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Special Editions Roundups

Sometimes publishers are so sure a book is going to be a hit that they go all out in producing multiple fancy editions of the same title. This roundup is a new feature I’m adding to the website to compare all the different editions that are out there for titles with particular buzz to help you in your collecting journey.

Collector's Notes

Empire of the Vampire is the first book in a new illustrated dark fantasy series for author Jay Kristoff, who is best known for his popular Nevernight series. He sold the novel with the description of it being “the bastard lovechild of Interview with the Vampire, The Road and The Name of the Wind,” so it has high hopes riding on it (which early reviews support).

This novel tells the story of Gabriel de León, last of the Silversaints, a holy order dedicated to defending realm and church from the vampiric “coldbloods”. Imprisoned for the murder of the vampiric king, Gabriel’s tale spans from his youth in the monastery of San Michon, to the forbidden love that spelled his undoing, and the betrayal that saw his order annihilated. Most importantly, Gabriel will tell of his discovery of the Grail—the legendary cup prophesied to bring an end to the eternal night. But now, the Grail is shattered. And with the cup of the Savior destroyed and the last Silversaint awaiting execution, what can bring an end to this unholy empire?

From holy cup comes holy light;
The faithful hands sets world aright.
And in the Seven Martyrs’ sight,
Mere man shall end this endless night.

The book will include almost forty illustrations by Ben Orthwick. The UK cover illustration is by Kerby Rosanes with cover design by Micaela Alcaino, and the US cover art is by Jason Chan, typography by Meg Morley and cover design by Young Lim. If you are interested in collecting Jay’s books, you should definitely consider following him on Twitter and Instagram as he is very active on social media and often runs give-aways as well as providing early notice for upcoming special editions.

So far I know of 11 different options for purchasing the book (I’ll update if more are released), which are proving extremely popular with many exclusives selling out within hours of being listed. In particular, the Goldsboro and Waterstones editions both sold out in a couple of hours, breaking websites in the process, and preordered copies of some special editions are already coming up on eBay although most have massive markups. But don’t stress if you feel you missed out on the copy of your dreams, there are still many other special editions listed below that you can look for instead. (If you want to chat in the comments, please let us know have you preordered one of the special editions? Or two? Or… eleven???)

Before jumping to the special editions, here are a couple of links if you’d just like to check out a normal copy to see what all the hype is about (these will feature the regional cover illustrations above). Note that all US preorders will be signed, so do jump on a preorder if you’re planning to get a copy.

→ US standard HB edition, 9781250245281, buy from Amazon | Book Depository | Indie Bookstores | Blackwells

→ UK standard HB edition, 9780008350437, buy from Amazon | Amazon AU | Book Depository | Waterstones | Blackwells

List of Special Editions of Empire of the Vampire

Bookstore Exclusive Editions

Barnes & Noble – Signed Blood Red Exclusive (US)

Hardback. St Martin’s Press. 9781250280213.

US hardback exclusive edition with alternate red cover, all are signed by Jay (some will include a doodle), and 4 full color endpapers from Ben Orthwick. Release price USD$29.99.

→ Buy from Barnes & Noble

Dymocks – Blood Red Edition (Australia)

Paperback. HarperCollins/Dymocks. 9780008478988.

Australian paperback exclusive edition with alternative red cover with embossing and foil. All pre-ordered copies will be signed by Jay Kristoff. Release price AUD$32.99.

→ Buy from Dymocks

Forbidden Planet – Signed Blue Edition (UK)

Hardback. Harper Voyager. 9780008350437.

UK hardback exclusive edition with alternative blue cover and exclusive art card. All copies are signed by Jay. Release price £18.99.

→ OOP (waitlist available). Buy from Forbidden Planet

Goldsboro – Signed Platinum Edition (UK)

Hardback. Harper Voyager. 9780008350437.

UK hardback exclusive signed and numbered edition, with purple sprayed edges, an exclusive dust jacket with foiling, and special silver boards embossed with the crest and motto of Blood Chastain, one of the 4 high vampire houses. 2000 copies. Release price £25.

→ OOP. Check out Goldsboro Books

Indigo – Signed Blood Red Exclusive (US)

Hardback. Macmillan. 9781250280725.

US hardback exclusive edition with alternate red cover, all are signed by Jay (some will include a doodle), and 4 full color endpapers from Ben Orthwick. Release price CAD$39.99.

→ Buy from Indigo

QBD – Signed Print (Australia)

Paperback. HarperCollins. 9780008350444

Standard Australian paperback edition comes with an exclusive artwork print (some signed). Release price AUD$24.99.

→ Buy from QBD

Waterstones – Signed Sprayed Edges Exclusive (UK)

Hardback. HarperCollins. 2928377053420.

UK hardback exclusive edition with black stained page edges, all copies are signed by Jay. Release price £16.99.

→ OOP. Buy from Waterstones

Book Subscriptions Clubs & Boxes

Book Addictions (Australia)

Includes the Australian Dymocks exclusive edition (listed above) along with themed bookish merch items from Marshmallow Moon Store and Wickstock Candle Co. Release price AUD$90.

→ OOP. Check out Book Addictions

Fox & Wit (US)

A special US edition signed by Jay Kristoff, with stencilled edges and an exclusive dust jacket illustrated by Daniela Nairn. Also comes with a ‘curio of key’ skeleton key inspired by the book designed by Blissfully Bookish. (Note: owner has advised matching editions for future books in the series are unlikely.)

→ OOP (waitlist available). Check out Fox & Wit

Good Choice Reading (US)

Includes the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition (listed above), virtually signed and personalized by both the author and the illustrator on a special bookplate, along with a variety of vampire-themed goodies. A limited number of signed book-only orders are also available. Release price USD$64.

→ Check out Good Choice Reading

Illumicrate (UK)

Cover art not yet revealed (presumed UK edition). Anticipated September Subscription box choice, with digital stencilled edges and more yet to be revealed.

→ Some subscription vacancies. Check out Illumicrate

Librarian Box (US)

A special US hardback edition with exclusive dust jacket by Salome Totladze. Additional box items include custom stationery, snacks, bath item, drinkware, jewelery and more. Release price for deluxe box US$90.

→ Limited boxes remain. Check out The Librarian Box

Obsidian Moon Crate (US)

A special US edition signed by Jay with black sprayed page edges and silver stencilled stars, an exclusive reversible dust jacket featuring art by @warickaart and, along with a full tarot deck with art from @monolimeart, a candle from Blue Forest Black Moon, postcards from main characters written by Jay himself, and an author letter. There is also an add-on blanket option featuring an illustration from the book. Release price US$80.

→ OOP. Check out Obsidian Moon Crate

Advance Reader's Copies


St Martin’s Press (US)

There were four differently colored US arcs released, each one featuring a different crest from the four great vampire bloodlines: The Voss, Dyvok, Chastain and Ilon.

HarperCollins (UK)

One very shiny red-foiled UK arc was made available to UK-based reviewers.

Note that the ARCs do not have all the illustrations present in the final copies.

→ Only available to reviewers. But you can try eBay.

Other Merch

Book Gizmo – Book Sleeves and Accessories (US)

A ‘prep’ box (no book) including a double sided booksleeve with art by witchlingsart, enamel pin by BrioandBrandish, a candle from Blue Forest Black Moon, wine tumbler, and more.

→ Check out Book Gizmo (website for US) and Etsy (fr international)

Limited edition packs of signed prints (supanova)

Jay handed out 100 limited edition packs of signed prints at supanova in May 2021.

→ Check out Jay’s Instagram for more pics


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