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Collecting Alice in Wonderland: Spinoffs & Gifts

The Illustrated Alice Bibliography: Part 4

This section of the illustrated Alice book bibliography has a collection of fun Alice-inspired spin-off books and series, as well as a collection of gifts and trinkets for your entertainment. (Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3 have reviews of the prettiest illustrated editions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass books, Page 5 has foreign editions, and the bookshelf tour has a video of my own collection).

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Alice Spin-off Stories

return to wonderland cover

Return to Wonderland (Macmillan, 9781529006858,

A collection of original tales set in Wonderland. Authors include Peter Bunzl, Pamela Butchart, Maz Evans, Swapna Haddow, Patrice Lawrence, Chris Smith, Robin Stevens, Lauren St John, Lisa Thompson, Piers Torday and Amy Wilson.

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wonderland anthology oregan kane

Wonderland: An Anthology edited by Marie O’Regan and Paul Kane (Titan, 9781789091489, 2019)

A collection of short stories inspired by Wonderland. Authors include Jane Yolen, Robert Shearman, MR Carey, Genevieve Cogman, Cavan Scott, Juliet Marillier, Jonathan Green, George Mann, Angela Slatter, Rio Youers, Catriona Ward, Laura Mauro, LL McKinney, James Lovegrove, Lilith Saintcrow, Alison Littlewood, Cat Rambo, and Mark Chadbourn.

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marissa meyer heartless

Heartless by Marissa Meyer (Feiwel & Friends, 978125004465, 2016)

A retelling of the early life of the Queen of Hearts, in which Catherine, a talented baker, falls in love with Jest the mysterious court joker at the risk of offending the King of Hearts.

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colleen oakes queen of hearts

Queen of Hearts series by Colleen Oakes (Book 1: Harper Teen, 9780062409720, 2016)

A prequel of sorts, telling the story of the queen’s rise to power. She starts as the princess Dinah, a young girl longing for love and security, and through cruel court politics and betrayal, ends up as the paranoid dictator we know so well. Volumes include Queen of Hearts, Blood of Wonderland and War of the Cards. (Hardback editions have cute hidden covers under the dust jacket.)

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alice christina henry us

The Chronicles of Alice series by Christina Henry (Book 1: Ace, 9780425266793, 2015)

A dark reimagining, which starts with Alice in an insane asylum, who travels travels to dangerous wonderland. Includes Alice, Red Queen and Looking Glass. (Note that the US and UK editions have different cover art.)

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gregory maguire after alice

After Alice by Gregory Maguire (William Morror, 9780060548957, 2015)

The novel opens with Alice falling down the rabbit hole, but this time, her friend Ada tumbles in after her. We follow Ada as she tries to catch up with Alice underground; meanwhile, Lydia, Alice’s sister, tries to find Alice in the real world. (US and UK have different covers.) 

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howard splintered

Splintered by AG Howard (Harry N. Abrams, 9781419704284, 2013)

Alyssa Gardner is the descendant of Alice Liddell, the girl that inspired the fictional Alice. The women in her family have always been touched; Alyssa’s mother was institutionalized, her gifts driving her to madness. But Alyssa is taken into Wonderland by a man called Morpheus and charged to perform a series of tasks that will correct the mistakes of the original Alice Liddell. 

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gena showalter alice in zombieland

White Rabbit Chronicles series by Gena Showalter (Book 1: Harlequin Teen, 9780373210589, 2012)

A bit of an Alice /high school drama mashup. Alice’s whole family is killed in a car accident, and, newly orphaned, she must move to a new school. Her father always believed in zombies, which in this world are incorporeal soul-eaters, and it seems he was right. Includes Alice in Zombieland, Through the Zombie Glass and The Queen of Zombie Hearts.

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bryan talbot alice in sunderland

Alice in Sunderland by Bryan Talbot (Dark Horse, 9781593076733, 2007)

Explores the links between Lewis Carroll and the Sunderland area, with wider themes of history, myth and storytelling.

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frank beddor looking glass wars

The Looking Glass Wars series by Frank Beddor (SPeak, 9780142409411, 2007)

Depicts an alternative to Carroll’s Alice, implying that Carroll in fact distorted the story of Princess Alyss Heart (a.k.a. Alice Liddell) who had been sent to Earth when the evil Queen Redd conquered Wonderland. Includes The Looking Glass Wars, Seeing Red and Arch-Enemy

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tad willams otherland vol 1 city golden shadow

Otherland series by Tad Williams (1998)

Science fiction series that includes sections involving a Red Queen, the chess-squares concept, and evil Tweedledum and Tweedledee stalkers. There are four volumes in the series: City of Golden ShadowRiver of Blue FireMountain of Black Glass; and Sea of Silver Light.

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jeff noon automated alice

Automated Alice by Jeff Noon (1996)

A third book in a series of misadventures for Alice, she is thrown from the Victorian age into 1998 Manchester, where she encounters mutant hybrids, sinister gameplay, chaos theory, a robo-Alice, quantum physics, computermites, jigsaw killers, tickling vurt feathers, puzzle poems and an invisible cat called Quark.

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barbieri alice oracle cards

Alice in Wonderland Oracle
Llewellyn, 9780738779195, 2024

LlewllynBased on the illustrated book, Barbieri reinterprets Alice as a teenager, using the cards to portray her adventures and give you inspiration from the characters and lessons she encounters.

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disney alice tarot cards box

Disney Alice Tarot Cards
Insight Editions, 9781647224813, 2022

A Disney take on an Alice tarot deck with 78 tarot cards featuring characters from Alice to the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit with original illustrations based on classic tarot iconography. Includes a guide book as well.

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alice wonderland jigsaw ryder

Alice’s Wonderland Jigsaw
Hercules, 9781786279491, 2021

Go down the rabbit hole and create your own adventures in Wonderland with this curiouser and curiouser 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Includes fold-out poster with accompanying facts.

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lacombe alice jeu de cartes

Alice – Le Jeu de cartes [French]

A gorgeous card game with 52 Alice illustrated cards.

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Alice Macmillan Alice Card Pack

Macmillan Alice Pack of Cards

This fabulous deck of fifty-two large size Alice in Wonderland-themed playing cards feature Tenniel’s iconic images from the original books. They are gorgeous and absolutely worth the money.

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alice wonderland oracle

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith

A whimsical card deck inspired by Alice’s most famous insights and adventures, with messages to help you find your way through the rabbit holes, labyrinths, pools of tears, mad tea-parties and unjust courts of life.

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alice in wonderland card game

Alice in Wonderland Card Game by Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith

A reprint of “Alice in Wonderland” card game published by Thomas De la Rue & Co. Ltd in 1898 from The State Hermitage Museum Collection.

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leather flame tree alice journal

Artisan Art Alice Journal

A Flame Tree journal with stencilled page edges, two ribbons and lined pages.

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foiled alice journal zemanek

Foiled Alice Journal

Foiled cover design by Jenny Zemanek, with lined pages, a pocket at the back for scraps and receipts, and two ribbon markers.

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lacombe alice carrousel

Alice – Le Caroussel [French]

Six sumptuous pop-up paintings of emblematic scenes from Lacombe’s illustrated versions of the two Alice novels, from Alice’s fall to the bottom of the burrow that will lead her to wonderland, to a game of animated cards.

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alice jabberwocky pendant

Jabberwocky Pendant

This cute handmade silver pendant features a detailed scene fighting off the Jabberwock with a vorpal sword by the Tumtum tree. The artist has quite a few different Alice themed necklaces, but this one is my favorite.

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alice chromosphere necklace

Through the Looking Glass Chromosphere Necklace

This much cheaper necklace is a replica of the “Chronosphere” from Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass. The center sphere can spin and the metallic outer elements rotate, just like the one seen in the movie. It even has a miniature rotating Alice figure inside the translucent globe. Note that this one is more of a toy than quality jewellery.

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alice cheshire cat pendant

Alice and the Cheshire Cat Pendant

This stunning handmade silver pendant has detailed engraving on both the front and back of the design, featuring Alice talking to the grinning Cheshire Cat. An absolute work of art.

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alice vera bradley bag

Vera Bradley Alice in Wonderland Tote Bag

High quality quilted fabric for this bag features a Disney ‘painting the roses’ pattern in a striking red, black and white design. Very spacious and has lots of extra pockets and zips.

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alice signare bag

Signare Tapestry Alice in Wonderland Shoulder Bag

A less expensive option is the Signare bag. The tapestry design for this bag includes motifs of many characters in the story including the Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat,  Mad Hatter, and – of course – Alice herself (featured here in a red dress). These bags run on the small side, so make sure you read the specifications before purchasing.

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alice in wonderland sophie allport

Sophie Allport limited edition homewares

This limited edition collection was created to commemorate the 150th anniversary in 2015 and uses artwork based on the colored illustrations in the Macmillan editions by John Tenniel. It includes stationery, textiles and fine bone china, as well a selection of children’s accessories. It’s delightful!

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alice va cake stand

Victoria & Albert Cake Stand

A quirky 3-tier cake stand topped with a teacup, with fine china plates forming the tiers. It even comes in a cute “pull me” package, where you pull the tab to reveal the contents. Matching mugs, cake stands, teapots and other kitchenware are also available.

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alice talking tables treat stand

Talking Tables Alice Party Supplies

Talking Tables make a large selection of Alice party supplies based on the original Tenniel illustrations (which is a nice change, as most other supplies are Disney-based). I love the cupcake stand, but there are also many other fun things to choose from, including “drink me” glasses, bunting, signage, and other goodies.

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alice cross stitch

Alice Cross-Stitch by Paper Moon

Cross Stitch recreations of John Tenniel’s original artwork for Alice in Wonderland. Various designs available.

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