other PoemsDorothy AldisMaurice Sendak31:85-100
Winged Horse: PegasusNathaniel HawthorneColleen Browning21:1-37
Wisdom of Five Famous MenJames BaldwinEdward Shenton37:45-65
WishesSara Cone BryantRobin Jacques40:67-75
With Alice in WonderlandLewis CarrollJohn Tenniel12:1-66
With Dorothy in OzL. Frank BaumRichard Scarry40:1-51
Wonderful Story of MosesMary MacNabRobin Jacques25:1-36
Wonderful Tar-baby and other Brer Rabbit StoriesJoel Chandler Harris, adapted by Margaret Wise BrownA.B. Frost38:1-35
Wonderful Teakettle- no author listed -Eiichi Mitsui35:126-133
World Uses ElectricitySara E. Baldwin and Gerald S. CraigGarry MacKenzie9:85-101
Wright Brothers: Pioneers of FlightArch WhitehouseHarvey Weiss36:85-100
Wynken, Blynken, and NodEugene FieldAdrienne Adams5:69-72
Yonie WondernoseMarguerite de AngeliMarguerite de Angeli3:37-68
Your Breakfast EggBenjamin C. Gruenberg and Leone AdelsonLeonard Kessler6:109-116
Your Own AquariumBarbara Henderson, Victor C. Smith and W.R. TeetersEzra Jack Keats4:100-116