2021 Anticipations

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2021 Anticipations

Welcome to my biannual review of interesting books and fancy editions that are on my radar for 2021. The video covers about 70% of the books on this page, but as usual there are always a few more I squeeze into the webpage for those of you kind enough to visit here and scroll through the list… Hope there is something here that excites you too! Feel free to add a comment about what you’re waiting on, I love to know what books other people are looking forward to as well ツ

Children's Books

Mr Tickle (50th Anniversary Ed) by Roger Hargreaves

A special upsized edition of the classic story with a bonus new story about how it all began. ISBN 9780008411282. January 7, 2021. (UK release)

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The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events #1) – 20th Anniversary by Lemony Snicket

A gold-foiled anniversary hardback gift edition. ISBN 9780755500321. January 7, 2021.

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Love (Pop-Up) by Robert Sabuda

A delightful pop-up books with a heartwarming message of unconditional love. ISBN 9781536210378 (US); 9781406395709 (UK). February 4, 2021.

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merchant hatmakers

The Hatmakers by Tamzin Merchant, illustrated by Paola Escobar

Cordelia comes from a long line of magical milliners, who weave alchemy and enchantment into every hat. But when her father’s ship goes missing, she has to go and find him. Fun magic, humor, and lovely illustrations. ISBN 9781324016038. February 18, 2021.

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The Last Bear by Hannah Gold, illustrated by Levi Pinfold

A lovely story of friendship between a polar bear and a lonely girl called April, staying in the Arctic with her scientist father. ISBN 9780008411282 (UK); 9780063041073 (US). Feb 25, 2021. 

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My Father’s Dragon (Deluxe Illustrated Edition) by Ruth Stiles Gannet, illustrated by Ruth Chrisman Gannet and Helena Perez Garcia

The original text by Ruth Stiles Gannett and black & white illustrations by Ruth Chrisman Gannett are paired with new color paintings by Helen Perez Garcia in this deluxe edition. ISBN 9781952239267. Apr 1, 2021. 

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The Pendleton Field Guide to Campfire Stories by Pendleton Woollen Mills

A collection of family-friendly tales of adventure and discovery in the wilderness, decorated with classic Pendleton blanket designs. ISBN 9781797207582. Jun 1, 2021. 

April is staying with her father at a remote Arctic outpost when she finds and befriends the world’s last polar bear.

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Classic Series

minalima wizard of oz preview

Interactive Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, illustrated by MinaLima

A deluxe gift edition of the classic story, with beautiful four-color artwork and nine interactive features, including a cyclone map, pop-up yellow brick road, and Oz glasses. ISBN 9780063055735. Sep 7, 2021

❦ See the rest of the MinaLima interactive classics series

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Marjolein Bastin Classics Series

This series of illustrated classics is new to English readers, although it has been popular in the original German for some years. These editions are gorgeously designed with original artwork as well including elaborate ephemera such as four-color maps, letters, family trees, and sheet music.

austen bastin pride prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

ISBN 9781524861759. Mar 2, 2021.

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austen bastin emma

Emma by Jane Austen

ISBN 9781524863074. Mar 2, 2021.

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bronte bastin jane eyre

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

ISBN 9781524861728. Mar 2, 2021.

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Seasons Die-Cut Classics – Spring and Fall

The remaining seasons editions are being released this year, covering books that focus on Spring (Mar 9, 2021) and Fall/Autumn (Aug 31, 2021). These all have laser-cut dust jackets and foil stamping and are limited to 10K copies.

❦ Learn more in the collector’s guide to the seasons editions series

Emma by Jane Austen

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

Buy Sherlock Holmes from Amazon | Book Depository

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo

► Buy Hunchback of Notre Dame from Amazon | Book Depository

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

► Buy Secret Garden from Amazon | Book Depository

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

► Buy Sense and Sensibility from Amazon | Book Depository

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Buy Dracula from Amazon | Book Depository

Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

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Shakespeare in Autumn by William Shakespeare

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Penguin Clothbound Classics

Four new titles are anticipated this year, with 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell out in January, Monkey King by Wu Cheng’en due in February, and The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon out in June.

See more: https://beautifulbooks.info/penguin-clothbound-classics

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Published Jan 7, 2021. ISBN 9780241453513.

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Animal Farm by George Orwell

Published Jan 7, 2021. ISBN 9780241453865.

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Monkey King by Wu Cheng’en

Translated by Julia Lovell. Published Feb 11, 2021. ISBN 9780141393445.

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The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon

Published Jun 3, 2021. ISBN 9780241504123.

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Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions

Some of the upcoming releases in the Barnes & Noble collectible editions series.

❦ Click here for the full list and collector’s guide.

Emma by Jane Austen

B&N Flexibound editions. ISBN 9781435171367. Jan 28, 2021.

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave by Frederick Douglass

B&N Pocket Classics. ISBN 9781435171954. Jan 19, 2021.

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A Treasury of Classic Poetry edited by Michael Kelahan

Reissue of 2014 edition with a new cover design. ISBN 9781435171312. January 28, 2021.

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The Raven and Other Poems by Edgar Allan Poe

B&N Pocket Classics. ISBN 9781435166189. April 27, 2021.

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Flame Tree Collector’s Editions

Flame Tree are releasing a new series that highlights the foundations of modern speculative fiction. Gorgeously psychedelic covers, which are foiled and embossed, with gilded page edges. Each volume also includes a new introduction exploring the classic text for the modern reader, an author biography and a glossary of Gothic, Victorian and Literary terms. 

Released March 16, 2021.

Frankenstein & other tales by Mary Shelley

Introduction by Sarah Faulkner. Includes two companion pieces, ‘Transformation’, and ‘The Mortal Immortal’, as well as Aeschylus’ original Prometheus Bound. ISBN 9781839644771.

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Dracula & Other Tales by Bram Stoker

Introduction by Carol Senf. Also includes the short story ‘Dracula’s Guest’. ISBN 9781839644788.

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Also includes ‘The Body Snatcher’, ‘The Pavilion on the Links’, ‘The Story of a Lie’. ISBN 9781839644764.

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The War of the Worlds & Other Tales by H. G. Wells

Introduction by Emelyne Godfrey. Also includes the short story ‘A Dream of Armageddon’ and The First Men in the Moon. ISBN 9781839644795.

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Puffin V&A Collector’s Classics

An extension of the collaboration between Puffin and the Victoria & Albert Museum, these covers are based on the iconic fashion featured in the book.

❦ See the rest of the books in the series here.

The Complete Alice – Lewis Carroll
V&A Collector’s Edition, Jan 2021

“Alice falls down the rabbit hole and finds adventures in Wonderland.” 9780241432563.

► Buy from Amazon | Book Depository | Amazon AU

Emma – Jane Austen
V&A Collector’s Edition, Jan 2021

“Emma is clever, rich, beautiful and an irrepressible matchmaker.”

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The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald
V&A Collector’s Edition, Jan 2021

“Young, handsome and fabulously rich, Jay Gatsby is the bright star of the Jazz Age, but he is hiding a secret under the sparkling surface of his life.”

► Buy from Amazon | Book Depository | Amazon AU

The Great Gatsby

This is the first year F. Scott Fitzgerald’s jazz age classic has been released from copyright, so you can expect to see a lot of new editions of this book suddenly flood the field, along with spin-off stories starring the characters from the novel. I’ve picked a few of my favourites here to share with you.

penguin va fitzgerald great gatsby
BN Fitzgerald great gatsby and others 2021

The Great Gatsby and Other Classics Works by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Barnes & Noble collectible classics leatherbound omnibus edition. In series with F. Scott Fitzgerald: Classic Works. ISBN 9781435170513. Jan 1, 2021. 

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The Great Gatsby and Other Works by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Canterbury Classics leatherbound omnibus edition. Also includes This Side of Paradise and The Beautiful and Damned. ISBN 9781645173519. Feb 4, 2021. 

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, illustrated by Adam Simpson

A special gift edition with 15 color plates and illustrations. ISBN 9780762498130. Mar 9, 2021. 

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Nick by Michael Farris Smith

Before Nick Carraway moved to West Egg and into Gatsby’s world, he was at the centre of a very different story taking place along the trenches and deep within the tunnels of World War I. First printings have blue sprayed page edges. ISBN 9780857304544. Feb 25, 2021. 

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The Great Gatsby: Graphic Novel Adaptation by F. Scott Fitzgerald and K. Woodman-Maynard

Gatsby illustrated in lush watercolors. ISBN 9781536213010 (US); 9781406398625 (UK). Mar 3, 2021. 

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Great Gatsby: Fashion Paper Dolls by Eileen Miller

Roaring Twenties paper dolls interpreted by a fashion illustrator. ISBN 9780486845531. Apr 3, 2021. 

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Harry Potter

slytherin keyring

House Editions

If you’re collecting the Harry Potter House editions, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – illustrated by Levi Pinfold and featuring sprayed page edges in house colours – are out on 21 January 2021. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows house editions will also be released in June 2021, although cover art hasn’t yet been released: Slytherin | Gryffindor | Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling – Slytherin Edition

ISBN 9781526618283. January 21, 2021.

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling – Gryffindor Edition

ISBN 9781526618221. January 21, 2021. 

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling – Ravenclaw Edition

ISBN 9781526618269. January 21, 2021. 

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling – HufflePuff Edition

ISBN 9781526618245. January 21, 2021.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2) by JK Rowling, illustrated by MinaLima

Over 150 color illustrations, and eight interactive elements that include traveling via the Floo Network, encountering the Whomping Willow, revealing the spiral staircase to Dumbledore’s office and pulling Mandrakes from their pots. ISBN 9781338716535 (US) / 9781526637888 (UK). Oct 19, 2021.

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Fantasy series

bracken lore

Lore by Alexandra Bracken

5 January 2021

An interesting twist on classic mythology with a deadly game played by Zeus on the Greek Gods and a young competitor who is determined to survive.

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mcguire green grass fields

Across the Green Grass Fields (Wayward Children #6) by Seanan McGuire

12 January 2021

This sixth volume about magical doorways is about Regan, who finds herself in a world filled with centaurs, kelpies, and other magical horses.

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cashore winterkeep

Winterkeep (Graceling Realm #4) by Kristin Cashore

A new volume in the Graceling Realm series, in which Bitterblue visits Winterkeep – a land of miracles, a democratic republic run by people who like each other, where people speak to telepathic sea creatures, adopt telepathic foxes as pets, and fly across the sky in ships attached to balloons. Jan 19, 2021. ISBN 9780803741508 (US) / 9781473232778 (UK)

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shannon mask falling

The Mask Falling (Bone Season) by Samantha Shannon

A new Bone Season novel, set in gloomy Parisian catacombs and the opulent hallways of Versailles. ISBN 9781408865569. Jan 26, 2021.

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kagawa iron raven

The Iron Raven (Iron Fae: Evenfall #1) by Julie Kagawa

Infamous prankster Puck finally has a chance to tell his story in this spin off from the Iron Fae series. ISBN 9781335091765. Feb 9, 2021.

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This cover design also matches the new anniversary edition covers by Inkyard Press for the rest of the series.

The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox

A fully illustrated new edition of the forerunner to The Lord of the Rings, including some brand-new paintings. ISBN 978-0593296738 (US); 9780008433949 (UK). Feb 9, 2021.

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maas court silver flames

A Court of Silver Flames (Court of Thorns and Roses #4) by Sarah J Maas

The Court of Thorns and Roses series continues with the journey of Feyre’s sister Nesta Archerohn. ISBN 9781681196282 (US) / 9781526602312 (UK). Feb 16,  2021.

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star wars secrets galaxy

Star Wars: Secrets of the Galaxy (x4 volumes) by Daniel Wallace

23 Feb 2021

Includes The Jedi Path, The Book of Sith, The Bounty Hunter Code and the Imperial Handbook. ISBN 9781789097047. Feb 23, 2021.

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riggs desolations devils acre

The Desolations of Devil’s Acre (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children #6) by Ransom Riggs

The series conclusion, as Jacob Portman, Miss Peregrine and the peculiar children reunite in Devil’s Acre for the final clash with the villainous Caul. ISBN 9780241320938. Feb 23, 2021.

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hobb assassins quest illustrated

Assassin’s Quest (Farseer Trilogy #3) by Robin Hobb

A beautifully illustrated anniversary edition of the final chapter of the beloved Farseer Trilogy. ISBN 9780593157930. Mar 2, 2021.

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ishiguro klara sun waterstones

Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

2 Mar 2021

A new novel that explores the uncharted implications of AI and human relationships, and the bigger question of what it means to love. ISBN 9780593318171, Mar 2, 2021.

► Special sprayed edge edition at Waterstones

► Normal edition at Amazon | Book Depository

clare chain of iron

Chain of Iron (The Last Hours Trilogy #2) by Cassandra Clare

The Shadowhunters must catch a killer in Edwardian London. The Collector’s First Edition features a bonus short story and 10 b&w character silhouettes by cut-paper artist Kathleen Jennings. ISBN 9781406358100. Mar 2, 2021.

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briggs wild sign

Wild Sign (Alpha and Omega #6) by Patricia Briggs

Charles and Anna have to investigate what could make an entire community disappear.

ISBN 9780440001584 (US) / 9780356513676 (UK). Mar 16, 2021.

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nasmith silmarillion

The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien, illustrated by Ted Nasmith

A fully illustrated new edition of the forerunner to The Lord of the Rings, including some brand-new paintings. ISBN 9780008433949. Mar 18, 2021.

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The Shadow in the Glass by JJA Harwood

A dark fantasy Cinderella retelling. ISBN 9780008368098. Mar 18, 2021.

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bardugo rule of wolves

Rule of Wolves (King of Scars Duology #2) by Leigh Bardugo

The wolves are circling in this second part of the King of Scars duology. ISBN 9781250142306; 9781510104488 (UK). Mar 30, 2021.

► Find at Amazon | Book Depository (UK)

Sistersong by Jennifer Saint

A period fantasy based on the traditional folk ballad The Two Sisters, which finds magical strangers and warring tribes entrap a regal family in Dark Ages Britain. ISBN 9781529039030 (UK). Apr 1, 2021.

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saint ariadne

Ariadne by Jennifer Saint

A reimagining of the Greek myth of Theseus, Adriadne and the Minotaur. ISBN 9781250773586 (US); 9781472273864 (UK). Apr 29, 2021.

► Find at Amazon (US) | Book Depository (UK)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, illustrated by Chris Riddell

A gorgeous ’42nd’ anniversary gift edition of the hilarious pop-culture classic, stunningly illustrated throughout by Chris Riddell. ISBN 9781529046137 (paperback). April 29, 2021.

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weir project hail mary

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

A lone astronaut must save the earth from disaster in this new science-based thriller. ISBN 9780593135204 (US); 9781529100617 (UK). May 4, 2021.

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stiefvater mister impossible

Mister Impossible (Dreamer #2) by Maggie Stiefvater

It seems like the end of the dreamers is approaching in this second book of the trilogy. ISBN 9781338188363. May 18, 2021.

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Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth (World of Warcraft) by Christie Golden

A collection of 12 original fairy tales set in the world of Azeroth by fantasy’s brightest authors including Garth Nix, Catherynne M. Valente and Kami Gracia, complemented with some gorgeous artwork. ISBN 978-1950366477 (US); 9781789097306 (UK). May 21, 2021.

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Honeycomb by Joanne M. Harris, illustrated by Charles Vess

A delightful mosaic novel of original fairy tales, with illustrations by Charles Vess. ISBN 9781534433052. May 25, 2021.

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Threadneedle by Cari Thomas

A girl burdened by her magical abilities descends into a London filled with the supernatural and enchanted. ISBN 9780008407001. May 27, 2021.

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► Sprayed edges edition at Waterstones

dennard witchshadow

Witchshadow (Witchlands #4) by Susan Dennard

The story of the Threadwitch Iseult. ISBN 9780765379344 (US); 9781529030310 (UK). Jun 22, 2021.

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novik graduate

The Last Graduate (Scholomance #2) by Naomi Novik

The sequel to the Scholomance. ISBN 9780593128862 (US); 9781529100884 (UK). Jun 29, 2021.

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rowell any way the wind blows

Any Way the Wind Blows (Simon Snow #3) by Rainbow Rowell

Simon and Baz and Penelope and Agatha have to decide how to move forward in the World of Mages. ISBN 9781250254337 (US); 9781529039900 (UK). Jul 6, 2021.

► Find at Amazon (US) | Book Depository (UK)

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff

Gabriel de León is the last of the Silversaints, a holy order dedicated to defending realm and church, now utterly destroyed. Imprisoned for the murder of the vampiric king, Gabriel is charged with telling the story of his life. ISBN 9781250245281 (US); 9780008350437 (UK). Sep 7, 2021.

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young i hate fairyland deluxe

I Hate Fairyland Oversized Deluxe Edition by Skottie Young

Oversized deluxe hardcover. ISBN 9781534303805. Jan 5, 2021.

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tokyo ghoul re box set

Tokyo Ghoul .re Complete Box Set by Sui Ishida

16 volumes. Includes exclusive double-sided poster. ISBN 9781974718474. Jan 7, 2021.

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blackest night brightest day

Blackest Night Brightest Day (x12 volumes) by various authors and artists

Two of DC’s most famous crossover events, Blackest Night and Brightest Day, are collected in 12 new hardcovers in a highly designed box set with nine collectible rings representing the many corps featured in this epic tale. ISBN 9781779507075, Jan 15, 2021

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way you look like death

Tales from the Umbrella Academy: You Look Like Death (Vol #1) by Gerard Way and Shaun Simon

The first Umbrella Academy spin off series. ISBN 9781506719108 (paperback). Mar 30,2021.

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Other Works

purcell shape of darkness

The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell

Historical mystery. A struggling silhouette artist in Victorian Bath seeks out a renowned child spirit medium in order to speak to the dead – and to try and identify their killers. Wicked deeds require the cover of darkness. ISBN 9781526602589. Jan 21, 2021.

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The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood

Mystery. Judith Potts is seventy-seven years old and blissfully happy living on her own in a faded mansion just outside Marlow, keeping herself busy setting crosswords for the newspaper. Until she witnesses a murder and sets out with a group of friends to investigate a serial killer. ISBN 9780008238247. January 21, 2021.

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The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles

Historical fiction. Inspired by the true story of the librarians who risked their lives during the Nazis’ war on words: a story of courage and betrayal inspired by real-life defiance in Occupied Paris. ISBN 9781529335446. Feb 2, 2021.

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A History of What Comes Next by Sylvain Neuvel

Alternate History. In 1945, a nineteen-year old girl is sent to stop the Russians abducting the top German rocket scientist, but the girl is not what she seems – she is not of this earth. ISBN 9781250262066 (US); 9780241445129 (UK). Feb 4, 2021. 

► Find at Amazon (US ed) | Book Depository (UK ed)

maxwell's demon

Maxwell’s Demon by Steven Hall

Fiction. Nine years ago, Thomas Quinn’s mentor Andrew Black wrote a million-copy-selling mystery novel – and then disappeared. Now Thomas thinks he is being stalked by the hero of Black’s book, and has a new answerphone message from his father who has been dead for years. ISBN 9781847672469. Feb 4, 2021. 

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The Sanatorium by Elizabeth Lee

Thriller. A gothic thriller set in an imposing, isolated hotel, high up in the Swiss Alps. First printings in the UK are supposed to have yellow sprayed page edges. ISBN 0593296672 (US); 9781787633315 (UK). Feb 18, 2021. 

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The Way of the Warrior (3 volume set) – Arcturus Collector’s Classics

Non-fiction. Includes The Art of War by Sun Tzu, The Way of the Samurai by Inazo Nitobe, and The Books of the Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. Together, these texts set out strategies and techniques for warfare and conflict, leadership and strategy, that span more than 2500 years. Elegant silkbound covers in a boxed set. ISBN 9781398801882. Mar 1, 2021.

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Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi

Fiction. As a child Gifty would ask her parents to tell the story of their journey from Ghana to Alabama, until her father and brother succumb to the hard reality of immigrant life in the American South. Years later, desperate to understand the opioid addiction that destroyed her brother’s life, her search for her family’s story will take her deep into the dark heart of modern America. ISBN 9780525658184 (US); 9780241433379 (UK). Mar 4, 2021.

► Find at Amazon | Book Depository

The Nightingale by Sam Lee

Non-fiction. A lyrical ode to the nightingale, which moves from Greek mythology to  ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’, delving into the various ways we have celebrated the nightingale through traditions, folklore, music, and literature. ISBN 9781529124835. Mar 25, 2021.

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Wedding Readings and Poems (Macmillan Collector’s Library) edited by Becky Brown

Poetry. A sweet collection of texts on love and marriage. Clothbound, with foiled edges and a ribbon bookmark. ISBN 9781529052596. Apr 1, 2021. 

► Find at Amazon | Book Depository

The Bookseller of Florence by Ross King

Non-fiction. An account of the Florentine bookseller Vespasiano da Bisticci, working at the frontiers of human knowledge, that explores the world-changing shift from script to print that defined the Renaissance. ISBN 0802158528 (US); 9781784742652 (UK). Apr 1, 2021.

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Cunning Women by Elizabeth Lee

Historical fiction. The powerful reckoning of a young woman with her wildness in 1620s Lancashire, a heartbreaking tale of young love and a shattering story of the intolerance that reigned during the long shadow of the Pendle Witch Trials, when those who did not conform found persecution at every door. ISBN 9781786091161. Apr 16, 2021.

► Find at Amazon | Book Depository

Circus of Wonders by Elizabeth Lee

Historical fiction. A slice of gothic Victoriana set in 1866 coastal England, centred upon a girl who is kidnapped only to be thrust into the world of the circus.  ISBN 9781982106799 (US); 9781529002539 (UK). Apr 16, 2021.

► Find at Amazon (US ed) | Book Depository

Books Do Furnish a Life by Richard Dawkins

Non-fiction. A compendium of essays, reviews and interviews on works by leading science communicators.  ISBN 9781787633681 (UK). May 21, 2021.

► Find at Book Depository

Billy Summers by Stephen King

Thriller. Billy Summers is an assassin on an odyssey across America, in pursuit of the dark forces that seek to double cross him. ISBN 9781982173616 (US); 9781529365726 (UK). Aug 3, 2021.

► Find at Amazon (US ed) | Book Depository (UK ed)

Limited edition at Waterstones (UK ed)

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