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Right now this is mostly Folio Society reviews, but I’ll be building out with reviews of other presses shortly.

Folio's Myths & Legends Series

A video overview and review of the leatherbound myths and legends series released by the Folio Society. 1996-2011.

Folio Society Christies

A guide to all of the high quality Folio Society releases of Agatha Christie classics. 1990-present.

Limited Edition "Cherished Tales"

The Folio Society’s limited edition leatherbound series of six cherished tales, each of which is illustrated by a contemporary artist. 2008-2016.

Folio's Classic Fairy Tales

A video review of a collection of classic fairy tales by the Folio Society, mostly facsimiles from the golden age of illustration.

FS japanese tales hestia header 2
Japanese Tales

A review of the Folio Society fine press edition of ‘Japanese Tales’ by Royall Tyler.

Rainbow Fairy Books

An overview and illustration gallery for Andrew Lang’s famous collection of fairy tales.

FS Christmas Hestia Header
A Very Folio Christmas

An overview of the Folio Society’s Christmas Books, including the stories in each volume and a video review.

CVS How to See Fairies Hestia Header
How to See Fairies

A review of the various editions of Charles van Sandwyk’s ‘How to See Fairies’ book – private press, standard and Folio Society treatment.

East of the Sun, Taschen vs FS

A comparison between the loveliest editions of East of the Sun, West of the Moon with Kay Nielsen’s incomparable illustrations: Folio Society, Taschen and Calla Editions.

the little prince banner
Hidden Secrets in Folio's Little Prince

Uncovering the hidden flip book in the Folio Society’s commentary volume for The Little Prince by Antoine Saint-Exupéry.

FS hermsprong special bindings hestia header
Rare Folio Society Bindings

An overview of the extremely limited special bindings series Folio employed in 1960.

The Princess Bride

An overview of the most wonderful editions of The Princess Bride book from Folio's fine press treatment to the salacious controversial first edition paperback.

FS spooky books hestia header
Spooky Folios

Review a collection of Folio's best ghost stories, gothic fiction, poetry and dystopias. 1956-2015.

folio society miniature poetry hestia header
Miniature Poetry

A video review of the cute Folio Society miniature poetry series. 1991-1999.


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