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Hey look, I’ve found this year’s best gift for all your book-loving friends! And of course, for you to treat yourself to as well.

The book in question is Bibliophile by Jane Mount, and it is absolutely adorable! Jane is an American illustrator who is best known for her previous book and website “The Ideal Bookshelf,” where she paints illustrations of shelves of books that have changed people’s lives. This new book of hers is accurately described as “a love-letter to all things bookish” and it is sure to bring joy to warm the hearts of bibliophiles everywhere.

bibliophile kids book pile
bibliophile adult books

Reading the book is like cozying up with one of your closest book buddies in a gorgeous library to share literary stories. It is filled with Jane’s signature illustrations of piles of books that you know and love, bringing to life carefully curated lists of favourite books in many different genres, from picture books, to fantasy, to historical fiction, to book club darlings. She even has a pile of the books she is most often asked to paint (To Kill a Mockingbird wins out here, with Harry Potter books coming in a close second). There are profiles of bookish folks, paintings of delightful bookstores and striking libraries from around the world, adorable bookstore cats, and even a fun quizzes. Although I found you can also make your own fun game in looking through the illustrations to find editions that you have in your own library.

Jane says in the introduction that her goal is to triple the size of your ‘To Be Read’ pile, and I am sure she will accomplish this and more for her readers. I have been poring over the illustrated piles with much glee. I thoroughly recommend this one!

Also worth a quick mention here are some complementary treats released by the publisher, including gorgeous notecards, a yearly planner, and some cute containers.

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