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The Art of Murder: Agatha Christie & Tom Adams

Tom Adams designed the paperback book covers for Agatha Christie for over 20 years, with designs for Fontana in UK/Europe and Pocket Books in the US, so his works are easily recognisable around the globe. This video reviews all the covers and decodes some of the secrets behind their designs.

Blog Tom Adams

Agatha Christie & the Cover Art of Tom Adams

Tom Adams Tom Adams is one of the most familiar Agatha Christie artists in the world. He designed nearly all of the UK and European paperback covers for Fontana from 1963 (his first being A Murder is Announced) to 1979 (finishing with Miss Marple’s Final Cases), as well a couple of later Read more…

Folio Society & Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics (A Christmas Book Haul)

Merry Holidays and Happy New Year! The video above is an overview of the books I got in December – which also happens to be my birthday, so it’s always a great book month for me! I have some lovely Folio Society books as well as an array of Barnes Read more…

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