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The Illustrated Alice Bibliography, Part 5: Alice in Translation

This page is a continuation of the illustrated bibliography of Alice in Wonderland editions – here I’ve included a variety of some of the most beautiful non-English editions. Special thanks to @semperluxus on Instagram who introduced me to many of these editions – you should check out her feed where she shares lots of photos of interesting editions in multiple languages! 

Earlier pages of this bibliography focus on English editions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass books (Page 1 has contemporary editions, Page 2 covers 1970-2010, and Page 3 are vintage editions, Page 4 has some fun Alice-inspired series spin-offs and gift ideas, and the bookshelf tour has a video of my own collection).

Alice in Translation

Alice au pays des merveilles [French]

Illustrated by Aurélie Castex, translated by Patrice Salsa
Editions du Chêne, 2020

An oversized edition (26 x 37cm) with gorgeous illustrations, clever layout, and inventive die-cut pages throughout.

Find it at Amazon | Abes

Alice au pays des merveilles [French]

Illustrated by Valéria Docampo, translated by Emmanuèle Sandron
Alice Jeunesse, 2020

An oversized edition (25 x 35cm) with a cloth spine and bright illustrations with an interesting font layout.

Find it at Amazon | Abes

Алиса в стране чудес [Russian]

Illustrated by Elena Bazanova, translated by Emmanuèle Sandron
Rech, 2020

Bazanova won the Grand Prix at the IV International Biennial of Graphic Art in St. Petersburg in 2008 for her illustrations for this edition.

Alice au pays des merveilles [French]

Illustrated by Daniel Cacouault
Bragelonne, 2019

An enormous and gorgeous edition with romantic paintings.

Find it at Amazon | Abes

Alicia en el País de las Maravillas [Spanish]

Illustrated by Evgenija Chistotina, translated by Emmanuèle Sandron
Estudio Didáctico, 2018

An elegant Alice by a Ukrainian artist.

Find it at Amazon | Abes

You might also be interested in her edition of the sequel, Alicia a Través del Espejo  at Amazon | Abes

Alice au pays des merveilles and Alice de L’Autre Cote Du Miroir [French]

Illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe
Cernunnos, 2015

Lacombe’s absolutely magical baroque fantasy Wonderland is a world full of satirical references. The fantastic illustrations use gouache, oils and watercolours to create a graphic and surrealistic landscape. The book is available in French, German and Spanish. An English version has been promised for many years but has not yet eventuated.

Find it at Abes

Alice, à travers le miroir [French]

Illustrated by Lostfish, translated by Jacques Papy
Editions Soleil, 2011

A dreamy, numinous Alice in frilly dresses that are at odds with the hyper-sexualised red queens, illustrated by French artist “Lostfish” (Elodie).

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