The Great Alice Update

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The Great Alice Update

The massive overhaul of my illustrated guide to collecting Alice in Wonderland editions is finally complete! I’ve added in illustrations for most of the editions to help you choose your favourite volumes (if you click on the galleries the images will embiggen), and the guide is now split into four sections for improved page loading times.

  • Page 1 contains a guide to contemporary Alice editions that have been published after 2010.
  • Page 2 contains a guide to ‘information age’ Alice editions, i.e. those that were published between 1970 to 2009.
  • Page 3 contains a guide to vintage Alice editions, including mid-century and early editions published between 1865 and 1969.
  • Page 4 collects some fun stuff, including the best of the Alice spin-off sequels along with some cute gift ideas for the Alice fan.
  • Page 5 gives an overview of some of the prettiest foreign editions

Just a heads up that there are some amazing editions of Alice coming out this year! I’ve added a few covers below to whet your appetite, but be sure to visit the illustrated bibliography to look inside and get all the details!


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Philip Rushton · 26 August 2020 at 3:23 am

It’s worth noting that both Alice books were also beautifully illustrated in full colour by Phillip Mendoza during the 1960s in Treasure, a British educational magazine for young readers.

    Daisy · 6 September 2020 at 9:56 pm

    Oh, fantastic, thanks, I will have to hunt this down now ?

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