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Tom Adams Cover Art for Agatha Christie

tom adams christie covers montage


Which is your favourite Agatha Christie cover? Today’s episode on my YouTube channel as linked above is about “The Art of Murder” – looking at the fabulous vintage paperback covers of Agatha Christie from the 1960, 1970s, and 1970s – the vast majority of which were done by Tom Adams – a single artist working for both Fontana (UK/Europe) and Pocket Books (US).

It’s an incredible body of work! And if you’d like to take a closer look at the covers without watching the video (which is, I admit, ridiculously long – I initially planned to do just my favourite covers. But then I couldn’t narrow it down enough so I just ended up doing all of them! ) then you can visit my Tom Adams / Agatha Christie bibliography here. I also have a Collecting Agatha Christie page here on the site with lots of other editions too if you’re keen on more.

Video Review

Want to know more?

You might wonder how I know so much about the artworks. Firstly, I’ve been collecting the covers without really knowing much about the artist behind them since I was quite young. Later, my interest in the artist was piqued by an exhibition at the Torquay Museum in 2012 called the ‘Agatha Christie Cover Story,’ and since then I’ve read several books and articles by and about Tom Adams’ artworks – a few were really lovely art books, I’ll add links below if you’re interested:

→  Tom Adams Uncovered @ Book depository
→  Tom Adams Uncovered @ Amazon.

→  Agatha Christie – The Art of Her Crimes (US), OOP, check @ Abes
→  Agatha Christie Cover Story (UK), OOP, check @ Abes.

Tom also has a Facebook page and website with some of his paintings, and I found out more about Ian Robinson (Tom’s “replacement” for some of the covers) from a fan facebook page I’ll link below too (this was also the source for the photos of Tom Adams in his studio and painting):

→  Tom Adams Website (you can buy some of his the artwork there) 
→  Tom Adams Artist Facebook Page
→  Agatha Christie & Tom Adams (Fan) Facebook Page

And finally, I also maintain a Collecting Agatha Christie page here on the site with lots of other interesting editions too if you’re keen on seeing more!


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