Junior Deluxe Editions – The Complete List, Illustrated

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The latest page in my list of illustrated bibliographies is finally up – a complete list of all the books in the Junior Deluxe Editions series. Many people will be familiar with these brightly coloured and cheerfully illustrated children’s books, as they were the book club for children throughout the 1950s. Most of the books are still available very cheaply, and a small collection adds a whimsical, nostalgic feeling to your personal library. (Although, they are quite addictive, and it’s not all that easy to stop at ‘a small collection’!)

In addition to listing all the books, the JDE bibliography page includes images of the covers (including many of the dust jackets, which are not commonly found with the books), a potted history of how the series was developed, and identifies the books that are the most rare and why, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. (If you’re not – just jump down the page to get to the list, and see which books you can check off your collecting list!)

If you’d still like to read more about the series, there is also an awesome flickr group with some lovely photos and a collectors’ chat group.


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