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Welcome to my illustrated bibliography of all of the books in Nelson Doubleday’s Junior Deluxe Editions series, I hope it will help people to build their collections of this delightful series – but please feel free to jump down to the table at the end of the text right now if you’re only after the list of titles and don’t need the potted history that follows. Or if you only arrived here to find out if the stack of JDEs you rescued from the rats in the attic is going to make you rich, then you can head straight down to the section on valuing your books. But if you’re a book lover or collector and you’re interested in some background information, then please do hang around and read on…

Junior Deluxe Editions Set 3


The list below includes all the titles that are typically considered to be part of the series, but some of the books have been released in multiple variants at different times (e.g. Alice in Wonderland with two different illustrators) and I may be missing a few of the variants as they are harder to track down. I have images for almost all the books, although for a couple of the super rare volumes I have only small images from someone’s collection as “proof” that they are out there in the wild somewhere. If you happen to be one of those lucky people who own the ultra rare volumes which don’t yet have nice images available, and would be willing to share a photo, and/or can identify any of the missing variants, I know that many people would be incredibly grateful if you could make a note in the comments! (In fact, please feel free to use the comments section to share your love for the series – what’s your favourite volume? how did you get into collecting? how many volumes do you have so far, and are you looking for help finding a particular volume? have you discovered any other interesting tidbits of information throughout your collecting journey?)

Many people who collect this series are also interested in the Best in Children’s Books series which was also released in the 1950s through the Doubleday Book Clubs, and has a similar size and design feel to it. So, please do check out the BICB series page if you’re interested in that series as well.

Junior Deluxe Editions - Publishing History

The Junior Deluxe Editions are likely to be familiar to anyone who was a child in the 50s or 60s, or who haunt charity and second-hand book-stores keeping an eye out for cheerful-looking children’s novels. Most of the books have long since lost their dust jackets, and the brightly coloured boards with decorative images on the spines and folksy cover designs are instantly recognisable. The books were published from the early 1940s to late 1960s (mainly by Nelson Doubleday Inc) and were available through a monthly book club. 

The selection of titles are mostly classic children’s novels that are still very popular today (some have been retold for a younger audience), and several artists from the wide variety of illustrators chosen to illustrate the books went on to be quite collectible in their own right (such as Leonard Weisgard, Ezra Jack Keats and Robin Jacques): a reflection of the strong choices made by the editorial team behind the books. The books unfortunately do not credit their endpaper or cover designers, but the look is quite consistent, and a manuscript note inside Ezra Jack Keat’s copy of Peterkin Papers indicates that art direction and book design for that volume was by Diana Klemin (see Ezra Jack Keats: A Bibliography and Catalogue. She was presumably also responsible for other volumes, since there is also correspondence from her in the Sherlock archives, for example). Diana was an experienced art director, and author of the book The Art of Art for Children’s Books.

Junior Deluxe Editions set 2

A complete list of titles for collectors has long been elusive due to the slightly muddled history of the development and production of the series, and I have put together this list following many years of research. The earliest volumes in the series started life at the Doubleday’s subsidiary press in Garden City, NY. In the early 1900s, NYC company Doubleday Page & Co were one of America’s premier publishers of books and magazines, and they urgently needed more space. One of the first firms to move to the suburbs, they decided to purchase a parcel of land along the railway in Garden City to house their subsidiary Country Life Press, and a new station was built especially to serve them in 1911. This helped them to develop distribution channels that revolutionised the publishing industry – families that had previously only had access to newspapers and magazines suddenly started bringing books into their homes. Doubleday spent generously in the area around this new press, building wonderful gardens around the printing plant and the Franklin Mews for its workers, as well as large homes for supervisors and executives, and Garden City consequently became one of America’s first corporate towns. The first “proto-” Junior Deluxe Editions were published under the Country Life Press / Garden City imprint in the late 30s and early 40s.

Junior Deluxe Editions advert 1

Initially producing 6,500 books per day, that figure had grown to 115,000 books by 1945, at which time Doubleday was the largest publisher in the US, with annual sales of over 30 million books. Some of this growth had been spurred by the mail order subscription ‘book club’ model that was first introduced to the company by Nelson Doubleday in the 1920s. Garden City’s early books were actually primarily reprints of books first offered by Doubleday, printed from the original plates but on less expensive paper.

The earliest volumes in the Junior Deluxe Editions series were therefore not yet marketed as part of a standalone series, but were rather reprints of other publications in the Doubleday stable that were specially marketed as affordable but beautiful special “Junior De Luxe Editions” (yes, the space in “de luxe” is used in the earliest volumes) on the title page. For example, several of these volumes were taken from the ‘Rainbow Classics’ series under the World Publishing Company imprint from NY, simply dropping the introductions, and adding the text “Garden City, New York, Junior De Luxe Editions” to the title or fly leaf. Some of these early volumes did not feature the JDE title on the spine, nor list it as the publishing house on the copyright page (as do the ‘main’ books later in the series), and are identifiable only by the title page text, but as the series developed these recognisable features began to appear.

As the books started to gain popularity, the books started to be grouped into a series that was initially marketed as the “Doubleday Classics” on the dust jackets, including Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-GlassHeidiBlack Beauty and some of the fairy tale collections. Later, this was renamed the “Doubleday Junior Classics,” and finally the “Junior Deluxe Editions” label that is so familiar today. Many of these early titles would later go on to be reprinted as part of the main series with different covers (and sometimes even different illustrators) – and this adds significant confusion when preparing a ‘definitive’ list of publications. For example, the slideshow below showcases some of the various ways Black Beauty has changed over the years in the series.

The advert pictured below explains how members were asked to commit to at least six books a year (the introductory first three costing only 10c in total), while the flyer above (kindly shared by krakencrafts via flickr) shows how members were able to swap out the monthly featured book for a variety of alternate selections (or order additional books, if they were so inclined). Now-grown children whose families collected the books for them recall using stickers with the names of the books on them to make the orders when they sent them in. Each new book in the series was advertised via a monthly ‘introduction to next month’s featured selection’ leaflet sent out with the preceding month’s release (photo below snagged from ebay).

Junior Deluxe Editions flyer c1956

What are my Junior Deluxe Editions worth?

I’m sure at least some of you happened upon this page because you inherited a cache of books from your grandparents and you just want to know what you can get for them. Bad news first – whilst this series is beloved by many and collections look adorable on the shelf, most book club editions are typically valued quite poorly by collectors, and JDE books are no exception to this (mind you, this is of course excellent news for collectors, as you can easily build up a lovely looking collection of nostalgia without breaking the bank). 

Many of the books in the series are very common and can still be found easily and cheaply second hand across the US, in charity shops or second hand stores and online (and the list below includes links to see which books are currently available online in case that’s helpful for you). 

Junior Deluxe Editions advertising leaflets | visit beautifulbooks.info for more...

The good news for sellers is that books with dust jackets are much more uncommon and can certainly command higher prices if they are in good condition. Copies of Alice in WonderlandThrough the Looking-Glass and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are also usually priced higher than other volumes, since JDE collectors are competing with other people who specifically collect either Lewis Carroll or Roald Dahl works in any edition for these works. However, by far the most valuable books in the series are those earliest releases, which are really quite rare (presumably because the subscriber base started out much smaller), and collectors may well be willing to part with a decent amount of cash to be able to complete their collection for these scarce volumes. The rarest volume of all is The Rainbow Book of Bible Stories, while others that can command high prices include Don QuixoteThe Hunchback of Notre DameThe SpyAn Old Fashioned GirlPride and Prejudice, The Man in the Iron Mask, and Fairy Tales (the rare version is the one not specifically titled as being by Grimm or Andersen). People who collect variant copies are also likely to be interested in (and willing to pay more for) the early editions of any books which were later reprinted, since they have different cover designs, and sometimes even different illustrators.

Complete list of Junior Deluxe Editions

You can sort the list below by title, author, year, etc. Happy hunting!

Note: A couple of the images in the table below were kindly provided by Jeff Boyd via Flickr. He also has a nice album of frontispieces, if you’d like to go check it out. Most of the others were sourced from private collections, with a few of the low resolution pictures of very rare items snagged from online auctions.

Spine / CoverTitleAuthorIllustratorNotes / Dust JacketYear
JDE A Wrinkle in Time FULL CoverA Wrinkle In TimeMadeleine L' Engle(None)JDE Cover A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine LEngle DJ1962
JDE Abe Lincoln Grows Up Carl Sandburg FULL CoverAbe Lincoln Grows UpCarl SandburgAl SchmidtJDE Cover Abe Lincoln Grows Up DJ1954
JDE Adventures of Huckleberry Finn FULL grey cover

JDE Adventures of Huckleberry Finn FULL yellow cloth cover

JDE Adventures of Huckleberry Finn FULL cover original cloth2
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Variant editions with different illustrators.
Mark TwainBaldwin Hawes
OR Richard M. Powers
Junior Deluxe Editions The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain DJ

JDE Adventures of Huckleberry Finn OLD ED FULL cover
1954 (Powers)
c1950 (Hawes)
JDE Adventures of Tom Sawyer FULL new cover

JDE Adventures of Tom Sawyer FULL blue cloth cover

JDE Adventures of Tom Sawyer FULL OLD cover
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Variant editions with different illustrators.
Mark TwainLouis Slobodkin
OR Richard M. Powers
JDE Tom Sawyer 1954 DJ FIXED Cover

JDE Adventures of Tom Sawyer FULL blank cover
1954 (Powers)
c1950 (Slobodkin)
JDE Aesops Fables FULL coverAesop's Fables

Aesop, translated by George Fyler TownsendMurray TinkelmanJunior Deluxe Editions Aesops Fables DJ1968
JDE Alice in Wonderland Tenniel FULL cover

JDE Alice in Wonderland Jackson FULL cover
Alice in Wonderland

Variant editions with different illustrators.
Lewis CarrollJohn Tenniel
OR A.E. Jackson
Junior Deluxe Editions Alice DJ

JDE Alice c1954 Tenniel DJ Cover v2
1950 (Jackson)
1954 (Tenniel)
JDE All the Mowgli Stories FULL later green cover

JDE All the Mowgli Stories FULL dark green cover

JDE All the Mowgli Stories FULL old cover
All the Mowgli StoriesRudyard KiplingRichard M. Powers
OR Kurt Wiese
Junior Deluxe Editions All The Mowgli Stories 1956 DJ 1956
JDE An Old Fashioned Girl FULL coverAn Old Fashioned GirlLouisa May AlcottNettie Weber
JDE Andersens Fairy Tales FULL cover

JDE Andersens Fairy Tales FULL green cloth cover
Andersen's Fairy TalesHans Christian AndersenLeonard WeisgardJunior Deluxe Editions Andersens Fairy Tales DJ 1 1956
JDE Animal Stories FULL coverAnimal Stories: Tales of the Old PlantationJoel Chandler HarrisEzra Jack Keats1954
JDE Around the World in Eighty Days FULL coverAround the World in Eighty DaysJules Verne, translated by Mercier LewisRobin Jacques1964
JDE At the Back of the North Wind FULL coverAt the Back of the North WindGeorge MacDonaldColleen Browning JDE At the Back of the North Wind DJ FIXED Cover1956 (Browning)
JDE Bambi FULL coverBambiFelix SaltenGirard GoodenowJunior Deluxe Editions Bambi 1956 DJ1956
JDE Bible Stories for Young Readers FULL coverBible Stories for Young Readers

Adapted from "The greatest story ever told" and "The greatest book ever written" by Fulton Oursler
April Oursler ArmstrongJules GotliebJDE Bible Stories DJ website FIXED Cover1956
JDE Big Red FULL coverBig RedJim KjelgaardShannon StirnweisJunior Deluxe Editions Big Red DJ1966
JDE The Big Wave FULL coverThe Big Wave and Other StoriesPearl S. BuckJoseph E. Grey Junior Deluxe Editions The Big Wave 1950 DJ 1950
JDE Black Arrow FULL light green cover

JDE Black Arrow Green Cloth FULL cover
The Black Arrow: A Tale of The Two RosesRobert Louis StevensonLawrence Beall SmithJDE Black Arrow 1954 DJ1954
JDE Black Beauty FULL OLDER cover

JDE Black Beauty alt spine FULL cover

JDE Black Beauty Country Life FULL cover
Black Beauty

Variant editions with different illustrators.
Anna SewellWalter Seaton
OR Wesley Dennis
JDE Cover Black Beauty Anna Sewell 1950s DJ

JDE Black Beauty 1954 DJ FIXED Cover

Doubleday JDE Black Beauty FULL cover
Doubleday precursor
1950 (Dennis)
1954 (Seaton)
JDE The Black Stallion FULL coverThe Black StallionWalter FarleyKeith WardJDE The Black Stallion DJ FIXED Cover1941
JDE Blue Fairy Book FULL coverThe Blue Fairy Book: Selected Tales from the Collection

Andrew LangJim SpanfellerJDE Blue Fairy Book DJ FIXED Cover

(For more beautiful editions of the fairy books by Andrew Lang see the Folio Society Fairy Book collection and also the original bindings - both sets are completely stunning!)
JDE Captains Courageous FULL blue cover

JDE Captains Courageous FULL ecru cover
Captains CourageousRudyard KiplingLawrence Beall SmithJunior Deluxe Editions Captains Corageous DJ

JDE Captain Courageous FULL blank cover2
JDE Charlie and the Chocolate Factory FULL coverCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryRoald DahlJoseph SchindelmanJunior Deluxe Editions Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DJ 1964
JDE Charlottes Web FULL coverCharlotte's Web

Two editions published by Harper & Row, but only one is marked JDE on the spine.
E.B. WhiteGarth WilliamsJunior Deluxe Editions Charlottes Web DJ1952
JDE Christmas Stories FULL pink cover

JDE Christmas Stories FULL green cover

JDE Christmas Stories FULL old cover
Christmas StoriesCharles DickensWalter SeatonJDE Christmas Stories Charles Dickens FIXED DJ1955
JDE Daniel Boone green FULL cover

JDE Daniel Boone green cloth FULL cover

JDE Daniel Boone FULL OLD cover lo res
Daniel Boone: Wilderness ScoutStewart Edward WhiteHenry C. Pitz OR James DaughteryJunior Deluxe Editions Daniel Boone 1957 DJ

JDE Daniel Boone Black DJ
JDE Davy Crockett FULL blue cover

JDE Davy Crockett Red Cloth FULL cover
Davy CrockettConstance RourkeWalter Seaton1956
JDE Don Quixote FULL coverDon Quixote of the Mancha

Edward Abbott ParryWalter Crane1954
JDE East o the Sun and West o the Moon FULL coverEast O' the Sun and West O' the Moon: Norwegian Folk TalesPeter Christen AsbjornsenWalter Seaton1957
JDE Eight Cousins FULL pink

JDE Eight Cousins FULL grey

JDE Eight Cousins FULL old
Eight Cousins

Variant editions with different illustrators.
Louisa May AlcottC.B. Falls
OR Ruth Ives
Junior Deluxe Editions Eight Cousins 1956 DJ1958
JDE Fairy Tales Hans Andersen FULL old coverFairy Tales

Hans Christian AndersenJean O’NeillNote that this is a different selection of tales and illustrations to those included in the later (more common) volume titled "Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales".c.1940s
JDE Family Treasury Book 1 FULL cover

The Family Treasury of Children's Stories Book OnePauline Rush EvansDonald Sibley1956
JDE Family Treasury Book 2 FULL coverThe Family Treasury of Children's Stories Book TwoPauline Rush EvansDonald Sibley1956
JDE Family Treasury Book 3 FULL coverThe Family Treasury of Children's Stories Book ThreePauline Rush EvansDonald Sibley1956
JDE Five Little Peppers FULL yellow cover

JDE Five Little Peppers FULL blue cover

JDE Five Little Peppers FULL old red spine lo res
Five Little PeppersMargaret SidneyBarbara Cooney
OR Nettie Weber
JDE Five Little Peppers DJ FIXED Cover1954
JDE Freckles green spine FULL cover

JDE Freckles blue spine FULL cover
FrecklesGene Stratton-PorterElizabeth Hewlett CapeheartJDE Freckles DJ cover fixed1956
JDE Goodbye Mr Chips FULL coverGood-Bye, Mr. ChipsJames HiltonOrin KinkadeJunior Deluxe Editions Goodbye Mr Chips DJ1962
JDE Grimms Fairy Tales FULL green cover

JDE Grimms Fairy Tales FULL Old pink cover
Grimm's Fairy TalesBrothers GrimmLeonard WeisgardJunior Deluxe Editions Grimms Fairy Tales DJ

Junior Deluxe Editions Grimms Fairy Tales 1954 DJ
JDE Gullivers Travels FULL red cover

JDE Gullivers Travels FULL old green cover
Gulliver's TravelsJonathan SwiftLeonard Weisgard OR Richard M PowersJDE Gullivers Travels Weisgar dj updated

Junior Deluxe Editions Gullivers Travels 1944 DJ

JDE Hans brinker FULL green cover

JDE Hans brinker FULL old black cover
Hans Brinker or the Silver SkatesMary Mapes DodgePaul Galdone
OR Peter Hurd
Junior Deluxe Editions Hans Brinker DJ 1954
Junior Deluxe Editions Harriet the SpyHarriet the SpyLouise FitzhughLouise FitzhughJunior Deluxe Editions Harriet the Spy DJ 1964
JDE Heart of a Dog FULL grey cover

JDE Heart of a Dog FULL old red cover
The Heart of a Dog

Two variants with illustrations by different artists.
Albert Payson TerhuneGirard Goodenow OR Marguerite KirmseJDE Heart of a Dog Albert Payson Terhune DJ Cover1957
JDE Heidi FULL blue cover

JDE Heidi FULL old red cover
HeidiJohanna Spyri, translated by Louise BrooksRoberta MacDonald
OR Maud & Mishka Petersham
Junior Deluxe Editions Doubleday Classics 1954 Heidi

doubleday classics heidi 1954 dj FIXED
Junior Deluxe Editions Heroic Age of Modern InventionThe Heroic Age of American Invention: 32 Men Who Made the Modern American EraL. Sprague de Camp(none)*Although published by Doubleday (JDE not listed on the DJ), this book was still advertised as one of the selections in the JDE series.1960
JDE The Hunchback of Notre Dame FULL coverThe Hunchback of Notre DameVictor HugoRare.1954
JDE Jack and Jill FULL pink cover

JDE Jack and Jill FULL green cover

JDE Jack and Jill FULL grey cover

JDE Jack and Jill OLD FULL cover
Jack and JillLouisa May AlcottRuth IvesJDE Jack and Jill DJ website FIXED Cover1957
JDE Jos Boys FULL pink cover

JDE Jos Boys FULL yellow cover
Jo's BoysLouisa May AlcottRuth IvesUncommon.1957
JDE Kidnapped FULL old green cover

JDE Kidnapped FULL green cover
KidnappedRobert Louis StevensonTom O'Sullivan
OR Manning de V Lee
Junior Deluxe Editions Kidnapped DJ1954
JDE Kim FULL grey yellow cover

JDE Kim FULL grey red cover

JDE Kim FULL yellow cover
KimRudyard KiplingRichard M. Powers
Two variants with illustrations by different artists.1958
JDE King Arthur FULL red blue cover

JDE King Arthur FULL light blue cover
King Arthur and His Knights Henry FrithColleen BrowningJunior Deluxe Editions King Arthur 1955 DJ1955
JDE Lassie Come Home FULL coverLassie Come HomeEric KnightLilian ObligadoJunior Deluxe Editions Lassie Come Home 1964 DJ1964
JDE Little Duke FULL coverThe Little Duke: Richard the FearlessCharlotte YongeTom O'Sullivan1955
JDE Little Lame Prince FULL yellow cover

JDE Little Lame Prince FULL grey cover 1

JDE The Little Lame Prince OLD FULL cover
The Little Lame Prince and the Adventures of a BrownieDinah Maria Mulock CraikColleen Browning
OR Jon Nielsen
JDE Little Lame Prince DJ cover lo res1956
JDE Little Lord Fauntleroy FULL blue cover

JDE Little Lord Fauntleroy FULL grey cover
Little Lord FauntleroyFrances Hodgson BurnettPeter Spier1954
JDE Little Men FULL blue cover

JDE Little Men FULL yellow cover

JDE Little Men FULL old red cover
Little MenLouisa May AlcottRuth Ives
OR Hilda van Stockum
JDE Little Men DJ website FIXED Cover1955
JDE Little Women FULL yellow grey cover

JDE Little Women FULL red cover

Little WomenLouisa May AlcottReisie LonetteJDE Little Women DJ Cover

JDE Little Women illus Lonette DJ alt
JDE The Man in the Iron Mask FULL coverThe Man in the Iron MaskAlexandre Dumas(none)Rare1954
JDE Marco Polo FULL grey coverMarco PoloManuel KomroffRobin JacquesJunior Deluxe Editions Marco Polo 1952 DJ1966
JDE Misty of Chincoteague FULL coverMisty of ChincoteagueMarguerite HenryDon BologneseJDE Misty of Chincoteague FIXED DJ cover1947
JDE My Friend Flicka FULL red coverMy Friend FlickaMary O'HaraDon SibleyJunior Deluxe Editions My Friend Flicka DJ 1941
JDE Myths Every Child Should Know FULL green cover

JDE Myths Every Child Should Know FULL green cloth cover

JDE Myths Every Child Should Know FULL old red cover
Myths Every Child Should Know Hamilton Wright MabieColleen Browning OR Mary Hamilton FryeJDE Myths Every Child Should Know DJ FIXED1955
JDE National Velvet FULL blue coverNational VelvetEnid BagnoldEarle B. WinslowJDE National Velvet DJ Fixed1958
JDE Oliver Twist FULL grey coverOliver Twist Charles DickensLawrence Beall SmithJunior Deluxe Editions Oliver Twist 1956 DJ 1956
JDE Penrod Sam blue FULL green cover

JDE Penrod Sam blue FULL yellow cover lo res

JDE Penrod and Sam Full blue cover
Penrod and SamBooth TarkingtonGordon Grant1956
JDE Peter Pan FULL coverPeter PanJ.M. BarrieNora S. UnwinJDE Peter Pan dj1950
JDE The Peterkin Papers FULL pink cover

JDE The Peterkin Papers FULL yellow cover

JDE Peterkin Papers FULL green Cover
The Peterkin PapersLucretia P. HaleEzra Jack KeatsJunior Deluxe Editions The Peterkin Papers 1955 DJ1950
JDE Pinocchio normal FULL cover

JDE Pinocchio empty FULL cover

JDE Pinocchio Old FULL cover
The Adventures of PinocchioCarlo CollodiRoberta MacDonaldJunior Deluxe Editions Pinocchio 1955 DJ 1955
JDE Pride Prejudice FULL pink cover

JDE Pride Prejudice FULL old yellow cover
Pride and PrejudiceJane AustenEdgard CirclinRare.1954
JDE Prince and the Pauper FULL yellow blue cover

JDE Prince and the Pauper FULL fixed purple cover

JDE The Prince and the Pauper OLD FULL cover fixed
The Prince and the PauperMark TwainPeter SpierJDE Prince and the Pauper DJ1954
JDE Profiles in Courage FULL coverProfiles in CourageJohn F. KennedyEmil WeissJunior Deluxe Editions Profiles in Courage

aka the "Young Readers Memorial Edition"
JDE Rainbow Book of Bible Stories FULL low res coverThe Rainbow Book of Bible Stories

Very rare.
Lamberton BeckerHilda Van Stockumc1940s
JDE Rip van Winkle FULL blue cover

JDE Rip van Winkle FULL grey cover
Rip Van Winkle & Other StoriesWashington IrvingSusanne SubaJunior Deluxe Editions Rip Van Winkle 1955 DJ

JDE Rip van Winkle FULL BLANK cover
JDE Robin Hood Pyle FULL cover

JDE Robin Hood Gilbert FULL cover

JDE Robin Hood Gilbert Frank Godwin old boards
Robin Hood

Two abridgements available by different authors.
Howard Pyle OR Henry GilbertHoward Pyle
OR Frank Godwin
Junior Deluxe Editions Robin Hood DJ

JDE Robin Hood Pyle DJ
JDE Robinson Crusoe FULL yellow cover

JDE Robinson Crusoe FULL early cover
Robinson Crusoe

Two variants with illustrations by different artists.
Daniel DefoeFritz Kredel
OR Noel Pocock
Junior Deluxe Editions Robinson Crusoe DJ 1945

JDE Sherlock Holmes FULL cover

JDE Sherlock Holmes FULL very old cover
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Two variants with illustrations by different artists.
Arthur Conan DoyleRichard M. Powers OR Charlotte Ross1956
JDE The Spy FULL coverThe SpyJames Fenimore CooperRare.
JDE Stories from Dickens FULL pink cover

JDE Stories from Dickens FULL green cover

JDE Stories from Dickens FULL grey cover
Stories From DickensCharles Dickens, edited by J Walker McSpaddenSusanne Suba1957
JDE Stories from the Arabian Nights FULL green cover

JDE Stories from the Arabian Nights FULL grey cover

JDE Stories from the Arabian Nights FULL OLD cover
Stories From the Arabian NightsLaurence HousmanGirard Goodenow
OR Edmund Dulac
Junior Deluxe Editions Stories from the Arabian Nights 1955 DJ 1955
JDE Story of a Bad Boy FULL coverThe Story of a Bad BoyThomas Bailey AldrichRoberta MoynihanUncommon.1956
JDE Doctor Dolittle FULL coverThe Story of Doctor DolittleHugh LoftingHugh Lofting OR Murray TinkelmanJunior Deluxe Editions Doctor Dolittle 1948 DJ

Junior Deluxe Editions Doctor Dolittle DJ Alt
JDE Swiss Family Robinson FULL yellow red cover

JDE Swiss Family Robinson FULL old yellow cover

JDE Swiss Family Robinson FULL old blue cover

JDE Swiss Family Robinson FULL old patterned cover
Swiss Family RobinsonJohann David WyssFritz Kredel
OR T. H. Robinson
Junior Deluxe Editions Swiss Family Robinson 1954 DJ

Junior Deluxe Editions Swiss Family Robinson DJ
JDE Tales from Shakespeare FULL green cover

JDE Tales from Shakespeare FULL teal cover

JDE Tales from Shakespeare FULL black cover

JDE Tales from Shakespeare FULL old cover
Tales from ShakespeareCharles & Mary LambLeonard Weisgard OR
Fritz Kredel
JDE Tales from Shakespeare DJ fixed1955
JDE Through the Looking glass FULL blue cover

Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found ThereLewis CarrolJohn TennielJDE Through the Looking Glass DJ

Doubleday Classics Through the Looking Glass FULL cover
JDE Toby Tyler FULL green cover

JDE Toby Tyler FULL yellow cover

JDE Toby Tyler FULL old cover
Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks With a CircusJames OtisLeonard Weisgard
OR Louis S. Glanzman
JDE Toby Tyler DJ cover1958
JDE treasure island FULL yellow Cover

JDE Treasure Island FULL yellow old cover

JDE treasure island dulac
Treasure IslandRobert Louis StevensonHenry C. Pitz
OR Edmund Dulac
JDE Treasure Island 1950s DJ Cover

JDE Treasure Island DJ green cover
JDE Twenty Thousand Leagues Jules Verne FULL Cover

JDE Twenty Thousand Leagues Jules Verne FULL Cover Green

JDE Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea OLD Wiese FULL cover
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaJules VerneHenry C. Pitz
OR Kurt Wiese
Junior Deluxe Editions Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea 1956 DJ 1956
JDE Two Years Before the Mast FULL dark green cover

JDE Two Years Before the Mast FULL pale blue cover

JDE Two Years before the Mast Robert Frankenberg OLD FULL cover
Two Years Before the Mast Richard Henry Dana, Jr.Alexander Dobkin
OR Robert Frankenberg
JDE Under the Lilacs pink FULL cover

JDE Under the Lilacs purple FULL cover

JDE Under the Lilacs Ruth Ives OLD FULL cover
Under the LilacsLouisa May AlcottRuth Ives1954
JDE Water Babies FULL coverThe Water-BabiesCharles KingsleyRoberta MacDonald1954
JDE Wind in the Willows FULL coverThe Wind In the WillowsKenneth GrahameTasha TudorJunior Deluxe Editions The Wind in the Willows DJ 1966
JDE Wizard of Oz FULL coverThe Wizard of OzL. Frank BaumLeonard WeisgardJDE The Wizard of Oz DJ fixed Cover1954
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