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September greetings!

Ah, September – this is this month that publishers go wild! Why are so many books released in September? Presumably they are trying to get onto the radar in time for Christmas, and/or target back-to-school shoppers in some parts of the world. But in any case, I’ve been making nice to my postie with an embarrassment of book mail arriving these past few weeks. He couldn’t quite believe “all those parcels are just books” – I’m not sure what else he thinks I’m up to, but I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s something sketchy…

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Vintage Quarterbound Classics releasing in October 2023
A bright new classics collection

First off, there’s an exciting new classics series being released in October that I wanted to let you all know about (in time to nab those preorder discounts!) – Vintage Classics are releasing nine volumes in their new gift-worthy Vintage Quarterbound Classics collection in a couple of weeks. Now, I know there are a lot of classics collections out there (see this page for a list of some of my favourites), but one thing I like about this one is the interesting range of titles they have started with – it’s not the usual fare, volumes range from Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night A Traveller to Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. I’ve included summaries of the stories in the list as well to help you choose, but the books are all quarterbound with bright cloth, feature contemporary designs on the covers, and include a silk ribbon bookmark. I’ll add some more pics when they are out.

Site updates
wool of bat hestia header
Wool of Bat
kew garden folklore hestia header
Kew Gardens Folklore
dk ancient myths hestia header
Ancient Myths
folklore field guides hestia header
Folklore Field Guides

This month I finally published reviews of several myths, legends and folklore guides that has been languishing in my drafts folder for a while – so if you love this sort of thing, please do check out Wool of Bat (such a great series name, don’t you think? Apparently most people think this witchy ingredient from Macbeth refers to either holly leaves or a type of moss), the Kew Gardens Magical Folklore collection, DK’s fascinating Ancient Myths series and the pretty Folklore Field Guides picture books. Each of these series has been going for a few years now – long enough that I can confidently say the quality of entries is universally high – and they all have recent volumes released that I’ll be including in my most beautiful books of the year for 2023 (yes, I’ve started working on that video already – please do drop any suggestions you have for consideration in any and all genres in the comments below, I love to see what has been inspiring people!!)

Upcoming special editions & giveaways
special editions sep 2023

And last but not least, let me draw your attention to the beautiful bouquet of upcoming special editions and preorder incentives on offer! Publishers have been going all out with some gorgeous gift editions – is that Christmas I start to smell in the air??

Big bookish hugs
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