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Upcoming Special Editions - July Announcements

baker street peacock austens
Delightful new-old peacock cover designs for this Austen collection (coming out in April 2024)

It’s time for a monthly update of what’s going on over at the special editions tracking page. I’ve actually started doing a bit of redesign of this page – let me know if it’s any easier to read?

This month, I was excited to learn about a couple of very pretty new classics series. The classic peacock design for an upcoming collection of Jane Austens (due April 2024) is based on the original design by the talented Hugh Thomson, and probably the most famous illustrated edition of all. I’ll never be able to afford one of these editions, so I’m excited I can at least look forward to adding one of these to my collection. (Although I think they’ve missed a trick by repeating the same design across the whole series instead of reviving some of the other beautiful covers from the same period. On that note, I’m working on releasing some guides to a bunch of vintage editions I’ve been collecting over the years, which feature lots of these beautiful old gilt designs – hopefully ready soon…)

Early Austens
Early Austen covers - Pride and Prejudice, illustrated by Hugh Thomson, 1894; Emma, 1898; Sense and Sensibility, 1899, both illustrated by Chris Hammond, published by George Allen

If you don’t want to wait that long, there’s also another series of rainbow classics coming out with lots of gilt embellishments (Signature Gilded Editions), with the first two titles (Frankenstein and Dracula) coming out in September, followed by another 10 classic titles in October. (Instead of trick-or-treating for Halloween candy with the kids, we should dress up as literary characters and give out classic books to adults – who’s with me??)

gilded classics selection
A rainbow of pretty floral covers for this new gilded classics series (releasing in Sep/Oct 2023)

Otherwise, we have the usual crop of pretty sprayed edges and other exclusive features from Waterstones and Barnes & Noblea new Puffin in Bloom coming in Feb 2024, and some stand-alone special editions that will be carried by all the bookstores (the special edition of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder due in October looks particularly cool.)

Do check out the whole list if you’re interested!


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